Welcome to the Dating Cop. I started this website because I was sick of being scammed by online dating sites. Since there isn’t anyone out there policing these dating sites, I’ve hired myself as the “cop” and have set out on a mission to expose scam dating websites more than any other blogger on the web.

I share my first hand experiences with every dating site I’ve joined. Beware, there are many sites that market themselves as online “meat markets” where you can easily meet people for sexual encounters and those statements are very far fetched.

My Top Online Sites for Dating Include:

Sites for Hooking Up:

My top site is Snap Sext. Read the SnapSext Review.

Like Older Women?
My recommended site for Milfs is MilfPlay.com. Read the Milfplay review.

Of course, there are many sites that straight up scammed me, so I invite you to check those bad apples out on this page.


There are some bro code rules when it comes to dating, even if you’re using an online dating website to connect with girls. Bro code is important to know because there’s no amount of pussy that’s worth breaking up a friendship with a bro. Don’t fuck up and you won’t have any issues. here are […]

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I’ve been asked this question over hundred times. Everyone wants to know, “Does online dating work?” and my answer to that question is complex. In short, I’m going to tell you that it definitely works without a doubt! However, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration here first. Online Dating Works […]

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There are a lot of people in this world that are good at things. Some of those same people are good when it comes to online dating. but how many are really great? Going from good to great dating online isn’t impossible. it’s very doable and I’ve done it myself. Don’t worry though, this article […]

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College is fun. In fact, it’s probably the most fun you’ll ever have in your entire lifetime. No, I’m not talking about class. I’m talking about going to college parties! Having spent a significant amount of time in college and partying more than the average student I can tell you that college parties rule and […]

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I know we’ve evolved as a society and that things are more acceptable today than before. However, there are some people that make dating fashion mistakes on the regular that I know. I had no other choice but to address them to keep it real here. It’s 2016 and the fashion mistakes of today are […]

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