Welcome to the Dating Cop. I started this website because I was sick of being scammed by online dating sites. Since there isn’t anyone out there policing these dating sites, I’ve hired myself as the “cop” and have set out on a mission to expose scam dating websites more than any other blogger on the web.

I share my first hand experiences with every dating site I’ve joined. Beware, there are many sites that market themselves as online “meat markets” where you can easily meet people for sexual encounters and those statements are very far fetched.

dating cop recommends

My Top Online Sites for Dating Include:

Sites for Hooking Up:

My top site is Snap Sext. Read the SnapSext Review.

Like Older Women?
My recommended site for Milfs is MilfPlay.com. Read the Milfplay review.

Of course, there are many sites that straight up scammed me, so I invite you to check those bad apples out on this page.

Other Review Sites:

I’m a bit biased and I certainly think that my site is the absolute best when it comes to dating reviews. However, I’m not afraid to give credit where credit is due. That said, there are other review sites that exist on the Internet. Other than my own, this is my favorite review site for adult dating.

Of course, for those of you who like cam sites, we found this really cool cam site which has the hottest chicks doing freaky stuff on free cams 24/7. It’s similar to myfreecam but better.

Since this is one of the world’s most popular dating review site, I thought it was only right for me to talk about male enhancement products. So many people ask me about some bullshit enhancement technique or secret that I felt it necessary to tell you which to avoid. A lot of men choose to […]

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Checklists help us succeed in life. Some of us have a hard time meeting girls and even getting laid. It’s not uncommon for some people to rely on a casual sex checklist to ensure that they have a great chance of getting laid. I always have fantastic bootycall sessions with girls that meet on various […]

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We all know what football season typically means right? It means that we’re going to be pretty intoxicated 4 of 7 days each week and that sex may come second to football. Well, this Buffalo Bills fan had a different perspective on things. Apparently, he’s the type of person that likes to have his cake […]

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One thing we all wish we could have is a simple NSA sex relationship. One that we can easily maintain without any headaches or hassles. The NSA or “no strings attached” relationship can sometimes seem a bit complex. However, it’s actually rather simple to maintain so long as you put forth effort in the right […]

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Whether you are in a long-term relationship or you date many people casually, kinky sex games can do wonders for your sex life. If things are a little less than the firestorm of sexual tension and energy that they used to be; don’t worry. It’s natural for this to occur at times. People tend to […]

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