Divorced Hookup Review – Divorcees Looking For Casual Fun

This review is for all those divorced folks looking for something casual. If you want a fast fling or sex on the go and you’re no longer married then this review is for you! I’ve covered all the facts and must-knows about DivorcedHookup.com. This is my review and a read that might save you time and dollars! Also, before I forget…if you haven’t read the DivorcedPeople.com review, I suggest reading that.

DivorcedHookup.com Review (Features, Good, Bad & Final Verdict)

Let’s face it, some people in the dating world aren’t looking for a serious relationship but rather a no-strings-attached sex. It turns out to be normal that many dating websites promote such purpose. Compared to clubs and bars, a sex or hookup dating site is filled with singles open for sex encounters.

One of the increasingly popular dating sites for hookups is Divercedhookup.com. Although many of its users have positive experiences on the platform, some have left negative reviews. This makes it hard for you to know if the platform is legit or a scam.

Worry no more since this divorcedhookup.com review will give you every detail you need to decide whether this platform is worth trying. Read on to know more.

What is Divorcedhookup.com?

Divorcedhookup.com is, obviously, a dating site for divorced individuals looking for hookups or intimate relationships. This platform is a comfortable and safe place for divorced individuals looking to interact with potential partners.

This platform offers traditional dating services, such as matchmaking algorithms, messaging systems, and profiles. These services are designed so you can easily find a potential partner in or near your area.

How to Use The Site

The first thing to do to enjoy the features of divorcedhookup.com is to register and create an account. Like other dating sites, this platform verifies your age, date of birth, name, and gender. To ensure that you are a real person, the platform will ask you to confirm your email.

The good thing about Divorced Hookup is that they will guide you throughout your signing-up process. After creating your account, you can now message other members for free.

When you visit the website, you will notice that the profile pictures of users are on thumbnails. Therefore, you have to click on them so you can see the image. Apart from that, all other features and layouts of the website aren’t cluttered and simple to navigate.

Key Features

  • The platform has a detailed guide on the registration process.
  • It also features a private inbox, so you can send and receive chats privately.
  • You can message other members free of charge.
  • Search filters are also available so you can narrow down your searches.
  • You can also view who’s online.

How Much Does Divorced Hookup Cost?

One thing to note about Divorced Hookup is that it isn’t free. Although we mentioned earlier that you can message other members for free, you still have to pay for a membership plan.

The plan is recurring, which means that it will automatically renew your subscription. Therefore, if you are no longer interested in using the platform, you have to cancel your subscription. The cost for a membership plan starts from $32.94 to $109.94.

Yes, the membership plan is quite expensive. And you might be asking if the platform offers discounts. Unfortunately, Divorced Hookups does not currently offer coupon codes.

What I Learned About Its Anonymity

One of the things you will love about Divorced Hookup is its anonymity. It does not let anyone who is not a member of the platform check your profile or even send you a message.

However, registered users of the platform can view all pictures you upload on your profile. So make sure to upload decent photos or images you find yourself comfortable showing to other people. Compared to other dating platforms, this one doesn’t have a panic button that lets you visit another website if you need to.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

You can find hundreds of dating sites (safe ones here) for divorcees online. Before you register and setup an account, it is important to note that the platform is designed for 40+ years old. However, anyone below that age is still welcome to register and find a hookup.

The platform offers a diverse range of people you can match. Plus it also comes with a search filter feature that will help you narrow your search for a higher chance of meeting a potential match.

Another thing you will love about the platform is its user-friendliness. Some pop-ups will guide you in signing up for an account after you join.

Despite the number of beautiful things about this platform, it also comes with a few drawbacks. One of them is its expensive membership plan. However, if you are okay with spending at least $34.94 for a one-month subscription, then Divorcedhookup.com is good to go.