Revealing Evidence of Scam (REVIEW)


We have a trained eye for spotting online dating scams when we see them. When we stumbled upon we knew that something was off, so we set out to investigate the site. In today’s review we will take a look at, and you will be astonished how this site uses almost every trick in the book to deceive and rip off users. Continue reading to read solid proof of their fraudulent actions and avoid getting scammed.

What does it say in the terms of use?

Online dating sites that use scam to rip off people usually hide the evidence in the plain. In the Terms and Conditions document, we were able to find what we believe is evidence enough to prove that is not a legitimate dating site. We will explain the signs of scam that we were able to find, and hopefully will prevent people from getting scammed.

1st Sign of Scam: Computer Software Sends Messages

Minutes after creating your free account and dating profile, you start getting chat and email messages from female members of Be careful because there is a catch to these messages. You can see a photograph, a name and the subject line of the person sending you messages, but you cannot open or read them. This is how extorts money from its users and asks them for money to be able to communicate on the site.

EVIDENCE OF SCAM: “The Company may communicate with you in a variety or different manners, including direct emails to you or through messages posted through the Site. Such communications are solely for the purpose of online communication.”


2nd Sign of Scam: Fake, Created Profiles

This proof of scam is hidden in some well put words, but we will explain the details. They say that “The Company” meaning gives people free profiles in exchange for other compensation. This means that the site creates fake profiles which have hired and paid employees of contacting you. We also believe that these free profiles are used for the purpose of sending the computer-automated messages, since those too seem like they are coming from real women, which is also one big lie.

EVIDENCE OF SCAM: “Company may also endeavor to enhance the user experience by providing certain individuals with free profiles and other compensation for entertainment purposes and to promote member involvement and participation.”


3rd Sign of Scam: Paying For Membership Upgrades

If you were wondering why an online dating site would go through so much trouble to create fake dating profiles and send made-up communications, then you should also know that this site is NOT FREE. In fact, getting your money is the only reason why exists. Now, we wouldn’t have any problem if this was a paid online dating service, but the fact that they are only taking your money and giving nothing in return is what bugs us.

Here are the payment options offered to you by They are based on different time periods during which you plan to use the site’s services, and are automatically renewable. So, if you’ve subscribed once, for e.g. 1 month on the site, you will be continuously charged for the next month and the next month and so on. They will keep ripping you off until you notice the scam and request to be unsubscribed.

  • $4.99 to buy a 5 day trial membership period
  • $27.99 to buy 1 month of membership
  • $39.99 to buy 3 months of membership


4th Sign of Scam: No Meeting and No Dating

In the end, admits that communications you have on the site will never result in physical meeting. This is logical because you cannot meet the bots, and the paid employees are only paid to communicate with you on the site. This is the part when you realize that this site is not interested in helping people meet, hook up and have some fun.

EVIDENCE OF SCAM: “Such communications are solely for the purpose of online communication and the individuals behind such profiles will never be encouraged nor in anyway rewarded for having any contact with any member outside of the Site.


The verdict on

We find any additional words about this site to be unnecessary. However, we most kindly recommend that you read the terms and condition of use document when signing up to an online dating service. If not then, you should at least pay close attention when giving them your credit card info. As you can see, much valuable information can be hiding in this document and may just save you from the scamming tactics of such sites. Scam Questions

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Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been the victim of a scam and a rip off.