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Online dating sites are working out ways to look more natural and genuine in order to spark as little doubt as possible. That’s why they are ready to go to the extent of using different scamming tools, but hide them in the plain. We believe we have solid reasons for doubting the workings of, as you will discover in our review. We invite you to keep reading and save yourselves from getting deceived and overcharged.

Reasons why you should doubt

1) Email, Chat and Instant Messages

When we created our basic, free profile on, we started getting all kinds of communications from women on the site. But, we found some things strange and they raised two important questions:

  • Why is it that we are automatically asked to pay when we try to read or send a message?
  • Are there really that many gorgeous women in my area wanting to talk to us immediately?

We believe that we can answer the first question quickly and firmly, mostly because we found the proof to back up our suspicions in the Terms of Use document. There is a paragraph in which the site states that uses “system notifications” to start dialogue between you and other site members, with the intent of you paying for a membership upgrade. First of all – this is a fraud. And, second of all – it is extortion.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “The system notifications may prompt you to initiate dialogue with other member(s) (who may or may not have upgraded to a paid account and may have varying login and activity levels). If you wish to initiate dialogue and have not purchased a membership to the Site, you will be required to purchase a paid membership prior to being able to initiate or even review any dialogue.”


2) Fishy profiles of women who are contacting you

In this paragraph we will attempt to clarify why we suspect the legitimacy of the women’s dating profiles on and profile evidence that back up our suspicions. One of the first things that came to our mind was the fact that there were so many attractive and beautiful women on the site, who were ready for online dating and fun. This would not be a problem, but it is too good to be true. We suspect that these profiles that you see are fictitious. And, if they are not completely made-up, they contain the personal information and photographs posted by other site members. Moreover, the site states in the terms of use, that your info will also be used by the site and distributed to other online dating networks.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “You also authorize to post any and all photographs uploaded by you throughout and other associated websites featuring other members of the Service. Any and all images uploaded to are subject to an irrevocable, unlimited, worldwide, fully paid, royalty free license from you to and such images may be used by, without restriction, on the Service, in emails and as marketing materials. By accepting this Agreement and its terms and conditions you specifically authorize us to use any images you upload to for marketing the Site and all other websites which share a common database with the Site in our sole discretion.”


3) You are charged for services you don’t get

This is a simple one to conclude. If the messages sent to users are fabricated and used to only deceive you into paying for a membership upgrade, and there are false profiles created using other people’s photos and personal information, then what are you paying for? And make no mistake that you won’t be ripped off. Once you provide your credit card information and select a payment period, it will be automatically charged every time the initial payment period is over. Of course, will not notify you about this and will keep taking money from your credit card until you realize what is going on.

Wondering how much are you exactly charged? Well, took the payment options and prices from their site and will list them below:

Silver Membership

  • $24.95 to purchase 1 month of subscription
  • $99.95 to purchase 12 months of subscription on the site

Gold Membership

  • $1.00 to purchase a 2 day trial period
  • $34.95 to purchase 1 month of subscription
  • $119.95 to purchase 18 months of subscription on the site

The verdict on

We believe that by now it is clear that hides its scamming tactics in cleverly put words. But, the reality is that this site is not a real dating service, since you cannot know which messages or dating profiles are genuine and which ones are frauds. Plus, you will be charged big money for the site’s services and never be sure if the time you are investing in talking to a woman on the site will ever pay off. We believe that where there is a smoke, there is fire and advise you to steer clear from the scamming claws of Scam Questions

Have any further questions? If you have any uncertainties and would like to ask us something about the site, or if you’d like to share your personal experience with, feel free to post in the comments section below. All legitimate thoughts and enquiries are appreciated and will be provided with a personal and prompt response. Contact Info

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