Can Be Trusted? (REVIEW)

4 club claims to be the hottest place to hook up, but is it really so? One thing lead us to further examine the legitimacy of this site – while it says “free” this site will charge you to grant you access to the full package of services and features. So, will a site that lies for one thing lie for others? Find out in the review below.

Reasons to suspect

No.1 – is a paid service

If you are not careful, you may be deceived into believing that this is a legitimate dating service. But it isn’t and there are many warning signs to alarm you. One of the first ones for us was when the site wouldn’t let us communicate in any way with anyone unless we paid for subscription. Here are your payment options for upgrading your membership:

  • $1.20 to but a 2 day trial membership
  • $28.92 to buy 1 month of membership
  • $96.60 to buy 1 year of membership
  • $132.12 to buy 18 months of membership


No.2 – Messages Don’t Seem Genuine

We are sure you are familiar with the following scenario: You sing in on a new dating service and haven’t even started posting information on your profile AND you start receiving email and chat messages from female members of the site. Now, you need to understand that such scams are aimed mostly at men who are naive enough to believe these communications are genuine. When you get tons of messages right after signing up, this is usually a sign that the site you are visiting is trying to fraud you. and other similar online dating sites send out automated email messages and fake “flirts” to real members of the site. You may think a woman is contacting you, but in fact it’s all sent from computer software to multiple site members at the same time.

If you are wondering why a dating site would be going through so much trouble, you need to realize that their final goal is not matching you with someone who wants to have some fun. The ultimate goal is for you to purchase a paid membership and to continue paying subscription fees for as long as possible. You can see this on when the site basically extorts money from you by not allowing you to open or read any of the messages sent to you. If you do want to read the message or reply – you will need to upgrade your membership. Moreover, keep these two things in mind:

a) Dating sites send computer-automated messages to deceive you into believing that someone is interested in you and trying to connect with you. Once you believe that you can actually meet people on the site, you are more likely to give them your money, which is their idea all along.

b) When you start to get such messages, stop and ask yourself who is behind these profiles. We, for example, didn’t put any info on our profile other than a name. No photographs, descriptions or personal interests were included. Yet, we got messages. Isn’t it weird that women would try to get in touch with someone who has a blank dating profile and they don’t even know the basic info for? We don’t think so!


No.3 – But, Who Is Sending The Messages?

It is pretty clear that there is no way such beautiful and gorgeous women would even need a dating site such as to find hot dates. So, who is behind the dating profiles that we get messages from? From our experience, whenever there are fake messages, there are fabricated profiles to help them seem more real. These are usually profiles created with taken and reused information from other site members or completely made up. To look deeper into this issue, we downloaded several photographs from the dating profiles of women on the site and run them through google image search to see if they’ve been used anywhere else on the internet. Not surprisingly, every single one of those images appeared on at least dozen other dating sites that are not affiliated with in any way. In the end, it turns out that you can never know whether you are communicating with a real person or computer software hidden behind fabricated profiles.


The verdict on

Now that you’ve read our review, we hope you are informed about the scamming manners in which is operated. Let your friends know and warn anyone you know who might be using this site to help prevent them from getting scammed and ripped off. Clearly, there is no point in giving your hard earned money while you are not getting the services promises to offer. Scam Questions

Did we miss out on anything? If we did, or there is just something you’d like to know, feel free to send us your questions via the section below. Also, we welcome you to post your thoughts and personal experiences with using You can never know who you may be helping. Contact Info

Address: Tekka Digital s.a. Via Trevano 7, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

Email Contact: or Contact Page

Phone Number: +41 (0) 91 60 464 86


Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been ripped off and/or conned.

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  1. Contact your credit card company and put a permanent stop payment block on them. It’s the only way to really stop them from continued theft of your money. Most scam sites do just that,”continue to bill!” Its called robbery and theft but the credit card company can’t find anyone to prosecute. The next thing they or there on line cupids (site models and employees) will do is spam,scam,hack and virus your phone,device or computer trying to get personal info including credit card #’s,accounts,names, anything! Even hack steel your pictures to use to fool and scam others on other sites or even sell them to other scammers! It’s a big buisness these days. Even if your security codes protect your info they can still virus ruin the device cause you let them in ! Put a block on your card,Mark and report them spam,scam and fake to your security app and Google and block them! Good luck!

  2. I had given my email ID I thought it’s a joke scared of that I did wrong place help me to get out of this

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