ExWifeSexBook.com Redirects To Scamming Milfaholic.com (REVIEW)


We encountered other dating sites that were registered at the same hosting address as ExWifeSexBook.com and thought it’s worthwhile to investigate this site too. Our main reason was that the dating sites that were associated with ExWifeSexBook.com were proven to be huge rip offs and completely fraudulent. So, continue reading to learn what we discovered about this site.

ExWifeSexBook.com is affiliated with Milfaholic.com

As the title of this review suggests, this site is only a landing page that redirects interested users to Milfaholic.com at the excuse that ExWifeSexBook.com is no longer taking members. Was this site bought by the same company that owns Milfaholic.com or was it initially created by that same company to generate some extra leads? –We don’t know. But it’s enough that this site is recommending that people should use Milfaholic.com – a site we have already reviewed and a proven online dating scam.

What is Milfaholic.com all about?

You can read the full and detailed review of Milfaholic.com, here. But, to explain the issue, we will shortly explain what the evidence suggests.

1) Milfaholic.com uses computer- automated messages. You get a huge number of messages and chats from the moment you sign up and create your profile. While their content is made-up and sent by computer software, they seem natural and genuine. The trick is to deceive you into believing female members of Milfaholic.com are truly interested in you.

2) Fabricated profiles of women are called Fantasy Cupids. Or, as the site refers to them – profiles from the Fantasy Cutie Service are fabricated using someone else’s photos, false information, made-up personal interests and geographic location.

3) Employees act as site members. This might come out as a surprise, but not all Milfaholic.com members are fictitious and not all communications are computer-automated. But, they aren’t necessarily honest either, as they are sent by employees of the site who are hired and paid to make up for what computers can’t provide.

4) Milfaholic.com will rip you off. Yes, while providing you with false services and not connecting you with potential dates, Milfaholic.com will charge you money on top of everything. Actually, the point of this whole site was never to be a matchmaking service – they are only after your money. Here are the payment options and subscription periods you can choose from.

Basic Membership

  • $8.85 for a 3-day trial membership period (automatically renewed at $29.95)
  • $29.95 for 1 month of membership (automatically renewed)

Gold Membership

  • $49.00 for 2 months of membership (automatically renewed at $34.95)
  • $59.95 for 3 months of membership

The verdict on ExWifeSexBook.com

It is clear that ExWifeSexBook.com is connected to a larger conning network. Moreover, Milfaholic.com is owned and run by the same company as LocalMilfSelfies.com, CurvyBbw.com, SelfieBBWs.com and AffairAlert.com, and the list goes on. We kindly advise you to beware of scam if you encounter any of these sites on your search for finding a perfect online match. By becoming a member of these sites, you’ll be looking for nothing else but trouble.

ExWifeSexBook.com Scam Questions

Do you want to learn more about the scamming fashions and deceitful tricks these sites employ to get to your money? Feel free to post your questions, as well as feedback and personal experiences if you are a past member of Milfaholic.com or any of its affiliated websites.

Milfaholic.com Contact Info

Email Contact: help@dateprofits.com or Contact Page http://www.datingsitesupport.com/

Phone Number: 844-399-9749 and+1-619-900-1607(Outside Use)

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been scammed and/or ripped off.