I’ve recently been on a tear investigating so many dating sites as the private investigator that I am. I’ve had some really great dating services that I’ve come across but I’ve also had some downright awful sites lately. During my mature dating rants, I came across a site known as and I just went for it because that’s exactly what I was feeling. So, low and behold, I learned a ton about the site and I’m going to spill the beans on everything I came across. What I need to make clear is that it’s important that you not go out of your way and spend a dime on this site until you’ve completely read the site review.

Right off the bat I can tell you that this site isn’t going to help you meet mature cougars. Sure, it looks good and sounds promising but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. You’ll find out soon enough, trust me on that one! I’ll spill the beans on all of it right now…

flirtycougars review

Everything You Must Know About

For starters, I’ll cover the costs involved with joining this cougar dating site. Don’t get too excited though, it’s not all that great to be quite honest. If you decide to make the unfortunate decision of joining this site, you’ll end up paying he following in fees:

Trial fee:    $4.23 renewing at $36.41

1-Month:   $18.20

3-Month:   $30.62

12-Month: $49.49

Here’s a rundown of the main site features that they offer. It’s not much but it’s something…

1) They have a friends list that allows you to view your friends that you have connected with over the days, weeks, months, or years.

2) They have a match fee that helps better connect you with near users in your local area.

3) The site also has an activity feed that basically shows you all the messages that you have received and the many people that have checked out your profile. This is also where all your friend requests will be displayed.

4) Last but not least, there’s a feed that displays members where you can “like” them as you see fit.

Review Overview

This detailed investigation details everything that you need to know about this website. It’s a site that is geared towards connecting cougars and those that like them. You’ll notice that this site looks similar to others on the Internet, and unfortunately, the site is somewhat like a ticking time bomb. The unfortunate part of all this is that you don’t really have any idea what hookup site is going to be good and which is going to be bad. Be sure to read my full review to get a complete rundown of things here.

Every Profile (Even Incomplete) Will Generate Messages

The very first thing that typically happens when you join a site is that you have to complete your profile. Well, sometimes for testing purposes I delay this process just to see how the site responds to it. We can all agree that almost every incomplete profile missing an image, and bio detail shouldn’t drive female users to contact you. That especially holds true if you create a profile for some older gentlemen. In the event that you begin to receive a heavy amount of messages from so-called “female users,” then you should be worried. You may end up having this happen if you join the site.

You’ll Start To Get Emails

Unfortunately, when joining this site, there’s a good chance that you’re going to receive “fake” emails from the website. Assuming that you leave your dating profile completely blank and you begin getting emails from users, then you need to run like the wind! I can almost guarantee that you’ll immediately begin seeing pop-up notifications which are totally bogus.

They try and send these messages to you in order to get you to upgrade your membership. You can’t respond to any of these messages until your membership has been upgraded. This is all stated in their terms and conditions. Sure, it’s clear as crystal but that doesn’t make it right.

flirty site terms

Company Profiles Managed Internally

The site manages dating profiles on There’s a good chance that all the messages that you’re receiving are from those that are maintained by the company. This is the biggest problem that I see when it comes to online dating in general. The company does this to try and give you the perception that they’ve got a huge database full of real users. The truth is that all these members aren’t going to connect with you to hookup. In fact, you’ll get absolutely no where with this type of profile. They are completely fake and will not lead to dates.

It’s All In The Terms

All you have to do is take a minute to read the terms and conditions page to find out what they disclose. You’ll learn a couple of things if you read these terms such as the fact that they create, “staff profiles” for so-called testing services.

Additionally, they send you alerts for you to receive the pop-ups and activity alerts from these staff profiles. Again, nothing that’s going to actually help you get laid, not a chance that’s going to happen.

Contacting The Company

If you decide you want to contact the company for any reason at all, my advice would be to email them using the following email address.

Conclusion: Isn’t Worth Joining At All

If you’re looking to find cougars, then you need to look elsewhere. It’s a complete waste of time to join. All those auto messages aren’t going to get you anywhere. Instead, you need to join a qualified dating site that’s going to help you meet mature women. Might I suggest checking out this site for starters.