Exposing FreeCheatersHookup.com Bogus Workings (REVIEW)

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For a dating site that flaunts the words “Free Adult Dating”, “Free Dating for Life” and is even called Free CheatersHookup.com, this site is definitely misguiding and dishonest. This site will charge you big time for its services, while making sure to relieve you of all doubts for its legitimacy. However, you have serious reasons to suspect FreeCheatersHookup.com and in this review we will explore all the ways this site is running scams.

Continue reading to learn the truth and protect yourself. Also, don’t forget to post comments and personal experiences in the section at the end of the page. Let others know what your take on FreeCheatersHookup.com is.

What suspicions were confirmed as true?

  • FreeCheatersHookup.com uses fictitious profiles and models or “Love Stars”
  • “Love Stars” profiles are used to send messages from computer software
  • Although the services are fake, you are charged real money
  • Your activities on FreeCheatersHookup.com will not result in physical meeting


1. Why does FreeCheatersHookup.com need “Love Stars”?

All the women who send you email and chat messages are completely made-up profiles who bear no resemblance to any real person. The women in the live cams and videos feature, they are all models, hired and paid to entertain you. The reason FreeCheatersHookup.com has the need to fabricate and employ people to interact with you is because the site has no real women users. But, what is a dating site without any women you can date, right? This also makes us conclude that the scam is directed at men, and that they are the target of interest of FreeCheatersHookup.com. We found evidence that prove our suspicions in the Terms of Use Agreement on the site.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious or models or bots related to our “Love Stars” (LS) program. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information, text, and pictures contained in the LS profiles do not pertain to any actual person or member, but are included for entertainment purposes only.”


2. Computer-automated communications extort your money

Through the computerized communications on FreeCheatersHookup.com, the second role of the Love Stars is revealed. Not only are they used to fill up the site, but they also serve to send you (and other real users) automated messages, which also seem real. Messages start pouring, and distract you from reading the fine print in which all the scam is revealed.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “Our LS work for the site in an effort to stimulate dialogue with users and to stimulate user participation on the Website and Services, advertisement of the Website and Services, and the creation of user profiles. You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, LS may contact Website and Services users and members via electronic messaging, including for example, email, instant messages, and SMS, for purposes of encouraging further or broader participation in our site’s Services.”


3. How much is charged from your credit card?

When you log in as a free user, you are immediately taken to another page of the site that asks for your credit card information in order to verify you are above 18 years of age. But, isn’t it a little fishy that an allegedly free dating site is asking for your credit card info? Again, the words “Free Lifetime Membership” are flaunted, but the text in the lower right corner reveals the truth. This part of the page contains a text, to which you automatically agree by providing your card information. It’s the price list of FreeCheatersHookup.com that informs you will be charged $120.39 without you even seeing this or agreeing to it. Here is what you are charged for:

GOLD Membership

  • Free 2 days of trial membership
  • $49.95 per month (automatically renewed)

VibeVideo.com charges

  • $1.96 for 2 days trial membership
  • $39.61 monthly (automatically renewed)

VideoErotic.com charges

  • Free 3 week trial membership period
  • $28.87 each month (automatically renewed)


4. There is no meeting or hooking up

Well, it’s obvious to you now that you cannot actually meet a computer program or a paid model that just did her job. FreeCheatersHookup.com also knows this for fact, because they are aware the services offered are a complete hoax.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “You understand, acknowledge, and agree that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and LS, and that the exchange of messages between you and a LS is for entertainment purposes.”

The verdict on FreeCheatersHookup.com

A site that is not free, there are no cheaters except for the fake profiles, and there will never be any hooking up since the only real people are paid employees of the site, who have no interest in ever meeting you. The only interest this site has is to rip you off, without even notifying you first.

FreeCheatersHookup.com Scam Questions

We hope our investigation and findings succeeded to shed some light on the scamming fashions in which FreeCheatersHookup.com is operated. Warn your friends and help prevent them from becoming the victim of online dating scam and rip off.

Lastly, if you have anything you’d like to ask us or share a personal experience you had with this site, feel free to post in the comments section below. We will try to respond promptly to your inquiries.

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5 Robson St, Consett, County Durham DH8 6AL, United Kingdom

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Email Contact: cs@freecheatershookup.com

Phone Numbers: 877-875-3784 and 877-597-3436

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