Is A Scam? Explore The Facts (REVIEW)

Perfect Match is a complementary online dating site owned by Various Inc. – a company that also owns dating sites called,,,, and many others. How legit is this network of online dating services? We set out to investigate the facts and uncover the truth. So, continue reading to learn what is hoping you won’t find out.

Spotted scams on

After the initial sign up process, we continued researching and after carefully checking every corner of this is what we discovered in the Terms of Service agreement:


1) Electronic Communications Sent To You

The first thing hides up the sleeve are the computer-generated and completely automated messages sent to you and other site users. But, stay aware that all communications sent to you by the site’s profiles are completely fake and require no human involvement. So, even if you start a conversation – you will be basically communicating with a software program and soon the correspondence will make no sense. confesses to using electronic communications in order to engage you into the site’s services and get you to upgrade to a paid membership.

PROOF OF SCAM: “By using the Services, you consent to receiving electronic communications, e.g., email, from us or our subsidiaries and affiliated entities. These communications are part of your relationship with us and you receive them as part of your membership.”


2) License To Your Content

Another scam happens at the very moment you start building your profile, uploading photographs and personal information, and customizing your profile. If you don’t read in the terms of use that gains absolute proprietary rights over any content posted on the site, then you will be surprised to see your photos and data on other dating sites who are owned by the same company as They also have all legal rights to give or sell these information to other dating networks they sign a contract with.

The procedure to take down these data isn’t easy and the stories told by people who were naive enough to fall into this scam are not encouraging. Plus, you may win a case and your photographs will be taken down from one website, but other sites may have other policies, which makes this a long and painstaking process.

Moreover, “who is running your false profiles on other dating sites?” stands as a perfectly legitimate question. This also leads us to conclude that too, is full of these fabricated profiles of people whose information were taken and reused like yours. So, how can you know when a genuine person is behind a profile or computer software or employees of the site?

PROOF OF SCAM: Once you post, send or otherwise make publicly available any Content through the Services (“Personal Content”), you expressly grant us, and hereby represent that you have the right to grant us, a perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide, assignable, sub-licensable, and transferable right and license to quote, re-post, use, copy, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, incorporate into other works, distribute, transmit, broadcast, communicate, publicly display, publicly perform and otherwise exploit such Content in any form or media, anywhere, and without any notice or compensation to you of any kind. You hereby grant us all consents, rights and clearances to enable us to use such Personal Content for such purposes.”


3) Subscription Fees And Automatic Renewal

When you come to and see all these gorgeous women and get many notification and emails – you wouldn’t guess it’s all false unless you are experienced in online dating sites’ workings. When you try to send someone a message, or try to read an email you’ve received you are unable to. Then, you are automatically redirected to a different page where they ask you to choose a payment plan and provide your credit card info. Here are the offered choices:

  • $59.99 to buy 1 month of site subscription
  • $99.95 to buy 3 months of site subscription
  • $159.95 to buy 6 months of site subscription
  • $249.95 to buy 12 months of site subscription

PROOF OF SCAM: “In order to provide continuous service, we automatically renew all paid subscriptions for the Services two (2) days prior to the date such subscriptions expire. Such renewals shall be (i) for a period equivalent to the period of your initial subscription to the Services or a shorter period of time if specified, and (ii) in our discretion, at the price of the same or comparable Services then in effect.”


The verdict on

It’s obvious this site is all about getting your money without providing you with the services you paid for. may state that it’s all done for entertainment purposes, but we do not find it entertaining to get scammed and ripped off, while being misled that you are talking to real women who like you. So, our kindest and most sincere advice is to not use if you’d like to avoid many headaches. Scam Questions

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