10 Bouquets of Flowers to Give on a First Date

Giving flowers on a first date is an old-fashioned idea that says “I really like you”. 

So if you bring up a girl flowers on the first date, you are definitely not saying you’re in for the one-night-stand. It means that you have some kind of serious intention. And that you have fallen hard for this girl!

Giving flowers on the first date will impress any girl but only if you you get the right ones.

flowers to bring on a first date watch

Flowers have symbolic and meanings. Believe it or not, if you gift the wrong ones you may send a wrong message. The message doesn’t necessarily need to be full of passionate love. But it can mean sweet love, attraction, and even admiration. 

Flowers or certain colours from specific breeds should be avoided.  Different colours have different meanings. When you want to send the right first date message with flowers avoid flowers like a snapdragon. It signifies deception. Red poppies are used to mark remembrance and you should not give them on a first date. That being said, let’s see what are some of the best flowers to give your date the first time you see her.

10 Flowers to Give on a First Date to Score a Second One

flowers to bring on a first date white lillies

1. Lilies

Lily’s are truly effervescent and can brighten up any first date. If you decide to bring them on a first date be sure that they’re going to turn heads and draw attention. To give a message of purity, give white lilies. Red lilies symbolize passionate love, while other colours should be avoided because they’re not suitable as a first date gift.

2. Magnolias

Magnolias are good to give on a spring first date. They symbolize nature’s awakening of nature (and maybe the awakening of erotic senses). So if this is your first day it is good to give magnolias. Usually, a single branch will do the trick. Magnolia is quite unique flower so make sure your date is the outdoorsy individualistic type.

3. Roses

Roses are classic. You cannot go wrong with them. But be careful with the colours. Red roses are a symbol of true love. You can go for orange roses because they last longer and do not give the impression of a complete devotion such as red ones. Red roses are usually given to someone you know for a while.

4. Lilacs

Lilacs are beautiful casual flowers you can give on a first date. Go for purple lilacs – they are the indicator of first love. Darker-colored lilacs are better given in the later stages of the relationship.

5. Peonies

Historically, peonies have been linked with romantic situations. You are definitely sending a message of gentle feelings if you’re buying peonies. People who buy peonies on the first date can even mean that they’re up for marriage. Consider this fact if you decide to give these flowers on your first date.

6. Violets

A bouquet of violets is another type of flower can you give them on your first day if you want to say that you mean devotion and faithfulness, and not a one-off date.

flowers to give on a first date - magnolias

7. Camelias

Camellias are ladylike flowers you should give on a first date in an elegant setting. For example, if you’re dining somewhere glamourous, they will suit you perfectly. Also, pay attention to the colour. It is ideal to buy white camellias on a first date to show your new date that you like her.  Dark red coloured camellias work better when you meet someone with whom you intend to share loyalty.

flowers to give on a first date - jasmine

8. Jasmine

White Jasmine is added to perfumes because of its fragrant mesmerizing scent which quickly arouses all senses. Jasmine gives the message of delicate love suitable for someone you like very much but you haven’t been so close. I don’t see a reason why not to give a bunch of jasmines to your date.

flowers to give on a first date - carnations

9. Carnations

As long as you choose to give a bunch of carnations on your first date, make them white, pink, or red. White mean pure love and good luck. Pink mean “I want you to remember me”, and red mean passion. Avoid yellow carnation, the symbol of disappointment and rejection or multicoloured ones, which signify refusal.

flowers to give on a first date - gardenias

10. Gardenias

Gardenias are the flower of the secret admirer. So if you send them before the first date, you will reveal your intentions. It can be a good idea to send gardenias to someone who doesn’t know you like her as an invitation or a first date

It is not possible to find all these flowers during all four seasons. But whatever you choose for a first date, it is a nice gesture. It will put you in any girl’s golden book. You don’t even need to worry about the message you send because women know men struggle with beautiful little things in multiple variations.