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As many other people who have gotten scammed and ripped off so far, we hope it’s not too late for your too before you realize that is not a legitimate dating site. We believe that if you are well-informed, you won’t fall in the hands of scammers. In this case, damage can be easily avoided if you’d read the terms and conditions of use before signing up, or at least before giving your credit card info and upgrading to a paid membership.

In this interview we explain the findings of our investigation and reveal all you wanted to know about, which the site is carefully hiding from you.

Why Well Hello Reviews Are So Negative

  • Fake and fabricated profiles of women are called “Love Hostesses”
  • Automated messages sent by computer software
  • Employees of the site may be sending you messages through “Love Hostesses” profiles
  • You have to pay to use’s services and features

Backing up the allegations for disingenuous acts

This is a tip for all dating site users: When signing up and creating a profile on an online dating service, try to search the internet first for reviews such as this one. It may save you from a lot of headaches later on. Also, never forget to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of use, since the proof of the site’s fraudulent actions is usually hiding in this document. So, what did we discover on

1) Love Hostesses Profiles are Fabricated by Smoochy Brands

Smoochy Brands Ltd is the company behind, and we have found the evidence that suggest this company creates fake dating profiles of women and fills them up with fake photographs, made-up personal information, fictional interests, etc. These profiles are called “Love Hostesses” and are indicated by a green heart icon. This is a signal that the person you see on the photos is most likely not the one behind the profile.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “You acknowledge that Smoochy Brands creates and maintains some of the profiles on the site, and that some ‘members’ of the site are actually fictitious persons created by employees or agents of Smoochy Brands, who we refer to as ‘Love Hostesses’.”

2) Automated Communications from Love Hostesses

If goes above and beyond to deceive you, they are certainly not going to stop at fake profiles. Next in line are the fraudulent emails. Basically, the email and chat messages you receive are automatically sent to all free members on the site. The goal is to lure you into paying a membership in order to use the site’s services. We advise you to be cautious and don’t get fooled into believing that those women are interested in you and want to communicate with you. If you do respond, you are basically communicating with computer software.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “You further acknowledge and agree that smooch brands may respond to your communications to Love Hostesses through employees, agents or chat bots that impersonate the fictitious persons portrayed in such ‘Love Hostesses’ profiles.”

As you can read from the excerpt, not only do they generate computer-automated messages, they hire and pay people to start conversation with you or respond in case you send messages directed at Love Hostesses profiles on While these people may only be doing their job, they are employed to string you a long and make you believe they are real people you might meet in real life.

3) Extortion of Money

If you are wondering why are the owners of going through so much trouble with creating fake profiles and using employees or bots (robots-meaning computers) to further deceive you, then you should know that you need to pay to use While becoming a member is for free, you cannot use any features of the site, read messages you get in your inbox or sent messages to other site members – unless you pay for subscription. Here are your choices:

  • $1.00 for a 24-hour trial membership period
  • $29.95 for 1 month of site membership
  • $119.40 for 1 year of site membership

Now, if you already know that these messages are as fraudulent as they come and sent from non-existing people, you may not pay your hard earned money for a bunch of lies. Unfortunately, everything about this site looks very genuine, that many people do fall for the scams and end up ripped-off. Scam Questions

We hope that we answered all your questions about the workings and legitimacy of If you do, however, have anything else you’d like to ask, feel free to post in the comments section below. Also, we welcome your personal experiences if you are a past user of the site. So, share your story to help other readers. Contact Info

Addresses: 6, Flat/Office, 202, Ioanni Stylianou, 2003 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus

Email Contact: and ADMIN@WELLHELLO.COM

Phone Number: 1-888-414-3752

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been deceived, conned and/or overcharged.

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45 thoughts on “Deceitful Tricks Of Exposed (REVIEW)”

  1. Ok, so I’m a dummy who actually paid a dollar for one day. What can they do with my credit card information and other things such as email. Am I at risk for theft?

    • Yes I paid dollar so far robbed me of 90 still counting reported it to my bank but still taking every day stopped my debit card but 3 dollars already gone out of account this morning may need to close account

    • I fell for it too $1 for a 1 day pass. Next thing I know they charged $40. Thankfully visa caught it and blocked it. Full of fake profiles and bots. I wish I seen this web site befor hand.

    • Once you give them your information are boned! They can make accounts get your social they crafty enough. Do not under any circumstances pay for these “real” sites! Look at reviews for more background info the site and make sure that you the T&C. Legally they have to admit everything or else risk a lawsuit. Everything you need to know from sites like these are in their T&C. Beware these sites friend!

  2. 100% it is fake web site. Please do not get robbed. If you get already robbed pls report it.

  3. Fake ass website. they sent my information to two other websites and charged me $40 the next day after paying $1. The members are fake robot scam artists.

  4. I paid a dollar for the site with every intention of cancelling before the trial period ended. Someone supposedly interested in meeting contacted me. When I discovered the person was using tactics I heard of before to get me to “verify my identity” I exposed to the person that they were a scam. When I got back to the site to cancel my trial, I was met with a message that informed me that my account was put on hold and I would not be able to access the site due to suspicious activity. I could only email them and ask about the suspicious activity. Was only informed that my account was active again but no explaination . I canceled that account but later discovered that my account had been charged the full fee. When I contacted customer service “Roger” continuously hung up on me.

  5. This site stole my photos from another site and is using my current fb pic !!! Very Not Cool .!!! I was alerted to this by an old friend today when he came across this profile I didn’t create . Nothing on the profile is anything I’ve ever written or even posted on an older profile .Whom ever stole my also has attached the profile to an gmail email account I’ve deleted years ago.. This is BS

  6. I signed up for a $1 day deal to see what the site was like and didn’t read terms and conditions where I should have checked certain boxes to stop the other two sites which u are given access to which are datingindenim and pornvault. Just messaged their customer service today to cancel realising the techniques these sites use and so far lost £90

  7. Luckily didn’t pay the £1….the rather pretty photo profiles started messaging me like I was the best thing in the locality (reality strikes me down!) lol

  8. I’ve read on other review sites that they hack your phone & take some of your pics to put online as pics for profiles of other people. Did this happen to anyone here? I was stupid enough to pay the 1$ but then got charged 80$ for 2 sites. I had to go to the other sites & cancel my subscription. I feel bad about how they are behaving & wish to claim my money back, is that possible?

    • Contact your bank and dispute the charges. That is about all you can do. I would also get your card replaced

  9. i only paid a dollar and tried to delete it right away but there was nothing there to delete account, so tried emailing and they didnt reply, then i talk to billing said couldnt get refund, useless moron took forever to reply chattin online, and now im stuck for a month with this scammy website

  10. Yeah I done the same thing as a lot of y’all did.. signed up for the trial period to check it out and I unsubscribed before the trial period was over and they still charged me for the whole month.. this happened yesterday.they took every dollar but 2 off my card and I only had 40 of the damn thing.. but they need to send u some kind of warning letting u no when ur trial period is about to be over just to let u know that they are taking our money.. they just take it without anything and it don’t feel right.. I feel like someone walked straight up in my house and robbed me bc they ain’t anything that I can do about it to get it refunded..that site is bullshit and I’ll never ever thing about doing that ever again if this is how every single one of those places are like this One

  11. I have never heard of any of these “so called” dating sites, at least not until I called my bank to find out what happened to $200 from my account. This company took that money from me and then I got told that I have a membership with them. I told them to cancel it, but I doubt they did. I now have to wait for a new CC to come in the mail and deal with having to dispute this companies charges just to get my money back. What a great way to start out the week

  12. sign up for this web site and they will automatically charge for four others every girl here will send you to another site under the false pretense of verifying your age they r all FAKE do not believe one of them

  13. I have been talking with 1 particular lady 4 some time. In order for us to meet we each had 2 put up $750. Refundible deposit ensuring the lady would have any trouble with you. You’really made to get a security photo you send to lady assuring her you are ok. After $750. Safety deposit. You need to wait 24hrs for processing. Once that is complete. They ask for $300. Refundible processing of paperwork. Then you from no-one till very early the next morning. The lady you were going talk suddenly has no money and asks you to lend her $300. When you don’t oblige, the lady and alleged ADMINISTRATION OFFICE ( whom has been in contact with you the whole you are making preps to see this lady that you meet.) Anyway, when you say just can’t, they block you from being able to reach them. Truly well thought out scam.

  14. Just block your cc or. Debit. No reason to close accts every time I use a debit on a date site it few bucks. Few days I cancelled Everytime. And Everytime. They try to charge up close to 200.00. One time tried 600.00 bank always calls and ask I say nope they block card just walk in get new one I have one acct with zero. Balance strictly for online anything. I just xfer what I need use it and don’t have to deal with crooks every time they try in fact hello site I just pd a dollar I put seven in acct and first two women fakes they wanted my phone number ok let’s see hottie lonely close wow guess what there not scamming asking begging now they are hacking sent photo right hacking app on it I seen these before been hacked twice no more. Can’t text English they gave a serious accent. Young hit girl. Said give me now I text now the American young hotties don’t talk like that both did this rest can’t shut them up when joining soon as debit went thru boom silent can’t talk never will this sites fradukant needs shut the heck down in fact I want my dollar back and hour of my time lol crooks sites members all but us allows this we are stupid enough to fall for it because the women are beautiful too bad. All. Fakes wonder if real women’s photos who ever know they are appearing here two been here forever no way if real could still be here all fakes all criminals keep your money and hacking off your phones read emails chats and photos location all control your phone hihack emails if you have eBay Amazon pay pal and linked to bank your in trouble ahhhh. Angry get your money back??? Sure dispute with your Bank cc co easy very easy process on phone. Is all hacking fakes fraud Criminals not only here everywhere

    • this is a warning to all u men….i got burned like someone here has, and have learned since…some nice sexy, woman who was definitely interested in me (hogwash….a cutey phantasy person)…to make a long story short….read, always, the ‘terms of sale’ …terms of conditon’ or whatever it goes under….the fine print…every site i’ve been on, says, basically the same thing….once u hit the ‘submit button’ you have joined at least 2, maybe 3 other free so-called bonus sex programs….and, since i forgot….i ended up paying like $154….for which, it took me with the help of my bank, 3 months to get it back….then, later i see this same girl on 3 different other sites with different names and living in different cities….i got 90 percent of my money back, but since that, i always read the fine print….even if u uncheck the boxes, they stilll bill u….some give u a 1 day trial….a 3 day trial…maybe a week…but, and it says….after the free trial, u will be billed the monthly rate of $29.99, $39.99, or $49.99….and, 3 programs got me….yes, men….no matter how horny we are, we have to be careful, cautious, and remember. those women are trying to make money….alot of them are not even from here….came from some poor country….so, today, i always read the ‘terms’ and, just look at the sexy pics….i wish u well and say, beware….take care…AR

  15. I paid £1 to, which ultimately took out £3 all together for some other websites. And yes I did pay One POUND not US DOLLAR and was supposidly contacted by two people who both wanted me to ‘sign-up’ or ‘vote’ for them on some other website that both needed my debit card details – what a coincidence!! Anyway it turned out if I paid 250 US DOLLARS to this ‘girl’ she would then fly to Great Britain to meet me? Just to hook up – seriously? I wouldn’t imagine anyone would do that! I say do not fall for this website and STAY CLEAR!!

    I think I got away with the debit card thing though as only £3 has come out! Phew

  16. I subscribe for one month, 29.99 but they have a tricky web site that al of a sudden other siteds pop up.
    They call it “cross promotion” They are from a partner company with different charges. I accidently clicked on it and they automatically charged me without even confirming or asking for a credit card etc. They used the credit card I had given for the first site. I contacted them and asked for a refund which they denied and refered me to the terms and conditions which stupidly i never read. People be careful.

  17. I signed up for the 1 day trial and was billed for 45.95 on one transaction. And 1.00 and some change on 2 other transactions. Later called all three 1800 /1888 #s Neither work. So I chatted with a online customer service. And he told me in the terms and conditions that if my card was a gift card or a pre paid card that I wouldn’t be eligible for the 1 day trail. And that’s why I was charged the full 45.95 . I then asked for some working phone numbers and he gives me 4 freaking numbers. And only 1 number works 1800 876 7427. So I call that number and tell him that my card was not a prepaid card or gift card. And that I need to be refunded. He wouldn’t let me talk to make supervisor said that are gone. I don’t know any job that has employees working with no supervisor present. So this is a total SCAM.

  18. This person is a SCAMMER who calls his victims and tells them that he can get hotel rooms at Starwood hotels for half off . Never send verification of his claims and blocks you once he robs you. He request a crummy $120, then once they pre book the hotel, u go to the hotel only to leave your card on file for incidentals, AND U ARE CHARGED THE WHOLE HOTEL FEE OUT CHECK OUT. DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS LOW DOWN DISGUSTING SNAKE MF. He-claims his name is “Justin”, asks for the money via “Cash App”. This was my first time being SCAMMED but it’ll sure be my last. What an idiot , if he was smarter, he would be legit and make thousands. Did that $120 get u far? Because i got all of those charges reversed. Again, he says his name is “justin” and uses the name “$justinkase123” on cash app. Did research and his number ‭(718) 807-1347‬ is registered to a “Sheron Magee ” or something , B E W A R E !

  19. Here’s the real reason I don’t like these fake Fantasy Cuties, Love Stars, and the like on SO MANY of these sites. It’s not that guys are dumb (we’re not). It’s more like when I think of the term “Fantasy Cutie”, I’m thinking, “Oh, that will be someone like Farrah Fawcett, or some celebrity crush (Christina Aguilera and Genie in the Bottle come to mind). BUT – when they go out of their way to make regular, normal “rural america hometown” girls into Love Stars – well thats both disarming AND highly deceptive ! It’s like, now you can’t even talk to the girl next door because she’s fake !

  20. So I wanted to see how far I could push the Well Hello who ever they are so if you get ask or a steam card run they will never talk on phone an just look the names up there on Multiple e-mails and apps like kik snapchat an hangouts So a hook up is a hook up

  21. I fell for the dollar offer as well and the customer service rep Thomas stated that I was my fault that the terms and conditions could not b read! I asked how to issue a complaint on the company its self he asked y should I tell you! Bcuz it is ur job as a customer service rep to tell me the information I requested! I’m livid but am not surprised to see that I am not the only person that this site/company ripped off!

  22. How do I make them stop sending me messages? I didnt ever signed up for this site. I got bomb barded with messages from different places that all come from this one site. After looking at free porn on the internet. I was on a cite that I have used before and never had this happen. My wife and I only wanted to look at sum free porn together when playing around before sex. Then this one wanted to verify that i was 18 or older so I hit yes. The next thing I know I am recieving messages from this one site so much that it is draining my phone battery. How can I make them stop? I need my phone for work during the day and cant keep it charged for recieving messages continuously. Please help!

  23. Just was approached this morning on an alternate dating website that was in some form affiliated with wellhello and bootyfinder. This was initiated on the MeetMe app and then was moved to the kik app. During the course of the correspondence the representative approach me with an independent contractor position affiliated with both of these sites. They stated that they would split 90% of all individual sites in purchases from all uploaded content and the sites themselves would take a 10% royalty fee. This whole conversation took place over the course of roughly an hour to two hours just to clarify where nearly 7-10 pages of correspondents with fully punctuated logical and concise sentences. I’m very aware of all the spam and “virtual dates” written in the TOS of bootyfinder specifically states as legal which are the same as the ones present here on wellhello described in this article. I was directed to obtain a membership to obtain access to upload content as an independent contractor on both sites. I selected a 3 day trail per instructed by the representative for both sites wellhello had a 2 day trail for 0 dollars that stated upon checkout nothing would be until after the 48hr trial period would auto charge the listed card for the monthly membership fee of $39.95. And for booty finder a 3 day trial for 3$ and my account was immeadiately charged a fee of $39.95 which was not the option I selected nor was it listed in any of the fine print or card holder agreement on checkout of as immediate charge it stated 3$ after the 72hrs if the membership wasnt canceled then they would charge the 39.95$ charge the resentative then said there was an issue and that I needed to make a 3rd account on another website which was went I stopped everything and demanded that the representative contact me directly to verify that this was on the level were they said they couldn’t. At that point I contacted the customer support #s for both sites explained what was going on. I found out the customer service company is a 3rd party for both sites at that point. The first bootyfinder.coms representatives said no problem the membership was canceled and the pending $39.95 (I agreed to 3 day 3$ trail) was immediately rescinded and transaction was no longer posted ok my account.
    I then contacted the wellhello customer service number and proceeded to do the with no pending charges on my account. The customer service rep canceled the wellhello membership and stated that there were no charges pending and they hadn’t ran my card. So at this point my account shows and confirms my money has been refunded, theres no pending transaction for either site, both sites membership services have been canceled and everything is resolved……. wrong.
    I get bored and look at my account 7-8 hrs later look at my bank account and see a new transaction posted for $49.95 from wellhello. At this point I withdraw my money from account and contact the fraud department of my banking institution and shut down the card. Contact the site customer service again where they tell that they temporarily withdrew those funds to ensure that membership that was hypothetically canceled half a day earlier would would be convered. Which was never stated anywhere during the transaction process. I then contacted local authorities who then directed me to the feds.
    Now a few things I need to clarify real quick. I’ve worked in online content. I’ve been an independent contractor for online media companies in the same capacity just different content so I’m fairly familiar with the routine and the procedures and there was nothing about this initially. This took place over 2 different apps and 2 different websites and with all correspondence taking place by what I’m almost 100% sure was a human being not a computer or bot. I say that mainly because even as I write this comment someone is still reading all messages and when informed then that law enforcement had been contacted and that I told them it was game on they replied with a wink face I kid you not and have continued to read everything but quit replying. Now I’m not a software engineer but I’m sure that hook up sites software don’t know how to basically talk shit to you. Also whoever I was talking to was able to read and distinguish a pictures of the membership confirmations one of which was a screen shot from my email address on my phone and uploaded to kik. Finally I want to address the fact because of the non liability disclosures for both states basically makes it to where you can’t sue them upon agreeing to the terms of service and they are paying a 3rd party to goto other apps to intentionally lie, scam, or defraud you under false pretenses to increase website traffic and memberships all under the basis that you’re basically going to get a job as an “at will” employee. Which in layman’s terms means they can’t sued for anything you do while utilizing their services and platform and that all liability is on you solely because they didn’t didn’t force you nor is the person saying all this a directly employee of the site itself to sign up with their services. I contacted the website operator directly and they attempted to tell me that do not do that as a business practice which makes no sense because I’m the only liable, customer service department is technically except as well as the domain itself and that someone or something is running around day and night on their behalf indirectly scamming people into memberships that they 100% financially gain from but they’re not operated by the website itself. So I’ve come to this conclusion most of these have the same basic TOS and to employ a separate company indirectly to fish/scam/manipulate whatever you want to call it indirectly to get memberships fees and site hits. I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with these guys and I’m both amazed and disgusted that companies that are in the based US can legally do this to increase profits on a dishonest basis because of technicallities and that the authorities can’t do anything about it. These companies should be investigated to the fullest extent, be held accountable and shut down. My next conversations will be with the feds as instructed by my local authorities because of the jurisdiction issues and the scope of the scam. Also because now I’ve done business with these sites I’m filing complaints with the better business bureau and filed reports against the representative on both meetme and kik for investigations and kept screens shots of all correspondents. My card has been shut down and as its stand I got swindled out of 49.95$ which could’ve been had I feel for it 3x. I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM ALL THESE TYPES OF SITES BECAUSE THEY ALL EMPLOY THE SAME BUSINESS PRACTICES.

  24. Why would a rep of well hello want me to send 200 dollars to an account in the Philippines to give me a pod pass card whatever that is

  25. My friend sent me photos of myself, from this site, I did not authorize use of these pics, nor have I ever heard of this site, how can I get them taken down

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