WildHotDates.com Is A Landing Page Redirecting To Scam (REVIEW)


As we continued our search on dating sites registered at the same hosting address, we kept on finding more and more dating site scams, as well as landing pages that redirect to another site owned by the same company. So, what we uncovered about this site came as no surprise when we opened WildHotDates.com. Continue reading this review as we reveal more details and explain all you need to know about how WildHotDates.com works.

WildHotDates.com is a landing page

As shown in the picture above, even when you open the site it immediately redirects you to ULust.com. They say that WildHotDates.com “is not taking any members”, and recommends that you should login to the already well-known scamming dating site ULust.com, which we have recently reviewed. So, did WildHotDates.com ever operate as a dating site rather than just a landing page, and whether the “not taking any more members” claim is real or just created to provide members juice to ULust.com –we don’t know. However, since it is redirecting people to a complete rip off we find WildHotDates.com to be an accomplice in the fraudulent actions of the other site.

Why is ULust.com illegitimate dating site?

Before anything, you can read the full review of ULust.com, here. But, for you own convenience we will include the important details about ULust.com that you should be aware of before you take the advice given by WildHotDates.com and rush on to sign up and create a dating profile.


1.  ULust.com Is Not Free.

ULust.com is most definitely not a free dating site, as many people have realized a bit too late. Plus, the online complaint and reports of scam and rip off that naive site members have posted on the internet should be a red flag. ULust.com will take you to a payment page whenever you attempt to use any of the site’s services and features, where you provide the site with your credit card info and choose a payment plan. Note that all the subscription periods you can choose from are automatically renewable and will continue to charge money from your credit card until you notice the scam and cancel your paid membership. Here is the ULust.com price list:

Gold Membership

  • $32.46 for a monthly membership
  • $47.97 for 3 months of membership

Platinum Membership

  • $35.70 for a monthly membership
  • $54.90 for 3 months of membership


2.  Fabricated Dating Profiles.

The user’s dating profiles on ULust.com are also fraudulent, as they are created by the site’s owner. They use the photographs and made up names, age, personal interests, information, locations, etc. of other real people, or completely make the information up. Nothing found on these profiles is real; however, they are designed to look as real as possible so the site will look full of gorgeous women to deceive you into believing you have many potential dates and a chance to have a wild, hot date.


 3.  Computerized Email And Chat Messages.

From the moment you sign in, messages will be flying your way through the fabricated “Fantasy Cuties” profiles. The Fantasy Cuties service isn’t only used for filling up the site with the fabricated dating profiles, but also employs those profiles to make the scam look even more genuine. A non-experienced person will fall for the scam when see so many women interested in communicating and pay for subscription immediately. That is how ULust.com rips off and deceives you.


4.  Employees And Third Party Contractors.

ULust.com has a staff of hired personnel that will communicate with you, also through the “Fantasy Cuties” profiles. Although the messages will seem more natural (unlike the computerized ones), you will still have no idea who is behind the fabricated profile. Not only does this site hire people to flirt with you and keep you interested, ULust.com may also hire third parties to provide these communication services for them. It is these people’s job to string you along and keep you paying membership fees until you realize that this whole thing is a scam and that there is no meeting in person anyone you meet on ULust.com.

The verdict on WildHotDates.com

WildHotDates.com is a dating site’s landing page that redirects innocent users to ULust.com – a site that has no intention to help them find a true match. We kindly advise you not to trust either one of these sites, as well as all their affiliated dating services, for your own financial safety and to spare you from future headaches. Sites like these only exist to make the owners very rich as you spend your hard-earned money paying for using services and features you are not really getting.

WildHotDates.com Scam Questions

For any further questions and concerns, feel free to post them in the comments section below and we’ll try to provide a personal and prompt response. We also appreciate and welcome your feedback and personal experiences with using ULust.com.

ULust.com Contact Info

Email Contact: support@fastdatingsupport.com or info@ulust.com

Phone Numbers: 925-264-3473 and+1-619-900-1607 Outside USA

Report and File a Complaint

Inform users they can Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site If you feel you have been deceived or overcharged.