Suspicions of Scam Revealed (REVIEW) is one of many other websites that will go above and beyond to get to peoples’ money. If you register for free, you need to be careful because they are already working on deceiving you and getting your money, while feeding you lies. In this review, we will explain the scamming mechanisms that uses, so that you will be warned on time not to get ripped off.

Is a rip off and a scam

We have done a lot of reviews and written a lot about the online dating site scams, and we can say that is also a dating scam. The Dating Cop Team has made it their mantra to advise people to always read the terms of use on such websites. But, let’s start with how much you are asked to pay in order to be able to do anything on this site (other than sign up and create a profile-that’s free).

  • $29.95 to buy a monthly paid subscription
  • $59.95 to buy a 3 month paid subscription

If you have already created your free account, be cautious not to fall for the scams and traps that has ready for you.

Why you shouldn’t pay for upgrade?

That’s right! Minutes after creating the free account, while your profile is still empty (we’re talking not even a picture is put), you start getting emails from other members of the website. But, the catch is that the only information you can see is who sent the email and the subject line. You cannot, however, read the content of the email…unless you upgrade by purchasing a paid membership. This is where our first alarms went off, and so should yours. Just think about it, why would a legitimate dating site have you pay to read or send messages? Plus, why would these gorgeous women try to contact someone who has no personal information nor even a single picture on their profile?! Strange, isn’t it?

affairdating 1

The truth about these email messages is that they are not being sent by other site members who are looking for some online fun. Those are actually automated messages, sent by a computer software programmed to tease new members into paying for monthly subscriptions. And that’s why we suggest you shouldn’t pay your real money for some phony online communication.

Another reason not to subscribe: The Women Are Fake

This is also a true fact! First we revealed that the email messages were fake and computer-automated. Turns out that the ladies sending you those messages are also NOT real. Of course, this was another deal breaker for us. What is the point in buying a monthly membership when the profiles of girls who are sending you the chat messages are most probably fictitious!

If you would click on the “Terms and Conditions of use” on you will find hard proof of what was suspected. Here is a quotation from the document on this site, so you can see for yourself:

We create user profiles for use by our customer support representatives for the support, marketing and improvement of the Service. Our customer support representatives are encouraged to speak with our members and also to stimulate conversation between members by making introductions or recommendations.”

Many of you reading this will have to agree that a fraud hidden behind the mask of an online dating service. They confess that they use instant messages to “stimulate conversation” and that they “create user profiles”. While they may call it entertainment or marketing purposes, we all know that the real motive behind these actions is to trick you and make money from you.

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