Best Adult Dating Sites and Apps 2024

Most people want to use online dating sites to find casual hookups, but they’re afraid of all the scams out there. Younger users often want the best hookup site, but they require too much personal information or only have a few potential matches.

Since no one really polices these sex-dating apps, it’s crucial to have a DatingCop out there to expose scams and learn of the lesser-known but still great options for hookups.

List of the Top Adult Dating Apps

#1:  Fling


Fling is an online site dedicated to casual hookups. Overall, it could be the best hookup app because it offers casual dating to members and has a great matching system.

It’s important to learn as much as possible about this adult dating site to see if it’s right for you. That way, you understand if a premium membership is something you want for yourself.

How to Use Fling

Most hookup sites require you to sign up as a free member, and Fling is no different. It offers a basic membership model, so you can look at the homepage to find photos of female users and male users (based on your sexual preferences). It’s also easy to search for members within your area or check out a specific mileage distance before spending money.

There are many interesting features available, so if casual sex is what you’re after, here’s what you need to know:

  • Video Chat Rooms – You can check out members and video chat with those who use the feature.
  • Blackbook – This is a list of friends you can add to your private circle.
  • Who’s Cute – This feature lets you rate the user base as “hot or not” (similar to Tinder)
  • Discreet Mode – With this on, only Blackbook friends may see your profile picture.
  • Safe Search – You may disable the viewing of explicit videos and photos, such as when your significant other or child might come into the room.
  • Who’s Viewed Me – This lets you keep track of the users who view your profile.
  • My Favorites – This is the list of site members you add to your favorites.
  • Live Cams – You may virtually connect with hot women.

Why You Should Join Fling

The best hookup apps provide casual encounters, so you can have a one-night stand or something on a more regular basis, such as a friend-with-benefits. This adult dating site offers many great things, such as:

Full Access for Free

This dating app is completely free to use. Members get access to every service, feature, and functionality. You may check the site out to see if you like it using the inexpensive trial membership. That way, you can contact five members a day, use video chat messengers, review photos, search for matches, instant-chat with others, and specify your search based on pictures, sexual preferences, personal interests, and more.

There’s even an extremely detailed search function that helps you locate one-night stands in your area!

Doesn’t Rip You off or Extort Money

Most people worry that requesting payment is one of the red flags pointing toward a scam. However, Fling is truly free. While other options flaunt that word to get you to join, you don’t have to input your credit card information to use the dating app.

Some sites automatically shift you to the payment page if you try opening or reading messages or creating a conversation with someone, but that doesn’t happen here. You may send/receive messages, create a profile, look at other profiles, browse the directories, and everything else, making this the best hookup site out there.

However, there are two membership upgrade options if you want to become an exclusive member and have many casual flings.

Membership Fees

This dating app doesn’t care if you’re sugar dating, want one-night stands, or want gay hookups. You can find them all, and membership isn’t super expensive:

Featured Membership
  • The featured membership costs $9.95 every two weeks, allowing you to show up at the top of each search page.
Silver Membership
  • You get a three-day subscription for $4.95.
  • A one-month subscription costs $24.95.
  • You may choose a three-month subscription for $49.95.
  • There’s even a 12-month subscription option for $99.95.
Gold Membership
  • One month – $34.95
  • Three months – $59.95
  • 18 months – $119.95

Both the Gold and Silver packages offer a three-month guarantee. If you don’t find any casual hookups during that time, you get three months of full membership for free.

Real Users

The members on this hookup site are real, so there are no fabricated profiles to scam you. Review sites often download the photos and run them through Google Image Search to ensure that they are real and not fake.

Since the photos weren’t replicated on Fling, it shows that it is legitimate. Plus, the women looked like real users and not models. With that, members seem to stay active for long periods, meaning they find the dating site helpful and beneficial.

Support and Fraud Team

When choosing from the best hookup sites, it’s crucial to read each one’s terms and conditions. The Fling TOC page explains that the site protects members from fraudulent and con actions. The employees are there to guarantee that you’re safe while using the site.

Since you may input financial or personal data when paying to be a subscriber, that information is safe and protected. The review board reports flagged content and abuse and checks communications and postings that might violate safety regulations.

There’s an official email address to contact for any problems or questions. Plus, Fling runs routine checks on member profiles and chat rooms to ensure that the activities don’t violate its TOC agreement.

Summary for Fling

Overall, Fling is a fun and legitimate hookup app to join and use. You get genuine services and features, free membership, and a three-month guarantee if you choose to become a paying member of the dating app. Generally, it’s the best choice, so you should check it out and see the options for potential hookups!

You don’t need Adult Friend Finder with its many rules; you can find the best hookup sites on this page!

#2:  SnapSext


If you’re on Snapchat, you probably understand how SnapSext works. Instead of sending out prettified photos, you trade private selfies in an attempt to hook up. In a sense, it’s the adult dating site that’s similar to Snapchat and is becoming one of the most widely used social apps out there.

What to Expect with SnapSext

This could be the best hookup app because it has legitimate members who want to communicate. Plus, you can exchange naked video chats and selfies, which most hookup sites don’t offer. When you want to start chatting, it’s easy to break the ice. Plus, you can find matches in your proximity or local area. It’s great for married people and has a decent female-to-male ratio.

In fact, SnapSext offers separate features to help you see who’s online when you are, search for specific people, group and video chat, view live cams, and much more.

How to Use SnapSext

Signing up for the dating app and creating a profile is quite easy. Most users can explore the site after a quick registration, and you get tips to help you build a solid profile for casual sex. From there, you may use the Tinder-style widget to go through selfies other members post and rank them as hot or not. However, you can also search by specific criteria, such as age, appearance, and distance. If you like older women, it makes sense to search only for them.

With SnapSext, you get a guarantee that you hook up during the period you initially pay for or get a free membership.

Reasons to Try SnapSext

This online dating site has just about everything you could want, such as a one-night stand, sugar dating, and tons of personal ads.

No Fake Profiles

The best hookup sites don’t use fake profiles, and SnapSext doesn’t. You can’t fabricate the selfies of that many members. However, that doesn’t mean you might not see private profiles here that you see on other social platforms. As long as they correspond to the names used on each one, they are considered legitimate.

This site specifically claims that it doesn’t create service profiles. Unlike its competitors, SnapSext doesn’t contain profiles created by the company to increase member numbers.

Keeps You Secure and Safe

While there’s no guarantee with a hookup site that someone might abuse the website and have insincere intentions, SnapSext works hard to keep its users safe and get rid of fraudulent ones that don’t comply with its TOC agreement.

There’s even a fraud and support team that reviews suspicious content and dating profiles, reports of abuse, untruthful information, and postings that seem inappropriate. The support team promptly answers questions and addresses issues you might have.

Customer Support

When you use this hookup site, customer support is available when you need it. Whether you’ve got questions about using the site or concerns about a profile, someone is available to help you.

Easy to Cancel

While you may want to use a hookup app for a while, there might come a time when you get into a serious relationship and don’t need it anymore. The best hookup sites are easy to cancel subscriptions, and this one is no different. It generally takes 10 seconds if you’ve got your login information.

Summary for SnapSext

SnapSext could be the best hookup app because it’s fun to use and legitimate. You get genuine and extra features and services; it has real site members and a fraud team.

#3:  Uberhorny


Have you heard of Uber for ride-sharing? Well, Uberhorny has a similar setup. If you enjoy Uber, you should like this adult dating site. It makes life so much easier, and you know that you’re on the same page with others who don’t want long-term relationships.

How to Use Uberhorny

Using this online dating site is pretty simple. You can meet locals who want to travel for hookups, and this is the right network for that. It was refreshing to see this social platform because the site is simple and connects you to tons of other people who want casual sex.

The first move is to register with the website, and that takes five minutes to finish. There are only six steps, and you’re signing up for a free version. This lets you chat with real members in your area.

On the main page of the member area, you get all the action. There are many choices and options, such as chat rooms, webcams, favorite lists, discreet mode, and member ratings. You may even check to see who viewed your profile.

Why Choose Uberhorny

While online dating sites don’t condone cheating, they are designed to be discreet. They don’t take personal information other than your credit card data. There are many reasons to enjoy Uberhorny, such as the wide user base and tons of potential matches. Let’s check out the benefits now:

Full Access and Easy to Use

With Uberhorny, you get an adult dating site that offers full access to the network, even if you’re a free member. Most basic memberships give you a hint at what you could enjoy, but this one provides complete transparency to know what you’re signing up for.

When you want to go to the next level, there’s a trial period that lets you message or chat with users, send pictures, and search for a nearby one-night stand to meet up with.

Don’t Overcharge People

Some dating networks charge a lot to join, but this hookup app doesn’t. Some companies market the platform as being completely free, but it’s a lie. Uberhorny doesn’t do any of that.

It does take your credit card information and tells you what you’re paying for and why that happens. Plus, there are various membership options, so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs and budget.


This could be the best casual dating app because the get-laid guarantee is excellent. The company offers you the chance to get laid when you upgrade to a gold or silver membership. If that never happens (your potential hookup bails or you can’t find anyone to talk to,) it gives you free access to another membership, where you can continue searching for potential hookups.

24/7 Support

Overall, the best hookup app should provide 24/7 support, and Uberhorny is always available. Whether you have login problems, want to upgrade, or need assistance with the site, representatives are there.

Though it’s all done by email, response times are about 10 minutes to have your query read and fixed.

Summary for Uberhorny

If you are horny and don’t mind buying a premium membership with a guarantee, Uberhorny is the hookup site for you. It’s a great choice and can help you hook up with only women, gay men, or whatever you want. The site offers many features and benefits, so you’re ready to go!

#4:  Instabang


Many people spend hours hunting for casual sex, but with Instabang, you don’t have to. This adult dating site is a solid hookup platform and has everything you could possibly want!

How to Use Instabang

When you visit the homepage, you create a personal profile, attaching your photo, Zip code, and a description of yourself. You can post your real name or something made up, and then access the member’s area.

You must pay to communicate with site members, but you’re getting a quality service for the money. However, this might be the best hookup app because there are still plenty of free features to enjoy. Videos and webcams are free to view, and you can browse profiles, videos, and photographs, too.

Connecting with the user base is simple. One feature helps you check out 50 photos at once, voting on whether they are hot or not. Plus, the site tells you if someone has checked you out.

Why Use Instabang

Here are the many reasons to check out the personal ads on this casual dating site:

Real Dating Profiles

While other hookup sites have fake profiles that the site creates itself to fill it up, Instabang has real people using the site, with thousands of active members.

Free Version Available

While this topic was covered, here are the details. Typically, a casual dating site creates fake profiles, sending computer-automated messages to lure you into spending money. However, you don’t have that pressure with Instabang. The free version lets you do many cool things. When you’re ready, you can pay to access the many other features, and membership is affordable:

Silver Membership

  • Monthly – $24.95
  • 12 months – $99.95

Gold Membership

  • Two-day trial period – $1.00 (with automatic monthly renewal at $49.95)
  • One month – $34.95
  • 18 months – $119.95

Support and Fraud Team Available

The two teams work hard to make sure that this hookup site is safe. They respond to issues that are sent to them and check chat rooms and profiles to ensure that everyone behaves according to the TOC. Therefore, if you find malicious or inappropriate content/behavior from other members, you may report them.

Summary for Instabang

It’s rare to find a hookup site like Instabang. While others might fake profiles to scam you, this one protects your safety, promises not to create fake profiles, and lets you use the free version for as long as you wish.

#5: MilfPlay


Men and queer women often enjoy hooking up with old women, and the MilfPlay adult dating site has you covered. You can find local and horny MILFs who want to bang and call themselves pros because they’ve got many years of experience.

How to Use MilfPlay

Apps are an easy way to speak to people now, so finding a MILF casual dating site like MilfPlay is excellent. Often, mature women get to the point. They know they want casual sex because they have stressful family lives, careers, and few chances to go out in public and meet others.

Right now, there’s no official app available from Google Play or the Apple Play Store. Just go to the website from any browser (phone or desktop) and fill out the form to join.

Then, you choose your gender and the one for the person you hope to meet. Create a password, and you’re ready to go. Though you must verify the email address you sign up with, it’s sent in mere minutes. Still, you might want to create a separate email to be more discreet.

Cost to Join

The site caters to Canada and the United States, but it has more than 100,000 real members. Plus, it’s new compared to other sites recommended, so it’s sure to have plenty of options for your casual encounters.

You do have access to a free membership, but it’s better to choose a paid subscription. If you go with the 12-month option ($99.95), you get gold status and unlock many great features.

Best Features

This adult dating site had many great features, such as:

  • Video Chat – You can chat online with others and may even get a kinky show!
  • Online Now – See which MILFs are online right now that you may chat with.
  • Tons of Photos – View endless pictures of hotties (some of them are nude or semi-nude!)

Customer Service

Most sex-dating apps have a customer support system, but this one is impeccable. If you lose your login credentials, you can retrieve them easily. Plus, there are 12 methods available, including Skype and email.

Summary for MilfPlay

Without a doubt, this hookup site is highly recommended. Though other dating apps don’t cater to a specific area, this one has tons of MILFs ready for hookups! They don’t want long-term relationships and don’t become overly attached, so you’re good to go!

Factors Considered When Choosing the Best Online Dating Sites and Apps

When it comes to online dating sites, you want to make sure you find one specifically designed for what you crave. For example, if you wish to find a short-term relationship with someone or sugar babies, you need websites that provide that. Here are the factors the review considered:


Online dating websites should have a free version available or be totally free to score well for this category. People might not mind paying high fees to find their significant other, but adult dating sites are a different story. While some of the prices might seem a bit high, they also ensure that you stay anonymous and have a user-friendly experience.

Gender Balance

It’s crucial to have a decent female-to-male ratio (gender balance). However, if you’re a male who likes women, having more females can be beneficial. As a gay man, you may want to think of how many gay men are on the site.

The online dating sites listed here have a decent gender balance (focusing on males to females).


Online dating websites should be user-friendly and have an app. Young people might be tech-savvy, but older people may want to use these adult dating sites, too. Therefore, the design, layout, tools, and other factors influenced which options were on the list.

Communication Tools

How do casual dating sites let users communicate with their possible matches? Can you only respond to people who like you back? Is there a video chat feature to help sugar babies find sugar daddies?

Tips for Hooking Up from a Dating Site

When using dating apps, it’s crucial to focus on the tips. Most online dating sites leave it all up to you, so you can meet wherever you want with no strings attached. Still, you have to be careful and know what to do!

Your First Few Lines

When making a move on a casual dating site, you should use action-initiating lines. The potential date should stay for the discussion, so you have to make it happen. Otherwise, you may never see responses to your messages.


It’s best to use scam-free dating sites because they put more focus on your safety. There’s no way people can find personal details about you unless you provide them. When meeting people in a hotel room, make sure that you feel safe and comfortable. Always have condoms and watch out for red flags.

When to Walk Away

Casual sex partners aren’t into serious relationships. Therefore, you must read between the lines while internet dating to ensure that your lover hasn’t given up after a few intimate moments. Continue using the adult dating site to find other interested users so that you can keep having those casual encounters!

Putting Your Eggs in One Basket

Dating sites are often focused on you finding a monogamous relationship. However, casual dating websites know that things are only temporary or FWB situations. Therefore, you should talk to multiple people at once so that you always have someone to hang out with when you’re horny.

Honesty Is Best

Regardless of the hookup apps you use, a good encounter begins by being honest and real. You don’t want to put up with lies, even if it’s only for a night. When you’re honest on dating sites, you have a better experience.

Be Cautious

Most online dating websites provide a video chat feature so that you can see the person you’re communicating with and get a feel for them. When you two plan to meet for real, be careful of where you go. While workplaces and each other’s homes can be exciting, they could have potential drawbacks.

Online dating sites don’t have rules in place on when or how to meet others, so it’s up to you two.

FAQs about Online Dating Sites and Apps

Here are the top FAQs on online dating sites:

Are Adult Dating Sites Real?

Hookup dating apps are legitimate, but they work best for casual flings and not long-term relationships. In a sense, paid online dating sites are better because you get more value, and the company protects your identity. However, some people don’t trust these types of websites or worry that they might pay a lot and not have much sex.

Are Online Dating Sites Safe?

Online dating sites are only as safe as you make them. It’s crucial to ensure that you’re using reputable hookup apps that protect your personal and financial data. That way, you really just have to worry about the info you share with potential hookups. The usual rules apply when meeting new people. Stay in public, don’t provide personal facts about yourself, and tell someone you trust where you’re going and who you’re with.

How Do You Stay Safe While Using Online Dating Sites?

When using hookup sites and apps, safety is paramount. Make sure that you:

  • Meet in public for the first time
  • Don’t divulge financial or personal information
  • Avoid bots
  • Determine that the payments you make (for the subscription) are through a secure server
  • Use protection because these aren’t serious relationships

Do You Have to Pay for Hookup Sites and Apps?

It all depends on the site you choose and your gender. Some dating apps charge every member to use them, and others only charge the males.

Typically, the best hookup sites provide some free features so that you can check things out and see if you like the website before deciding to pay. From there, you have premium membership packages available that give you more options.

You’re not required to use the features or have them, but they could increase your success odds.

Generally, women are the lifeblood of dating sites. Therefore, they may get to use all the services for free. Men then pay to try and get lucky. If there’s a large user base, that’s often not a problem. However, that works better in big cities instead in small areas.

Should You See Them Again, or Is That Taboo?

Hookup sites and apps often have a large user base because most of the encounters are one-night stands. You meet someone, bang them, and search the website for your next conquest. However, if you liked the person you were intimate with and they liked you, there’s nothing weird or wrong with creating a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

You can each continue casually dating other people, but they’re on “speed dial” for when you’re lonely and want to hook up with someone. However, it’s often difficult to turn an FWB relationship into a serious one. As long as both of you are honest about what you want and don’t want, you should enjoy yourself and have fun without the pressure of having a boyfriend/girlfriend.


While Adult Friend Finder has 100 million members available for no-strings-attached fun, it might not be the best hookup app out there. Most online dating sites like this have strict rules, fake profiles, and other issues.

Therefore, you may want to extend your search for the best hookup sites to Fling and the others mentioned on this list. Overall, Fling is a dating network that has everything you could want, including young people, women pros, swingers, and all other types of no-strings-attached sex.

You can even find sugar babies or casual dates in the LGBTQ community, as long as you know what to search for! Plus, you can join for free! Experience the best adult dating site with Fling today!