Five Male Enhancement Methods To Always Avoid

Since this is one of the world’s most popular dating review site, I thought it was only right for me to talk about male enhancement products. So many people ask me about some bullshit enhancement technique or secret that I felt it necessary to tell you which to avoid.

A lot of men choose to go for male enhancement techniques, only to get disappointed at the results. Can’t say that I’m that shocked to be quite honest. There are some that work and some that are complete bullshit.

When it comes to using these products or techniques, you want to put forth your best effort to research things. Don’t just pick some random method. Do your research. Here are some methods that I strongly suggest avoiding!

male enhancement does not work

Male Enhancement Methods That Do Not Work!


They say pills are great for enhancement. A pill can change the size of your manhood. It really is a miracle supplement that works by getting you in better shape. There are a lot of supplements that say that they can make you 30 percent larger but there is nothing better than a pill to get the job done for you. Some believe that this is truly the case. What i can tell you is that penis pills are a scam. Don’t waste your fucking money! However, pills are not that effective and you shouldn’t waste any of your money on them.


Phalloplasty is a type of penis enlargement surgery. Some people think that this method is an absolute foolproof and a guaranteed solution to getting a bigger penis. I don’t want to get into the details of how this works but it does not work that great. Some say it makes your penis thicker but it’s not worth the pain.

There is some serious science that goes into this phalloplasty thing. Some of the things aren’t that great for your overall health. Not to mention I’ve never personally met anyone that’s had success with this.

Penis Pump

Penis pumps have been around for years. Porn stars use them to make their dicks bigger. It’s one of the typical go to male enhancement techniques that many swear by. However, it can lead to problems down the road. Pumps can cause blood flow issues as well as performance issues. Nothing that you want to have to deal with if you’re having sex with some local college girls you’re dating. Trust me, they find out that you have a wet noodle and they won’t be all that happy! A penis pump essentially is a plastic tube that has a rubber seal on its end. You can insert your manhood on it and it will create a rubber vacuum seal around the very base of the member. Once you start to squeeze the trigger, it will help in sucking the air out of the tube and it will pull more blood in the penis that it very well pumps.


Jelqing is an interesting choice that some leave for a last minute panic type solution. It is a penis exercise. Jelqing works to remove some pain and danger. The whole point of jelqing is to stretch your penis.

The problem with jelqing is that it hurts. You really have to exercise your penis daily when you get on a regimen. Jelqing has actually ended up hurting the people who have tried it so my advice is to make sure you steer clear from exercising your penis.


Lastly, stretching is also used for improving the health of your penis but don’t do it, because even though you think it can lift off the weight of your penis, it is not that beneficial at all. In fact, it’s a really fucking stupid idea. Just do not attempt it!

Male enhancements are more or less a bunch of shitty scams and my recommendation is to avoid them at all costs. For the most part, you will only fuck things up and destroy your penis if you try stretching it or making it grow. Instead of wasting your money on pills and penis enhancements, why not buy a few adult dating memberships where people are literally looking for dick. They don’t care how big or small you are, they just want to fuck.