Types of Sorority Girls You Meet in College

College can be a great experience. There’s a good chance you’re going to run into a number of sorority girls at social events. There are plenty of different types of girls that you will meet at college parties, mixers, games and even formal events. Most of them are fuckable! In the event that you wish to know the different types of girls, I suggest you take a few moments to read the rest of this article.

sorority girls

Different Types of Sorority Girls

Queen Bee – All the jocks want her. All the pledges want to be her. All her friends envy her. She’s hot, she has money, she is often a cheerleader and she is virtually unattainable. Out of all the most popular girls, she’s the leader.

Queen Bee’s Best Girls – These girls aren’t quite the level of the Queen, but they are next in line. These girls range from submissive “posers” to being just as hot and popular as the Queen and have what it takes to replace her at any time.

Girls Who Want To Be Queen Bee – These sorority girls are bitter because they are sure that they have what it takes to be the Queen, but they never seem to get close. Watch out for these girls because they will go to drastic measures to knock the queen off her throne.

Girls Who Don’t Seem To Belong – Some girls just don’t seem like sorority girls and you can’t figure out how they got in. They don’t fit the mold and are not part of the main group, but they are sorority girls just the same. They aren’t usually as hot as the others, but they are more easily attainable and they love having sex with random hookups.

Girls With Hotness Outweighing Intelligence – We all know these types of girls. They are super hot and you can’t take your eyes off of them until they open their mouths. That’s when you see that there is not much behind those big beautiful eyes. These girls are often easily attainable as well but look out for the ones who know how hot they are and won’t hesitate to humiliate you.

Goody Two Shoes – Every sorority seems to have at least one or two of these girls. They don’t party like the rest and they are much more likely to talk about puppy dogs and rainbows rather than kegs and hooking up. These girls can surprise you and become the hottest and sexiest out of all the girls if you happen to push the right buttons. In these cases, these girls have the potential to be hotter and more appealing than the Queen Bee of the sorority.

Cool Chick– This is my favorite type of sorority girl. She’s more like one of the guys and pretty damn hot without trying as hard as the rest. She’s too cool for the sorority, but she joined for other reasons. As far as I’m concerned; they are the holy grail of sorority girls.

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