Uncover The Conning Tactics Of FlirtLocal.com (REVIEW)

Flirt Local

As unbelievable as it may be to believe that people are still falling for online dating scams, this is an issue that is not in the past. Although it may seem like FlirtLocal.com is a new kind of a dating scam, it uses the same tactics as almost all other dating sites built to cheat you. Here, we’ll review why FlirtLocal.com is a scam you shouldn’t fall for. We invite you to continue reading to learn the truth.

Facts about FlirtLocal.com

  • FlirtLocal.com uses totally fake profiles to populate the site
  • Fabricated profiles are used send you computer-automated messages
  • FlirtLocal.com is not a free and you need to pay to use their services
  • This is not a “dating service” because you cannot meet anyone real

FlirtLocal.com investigation and conclusions

1) Are This Many Women Really Contacting You?

No, not really. Although you may believe that the chat and email messages sent to you are honest and real, don’t fall for it. They seem real and use natural language to engage you into the site’s services, but these communications are completely computer-automated. And, while not all messages are computer-automated, the ones that do come from real individuals are not the ones you see in the profile photos, but are employees of the site hired to interact with you. In the Terms and Conditions of Use we found the proof of these fraudulent actions.

FROM THE TERMS OF SERVICE: “In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively, and to generally sprinkle some sparkle and excitement into the Services of FLIRTLOCAL.COM, we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming), and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment.”


2) Who are these fabricated profiles?

Since they are contacting you, you might want to know who or what exactly is behind this service. And the answer is – the website FlirtLocal.com itself. The site creates phony dating profiles of made-up members who are mainly women (because the site’s targets are naive men) and presents them as real people. These profiles are completely fabricated and everything from their photographs, interests, location, to their personal information is created by the site without any human involvement. The electronic communications we covered in the text above are sent through these profiles to make the scam harder to uncover.

FROM THE TERMS OF SERVICE: “You may encounter profiles that are total fakes and you may receive communications from total fakes through our services. By “total fakes” we mean to include profiles that are total fiction, pure and simple, posted by people who bear no resemblance whatsoever to the identity described and we mean also to include communications generated by people who are deceiving you in every regard about their identity, description, and motives and communications from scripts and programs operated automatically to deceive and mislead, which may not actually not be transmitted by any real person at all. The real people you meet, if any, may be total imposters and may have malicious or pecuniary motives; they may even be paid to engage you.”


3) How much are you paying?

The site may say “100% free dating” but this is far from the truth. FlirtLocal.com will ask you to provide your credit card info and choose a payment plan in order to use its features and services. But what good when all you ever get are messages from computer software sent through phony dating profiles. It’s clear that FlirtLocal.com has ulterior motives and those are to take your money. Here are the payment options offered to you:

  • $29.95 for a monthly subscription to the site
  • $59.94 for 3 months of subscription to the site
  • $119.88 for 6 months of subscription to the site

*NOTE that other than extorting you to upgrade your membership for a certain period of time, FlirtLocal.com also has an automatic renewal policy. This means that you will be charged over and over again at the end of the initial subscription period and your subscription will be prolonged for a period corresponding to your initial subscription plan. You will not be notified about the automatic renewal and the site will continue to take your money until you cancel your paid account.


The verdict on FlirtLocal.com

We kindly advise you to keep your eyes open when signing up for online dating sites. Many of them use the same conning tools as FlirtLocal.com and will not even answer for extorting your money and scamming you. They have their intentions and purposes elaborately explained in their Terms of Use, so don’t forget to always read this document.

FlirtLocal.com Scam Questions

We hope the Dating Cop team managed to shed light on the true face of FlirtLocal.com and that it’s not too late for you to avoid getting scammed. If you have any further questions, or if you have a personal experience with FlirtLocal.com that you’d like to share, please post it in the comments section below. We appreciate your feedback and will get back with you promptly.

FlirtLocal.com Contact Info

Address: Grande Rue GY4 6RU St Martins Guernsey, Channel Islands

Email Contact: support@flirtlocal.com

Phone Number: 1 661-705-7087

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.