Scamming Site Has a Passion For Your Money (REVIEW)

Passion is yet another dating site that uses scamming tools and tactics to get to peoples’ money. They claim that the site is free, but be careful not to get ripped off. If you did your own research you’d have to be skilled to know where to look and find’s fraudulent workings. That’s why, The Dating Cop Team did the hard work and will now present solid evidence that indicate should not be trusted. In this review, we will explain the scamming mechanisms that uses. So, continue reading to learn more and warn your friends.

Evidence of scam and rip off

Other than creating a profile and using the service, we thought it would be a great idea to read the terms and condition of use, as well as the privacy policy of What inspired us to do this was the well-known fact that nobody ever reads these documents, which makes them a perfect place for scamming dating sites to hide evidence of their conning acts to provide them with legal protection. That was a good idea.


1st Sign of Scam: They have all legal rights over your posted content

We took notice on several conning workings of when investigating it. But this one is by far the biggest and scariest one. You should be aware that has the legal rights over all information from the moment they are uploaded on the site. Under information we mean all your profile data, including photographs and written text. Then, they have an exclusive right to do whatever they want with these information, distribute them to other dating services, modify them in any way, etc. All these actions require no need for you to be notified and once you discover what has happened the take-down procedure can be humiliating and difficult (plus there is no guarantee other sites will be willing to take the information down).

PROOF OF SCAM: “Once you post, send or otherwise make publicly available any Content through the Services (“Personal Content”), you expressly grant us, and hereby represent that you have the right to grant us, a perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide, assignable, sub-licensable, and transferable right and license to quote, re-post, use, copy, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, incorporate into other works, distribute, transmit, broadcast, communicate, publicly display, publicly perform and otherwise exploit such Content in any form or media, anywhere, and without any notice or compensation to you of any kind.”


2nd Sign of Scam: Member’s profiles do not belong to real people

The people you see on the site and who are sending you messages are also NOT real. Actually, none of the information contained in these member’s profiles are real including pictures, personal information, descriptions and interests are completely fictitious. They come from real people – like you, but they have been legally taken by and other affiliated sites, modified, translated, combined and distributed all over the dating network as genuine. However, just like you’d have no control over your photographs when they appear on another site – neither do they.

PROOF OF SCAM: Persons appearing in photographs may not be actual members. Other data for illustrative purposes only.”


3rd Sign of Scam: Subscription fees are automatically charged will try to extort your credit card information from you basically by blocking you from freely using many of the site’s services and features. More specifically – every time you get a message and try to reply – you are asked to pay. Every time you see someone and would like to start communication – you are taken to the payment page, where you can choose one of the following payment plans:

  • $29.95 for a monthly of subscription to the service
  • $59.80 for 3 months of subscription to the service
  • $179.10 for 12 months of subscription to the service

Another thing you should be aware of is the automatically recurring membership that you are not notified about by But, we found much about it in the terms of use. Basically, at the end of the initial subscription period that you chose, you will be charged once again and your membership will be prolonged. This will happen for as long as you do not notice the scam and cancel your paid membership.

PROOF OF SCAM: “In order to provide continuous service, we automatically renew all paid subscriptions for the Services two (2) days prior to the date such subscriptions expire. Such renewals shall be for a period equivalent to the period of your initial subscription to the Services or a shorter period of time if specified, and in our discretion, at the price of the same or comparable Services then in effect. By agreeing to these Terms, you acknowledge that your Account will be subject to the above-described automatic renewals.”


4th Sigh of Scam: Communications are automated and software generated

If you were suspicious of the legitimacy of the email, chat and instant messages, notifications, and ‘winks’ you sure were onto something. All these communications are not real and DO NOT come from honest members of who like you and would like to start a conversation. One of the most evident proofs of scam was the fact that we didn’t upload any photos on our profile when investigating the site, and yet we got messages from women. Who would contact an empty profile? Plus, one of the messages said “You are cute. Let’s hook up!” and a real person wouldn’t have written that simply because we had no photographs where a conclusion that we are ‘cute’ can be drawn.

PROOF OF SCAM: “By using the Services, you consent to receiving electronic communications, e.g., email, from us or our subsidiaries and affiliated entities. These communications will include notices about your Account and information concerning or related to the Services. These communications are part of your relationship with us and you receive them as part of your membership.”


The verdict on

We most kindly recommend that you read the terms and condition of use document when signing up to an online dating service. If not then, you should at least pay close attention when giving them your credit card info. As you can see, much valuable information can be hiding in this document and may just save you from the scamming tactics of such sites. Scam Questions

For anything you might have to ask or add something, feel free to post in the comments section below. We’d love to read about your personal experiences on or answer any additional inquiries you may have. Contact Info

Address: c/o Various, Inc. 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA

Email Contact: and Contact Page

Phone Numbers: 1-408-702-1033 or 888-575-8383

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been conned and overcharged.

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7 thoughts on “Scamming Site Has a Passion For Your Money (REVIEW)”

  1. I tried the site and got almost no mail back from messages. What I did get was let’s chat and get to know each other, lol. I think this is a spin off of Adult Friend Finder. I tired that site also with similar results. I would like to know a site that has real women, with real profiles, that really want to hookup.

  2. I foolishly decided to pay for a 3 month Golden Membership on & in that duration I found myself unable to justify my decision….
    The majority of responses I received were from fake accounts whom were eventually, after building a rapport, trying to scam me for money.
    A complete waste of time and money!!

  3. What recommendation do you have for the best adult dating sites, that will not scam myself, or other people? Thanks

  4. is a big scam. They cater to paying men and let them call women any names they so choose to and allow them to get nasty and anything else the men want

  5. is worse than a ripoff scam. It is frequented by hackers and fake profile accounts that attempt to add credibility to those hackers and individuals who work in the telecommunications industry ( so don’t ever give out your phone number for them to ID you or market their B Grade porn.
    The site runs old glitchy software that fails more than it works when it comes down to attempting contact on the site.
    The site does NOT address trolls that inhabit the chat rooms, being the only place a non-pay member can make any communication with other members. The trolls are feral.

    If you must try this shitty site, only pay with a disposable Card so the site doesn’t commit unauthorised transaction, as they are well known for doing.

    These chat rooms are also dominated by a small gang who act like self-appointed moderators, yet are the biggest abusers on the site with their outright lies. This gang is based in Australia and have no interest in meeting other members, so forget the pretty lies, guys.

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