Foreign Girlfriend Review

Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on a site called Foreign Girlfriend. Many people are saying that it’s a total scam. Others are saying that it’s legit. I don’t know who to believe. Well, I didn’t know who to believe until I started investigating things myself. My full site review explains what’s good and what’s bad about the website.

If you’re thinking that this is a mega scam, then chances are you hit it right on the head. Find out the truth about this dating site and why it might not be the best option for you.

My Complete Review of Foreign Girlfriend

I’ll just cut to the chase and kick things off with exactly what I think about this website…

Foreign Girlfriend Is A Huge Scam

There are lot of different dating sites out there. They all have their own way of charging for the services that they offer to you. It makes sense, really. Web sites cost money to run.

They can’t just pay for everything themselves. It’s okay for real dating sites to charge you for your access, but it’s not okay when you end up paying for a scam site. They can take you for a whole lot of money, too. Some dating sites like to charge you by the messages that you send.

This can work out in your favor if it’s a real site. Instead of paying a monthly fee, you’re just paying to talk to the women you want to talk to. Then there are sites like Foreign Girlfriend.

This is a scam site that can take tons of money out of you and give you nothing at all in return.

The Profiles Are Fake

You’re going to start getting messages as soon as you join this site. The messages will be never-ending. They’ll be coming from all different sorts of women.

If you want to read a single one of these messages, it’s going to cost you money. Before you do that, make sure you run a reverse image search on the profile pictures. I did one for this site here and got the same results.

It’s going to save you a lot of money. Simply use Google and see how many times the pictures show up. You’re going to see them all over the place. Most of them are coming from escort sites from around the internet.

That’s because the profiles that you’re seeing are totally fake. They’re created by the site to send you fake messages that you have to pay to read. It’s just one big scam of a site and that’s all that it will ever be.

They Pay People To Send The Messages

What the site is doing is paying people to create the fake profiles and send out fake messages. Then they wash their hands of everything they’ve created.

They state in their terms of service that they’re not responsible for anything that third party vendors do on their site. Oh yes, they hire them, tell them to scam you, then tell you that they’re not responsible for any of it.

That’s how this site works and it will end up leaving you with a lot less money than you had when you first signed up.

Conclusion: Don’t Join Foreign Girlfriend

You’re not going to meet anyone on Foreign Girlfriend. You’re not even going to talk to a single real person. The site is nothing more than one big scam. That’s all that’s going on here.

The operators will take your money and give you nothing at all in return. This is a site that you should avoid at all times. It has nothing to offer you and it never will. There are plenty of other sites out there that can actually help you meet someone. This list has a few for starters. Find those sites instead and stay far away from this one.

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