Deceives You With Love Star Profiles (REVIEW)

Free Dates 4 LIFE seems like a genuine and harmless website, but is it really honest?! Wait until you read what we found out about and the ways this site operates to get to your money. One thing is for sure, this is not a legitimate service that helps men and women meet and we have the evidence to prove it. So, continue reading to learn details of our investigation.

What are some important questions you should ask?

Dating online isn’t easy. With all the catfish and scamming websites waiting for you to fall in their web, it’s made even more difficult. So, when accessing a dating site, there are several clues that can lead you to conclude it’s a scam and a rip off. Here are several questions that may help you determine the legitimacy of an online dating service:

  1. Does say FREE membership but requires your credit card data?
  2. Are all these gorgeous members really local people?
  3. Do you get teasing messages from members, but cannot reply?

Keep this in mind: when things seem too good to be true – they usually are. Online dating platforms these days will do anything to get you to pay them money, they will even deceive you in all possible ways just to get you to upgrade to a paid membership.

Evidence about the reality of

During our research we were able to spot many irregularities that rose our suspicions about the true nature of Moreover, when we read the Terms of Use we discovered all the solid evidence to back up our suspicions. Conning websites tend to hide such info in the terms of use document. knows that nobody ever reads them and just clicks “I agree”, plus the website gets legal protection by outlining them. Read below why taking the time to read this document is important.

1) Why Do They Require Your Credit Card Info?

You should already know this one! When an online dating website requires you to submit your credit card information – you turn back and flee! says that your credit card information is required in order to “verify you are over 18 years of age” and can legally become a member. Yea, right! Shouldn’t a dating website called “FreeDates4Life” be truly free if charge?

Even though they are flaunting the words “FREE Lifetime Membership”, you should know that it’s a scam. If you scroll down and look on the right side of the payment page, you will read a small text saying that, not only are you charged monthly membership fees for, but for other websites too. Here is the price-list:

  • $49.95 for a monthly membership to
  • $39.61 for a monthly membership to
  • $28.87 for a monthly membership to

*NOTE: The membership for all three websites are done automatically, and you subscription is renewed at a monthly rate for as long as you don’t manually cancel your paid membership.

2) Fabricated Love Stars Profiles fabricates dating profiles of women and calls them “Love Stars”. These profiles are completely made up and created by the site fill it up with plenty of beautiful women. Sadly, none of them are real women and everything you can see on a dating profile, from photographs, to personal interests and information is completely fake.

TERMS OF USE EXCERPT: “You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious or models or bots related to our “Love Stars” (LS) program. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information, text, and pictures contained in the LS profiles do not pertain to any actual person or member, but are included for entertainment purposes only.”

3) How Are Love Stars Contacting You

Do you think that the instant and email messages you receive on are real? Well, it turns out that they aren’t. leads you to believe that the messages sent to you are coming from honest and real women who are looking for online fun. But, you shouldn’t fall for these scams! The messages are in fact, sent from Love Stars profiles and through computer softwares programmed to interact with members.

TERMS OF USE EXCERPT: “You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, LS may contact Website and Services users and members via electronic messaging, including for example, email, instant messages, and SMS, for purposes of encouraging further or broader participation in our site’s Services and/or to monitor user activity.”

The verdict on

There will never be any physical encounters between you and anyone you meet on, simply because all the dating profiles are fake and the messages are completely electronic. If you do not notice the scam, will keep sending you messages and keeping you entertained for as long as they can charge your credit card. We kindly advise you to always read the terms of use on such sites in the future to protect yourself from scammers. Scam Questions

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Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been conned or ripped off.

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