Evidence Prove GrannieHookups.com Is NOT Legit (REVIEW)

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Every day on the internet we encounter many dating sites that are simply fraudulent. GrannieHookups.com is full of beautiful and gorgeous women, who post nude photographs and are sending you chat and email messages. Although this sounds amazing, it gets a little too good to be true. In order to get to the bottom if this issue we, the Dating Cop team, did a research on GrannieHookups.com and will present the details in this review. So, continue reading.

GrannieHookups.com signs of scam and proof

1st Sign of Scam – An ulterior motive

We set up a profile and started getting emails from women on the site almost immediately. You may say that it’s not a bad thing, after all a dating site is supposed to connect people, BUT there is a catch. In order to read these emails you are asked to upgrade to a paid membership. Here are the amounts and time of the site you can buy with your credit card:

  • $2.97 to buy a 3 day trial period on the site
  • $29.95 to buy a monthly membership on the site
  • $74.85 to buy 3 months of membership on the site
  • $119.70 to buy 6 months of membership on the site

PROOF: ”Our “Love Stars” work for the site in an effort to stimulate dialogue with users and to stimulate user participation on the Website and Services, advertisement of the Website and Services, and the creation of user profiles.”


2nd Sign of Scam – The email and chat messages are fake

It’s actually not that easy to detect fraudulent messages if you are unexperienced at detecting this kind of frauds, and that’s what sites like this one are counting on. They use computer software to send out different messages and communications to free site users to make it look like women are interested in them. You can see that someone sent you a message, you can see their photograph and their name, but you cannot read the content of the message or reply back. But, this is just one of their techniques of extorting paid subscriptions.

PROOF: “You understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, “Love Stars” may contact Website and Services users and members via electronic messaging, including for example, email, instant messages, and SMS, for purposes of encouraging further or broader participation in our site’s Services and/or to monitor user activity.”

GrannieHookup agree to terms


3rd Sign of Scam – Fake Dating Profiles or “Love Stars”

We already mentioned these “Love Starts” in the text above. Make no mistake to think the women on the site are actual, real women who are ready for online fun. If you only look at the photographs of the women’s profiles you would have to ask yourself why such gorgeous women need and online dating service to meet people. We are sure they can don’t need a dating site for finding potential dates. We found out that these women’s profiles are completely created by the site and everything from their photos to their personal information is completely made up.

Why does GrannieHookups.com need to fabricate women’s profiles?

  1. There are no real women who are signing up on the site, so the owners need to make it look like there are many women there to attract male site visitors.
  2. They use these fabricated “Love Starts” profiles to send you computer-automated messages and deceive you into believing women on the site are interested in you.
  3. To push you into paying for a site membership, since you cannot interact with the women, send or read any received messages.

PROOF: “You understand and acknowledge that some users and members may provide inaccurate information, messages, and profile data. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious or models or bots related to our “Love Stars” (LS) program. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information, text, and pictures contained in the LS profiles do not pertain to any actual person or member, but are included for entertainment purposes only.”

The verdict on GrannieHookups.com

We advise you to stay away from this scamming, since it offers you nothing but a bunch of beautifully packed lies with no respect to your time and hard earned money. We advise you to always read the Terms and Conditions of use on online sites before agreeing or paying.

GrannieHookups.com Contact Info


1 Stasinou Ave, Mitsi Building #1 , First Floor, Office 4 – Plateia Eleftherias, Nicosia Cyprus 1060

Cancel Your Account: Unitbills.com

Email Contact: cs@granniehookups.com

Free PhoneNumbers: 866-223-8063 and 877-597-3436

Report GrannieHookups.com

You can contact the Better Business Bureau to report this site and file a complaint if you feel that you’ve been conned or ripped off.