Inspecting Legitimacy (REVIEW)

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This dating site seems like a regular online dating service created to appeal to those who are looking for mature women. But is it really? We did our research and will provide you with all the needed information on So, continue reading to find out if this is a legitimate site for dating real women or not. Terms of Service

By joining you are automatically agreeing to the Terms of Service. The small letters read:

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So, we wanted to know what we had agreed to.After signing up on the website we headed to the Terms of Service Document because this is where we usually find proof for the scamming tactics online dating sites are using. While is less scamming than other websites and the terms of use didn’t reveal many suspicious details, we found this one paragraph worth mentioning.

FROM THE TERMS OF SERVICE PAGE: “The Company may communicate with you in a variety or different manners, including direct emails to you or through messages posted through the Site. Company may also endeavor to enhance the user experience by providing certain individuals with free profiles and other compensation for entertainment purposes and to promote member involvement and participation. Such communications are solely for the purpose of online communication and the individuals behind such profiles will never be encouraged nor in anyway rewarded for having any contact with any member outside of the Site.”

It may be put in words that don’t seem very threatening, but what the site is actually saying is that they may contact you through messages. Then they confess they may attempt to enhance your experience on the site by “providing certain individuals with free profiles and other compensation” which basically means, they will create fake profiles for people who are hired and paid to send you email messages, so that you can spend a lovely time on

At this point we sensed a scam. How can you be sure that a person on the site is a real one and not an employee whose job is to entertain you? We believe you should be informed when someone is real and when it’s just a fake profile because you have to pay a monthly subscription to the site.

Here is the price list on

  • $6.29 for a 3 day trial period
  • $34.99 for 1 month of site membership
  • $49.99 for 3 months of paid membership

The verdict on

Although this site seems completely trustworthy, subtle details reveal that it is actually not completely legitimate. We believe that giving people “free profiles” from which they can contact you for the site’s purposes is a deal breaker. Especially since it’s clear that these people are the site’s employees who receive compensation to act and pose as real people, when they are not. Contact Info

Addresses: 865 SW 78th Ave A100 Plantation, FL 33324

Amory Building, Suite #4757, Victoria Road / Basseterre, SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS


Email Contact:

Phone Numbers: 954-944-9054 and 44 203 318 0106


You can contact the Better Business Bureau to report this site and file a complaint if you feel that you’ve been conned or ripped off.