Is Tinder Legitimate and How You Can Use It (REVIEW)

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There is no way you haven’t heard about Tinder, the dating app that’s taking online dating sites to a whole new level. To learn more about how you too can use this app, continue reading, as we explain all things you want to know about Tinder, here.

Is Tinder free?

Yes, Tinder is free to download. Plus it’s easy, fast and simple to install and use.

Why is Tinder legit?

First of all, you sign up your Facebook login information to create your personal account. By accessing the user’s Facebook info as part of the login process, the app eliminates potential scammers. Of course, the option for people to create fake Facebook accounts and then use those to create a Tinder profile stays open. Still, through this mechanism Tinder can ensure some level of identity verification and prevent about 99% of the problems associated with online dating sites.

Another reason Tinder is so great is because, as we already said, it’s completely free. The app doesn’t use any fictitious dating profiles with images of attractive-looking women to trick you into signing up and paying for a monthly subscription. And you can completely control the matching process, which is also very easy to do.

How do I use Tinder?

After you set up your account, Tinder automatically pulls photos form your Facebook profile pictures, but also provides you with the option to delete images you don’t want to be available on your Tinder profile. It’s possible to include photos from other Facebook albums, Instagram, or your phone by clicking on the top right of your Profile page (up to six photos total). You can also write a sentence or two and describe yourself in 500 words, which makes this app the Twitter of dating.

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The matching process is easy. In the settings you choose whether you are interested in men or women or both, your preferred age, and how close or far away are you willing to search based on current location. Then, photos pop up on your screen, along with other user’s age information, mutual Facebook friends or common interests. You can also see how far away someone is at the moment, how long they’ve been using Tinder and read their short ‘about’ section.

Then, if you are interested in a person, you click on the heart or swipe to the right. If you are not interested you can just click on the “X” or swipe on the left. If you would like to see more information or see other photographs, simply click on the “I”, which is located in the middle of the bottom of the screen. After you decide and hit the “X” or the heart icon, a new image will appear and you can once again repeat the process. When you click the heart, the other person is notified that you are interested in them. They can then check out your photos, and if they are interested they may contact you. After a match is made you can start messaging or set up a date.

Matches on Tinder

What is a match? -A match is made when a Tinder user has hit the heart icon and you too have clicked the heart button as well.

What are Tinder Moments?

Through the “Moments” section in the app, you can take selfies and then post them to your moments. From there, you can dress up your photos by adding text or other bits of information. This newly taken selfie will show to your previous matches but only a period of 24 hours.

Can I invite my friends to join Tinder? By clicking on the ‘Invite Your Friends’ button, you can invite your friends to download the app and start using it too. You can also share the Tinder link through your FaceBook friends, email, text, Google+ and many others.

The verdict on Tinder

The best thing about apps such as Tinder is that it’s much harder for shady dating services to scam you. If an app starts receiving lots of scam and fraud complaints then it will most likely get pulled down. However, you can rest easy, Tinder is 100% legit. One thing to watch out for, though, are the many escorts who seem to be using the service to meet “dates” that pay for sex.

Tinder Contact Info

Address: 8899 Beverly Blvd (Robertson), West Hollywood, CA 90048, United States

Email Contacts:,

Report Tinder

If you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off, direct your complaint to the  Better Business Bureau and file a report.

Tinder Alternatives To Consider

There are plenty of alternatives to Tinder if you’re looking for a casual dating app. I personally would not even look at any app or site unless it’s listed below. Why? I’ll tell you why, because those show below work like a charm, they’re affordable and the girls are hot as can be. Save time and money below.

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