How Small Is Too Small For A Woman (On Average)

Today I’m covering a tiny subject that seems to give men a large amount of anxiety. You guessed it! I’m talking about penis size. Many men have reached out asking how small is considered too small for using hookup apps. This article covers everything that you need to know to break that insecurity that you might have about your dick.

how small is too small

Penis Size: How Small Is Too Small For Women?

Worrying about your penis size is a natural thing. No man has ever looked down and thought that he was fine. It’s just the way that we are and the result of unrealistic portrayals in movies. There aren’t that many people who decide to watch porn and expect to see small penises on the screen.

It’s just not going to happen. They’re all huge and it makes you think that it’s the norm. It’s not, though. The men you see are hired because they’re all well above average when it comes to their size. If you’re talking about real life, then you’re going to be talking about much smaller and realistic penises.

If you want to know just how small is too small for a woman then you need to find out what’s actually normal first. It may just end up surprising you when you find out about it.

Average Def Isn’t What You Think

The first thing to take a look at is the actual average penis size. It’s not the massive eight inches that you see online. It’s actually between four and a half and six inches. That’s it. That’s the size of the vast majority of men out there.

On top of that, the average length of the vagina is just a little over three and a half inches. That means that, even if you’re at the lowest end of the spectrum, you’re still going to be more than enough for the average vagina.

You’ll be longer than it and you’ll be able to fill it with no effort at all. If you go around thinking that every penis out there is huge, you’re really just thinking about a whole lot of women who have to deal with painful sex that they hate to have.

Length Doesn’t Really Matter

If you really want to get into it, then you have to realize that most women don’t even think about length. The only thing they really care about is girth. That’s what gives them pleasure. That’s what they feel when they have sex.

Once again, your girth doesn’t have to be massive. The vagina is a tiny opening that has the ability to stretch. If you come across a woman that you can’t fill, then you’re with someone who may have an actual problem on her hands. Most women are going to be happy with any kind of penis that they can get.

Conclusion: Don’t Worry About Penis Size, Really

The best thing that you can do is simply not worry about your size. It’s going to be fine, no matter what it is. Being too small is incredibly rare and you probably have nothing to worry about.

Just go ahead with what you have and everything will be fine. It doesn’t get a whole lot simpler than that and it’s a great way to let all your size-based stress just melt away. Even if you think you’re too small for her, you’re still getting laid.

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