4 Scam Questions About LatamDate.com Answered (REVIEW)

Latam Date

LatamDate.com is another one of the Qpid Networks family of online dating websites that have several different sites offering international dates aimed at different ethnicities. LatamDate.com is a site where men can sign up and create a profile that will help them find women from Latin America and promise to provide a language-and-cultural-barrier-free dating platform. By reviewing the other sites owned by the same company, we have to say that our hopes for the legitimacy of LatamDate.com are not high. But, we will do our thorough research to uncover the true facts. So, continue reading.

Important questions to ask yourselves to reveal scam

1) What LatamDate.com offers?

There are several services and features LatamDate.com offers to its users who can use them to get in contact with their chosen Latina in different ways. The list of services includes:

  • Admirer Mail – read introductory text before you initiate communication with a lady
  • Call Lady – talk over the phone directly or by a three-way translation service
  • Cupid Date – face-to-face meeting
  • EMF Mail – emailing service that helps you overcome language and cultural barriers
  • Gifts & Flowers – send gifts and flowers from shops and florists local to ladies
  • Lady Call Me – give authorization for a lady to call you
  • Live Chat – an instant messaging service for chatting in real-time
  • Request Contact Info. – take your communication outside of the website
  • Video Show – check out ladies’ home made video
  • Virtual Gifts – sending of digital cards and animations with personalized words


2) What you get on LatamDate.com?

It would be wonderful if the dating on LatamDate.com really was that genuine and simple. It takes just a little digging to discover that you are basically never in direct contact with the women and all communication with a language barrier goes through the translation agency. Moreover, agencies are the ones who provide services and create women’s profiles – not women themselves. Women supply their photographs, personal data, descriptions and details, and then these agencies that are somehow contracted with LatamDate.com display the profiles. The process gets tangled and there are simply not enough questions answered on the website.

FROM THE ‘ABOUT US’ PAGE: Agencies (service providers): LatamDate works with trustworthy and reputable local dating agencies in Latin America. Agencies are legally and economically independent from LatamDate, but their professionalism and enthusiasm in providing services to our members is not sacrificed. The agencies carry out special roles, including providing professional translation services and relationship consultations.”

FROM THE ‘FAQs’ PAGE: “LatamDate.com provides an online communication platform and the profiles listed on the site are submitted by local agencies with whom we cooperate. The authenticity of ladies’ profiles are primarily in the control of the agencies. Ladies’ profiles go through a verification and validation process carried out by the agencies. Before we post them on our site, screening and verification process is also taken by our verification team.”


3) How LatamDate.com uses your info?

You should be aware that LatamDate.com has the legal rights over all information from the moment you post or upload them on the site. Then, they have an exclusive right to do whatever they want with your photographs (distribute them to other dating services, modify them in any way, etc.) and even transfer them across border where they pass under other countries’ law system.

FROM THE ‘PRIVACY POLICY’ PAGE: “Some of the uses and disclosures mentioned in this Policy may involve the transfer of your information to various areas around the world that may have levels of privacy protection different from that of your residence country. By submitting your information via LatamDate, you consent to such cross-border transfers notwithstanding the restrictions imposed by applicable law / rule / regulation to the contrary.”


4) What you should know about LatamDate.com?

a.   We have found before that another one of Qpid Network’s websites had its agencies publish ads in which they seek women to become site members for a compensated monthly amount. The woman should get 50% of whatever men pay for in order to communicate with her.

b.   This is not a free dating service and you will pay for every step you take on LatamDate.com and for every feature and service you’d like to use. Sending an email costs you money, as well as opening a response you received to read it. The “Lady Call Me”-feature doesn’t mean she will just call you if you request it, but she will call you if you pay her to do so.

c.   You can never be sure that the women you see on the photos are the ones communicating with you. Moreover, we have found comments from past members of LatamDate.com who claim the women backed off and stopped communicating when video chatting came in question. Also, she can simply refuse to give you her private contact info – since she earns money from communicating through the website.


The verdict on LatamDate.com

It seems that it’s all about the money on LatamDate.com. You can never be sure or trust the ladies or the service. Also, if LatamDate.com was a genuine dating site they wouldn’t make its male member pay for every service they use. It is clear that this is a money-making service and not a dating service, and unfortunately naive people are the ones who end up scammed and ripped off.

LatamDate.com Scam Questions

For any questions you might want to ask or if you’d like to add something, feel free to post in the comments section below. We’d love to read about your personal experiences on LatamDate.com or answer any additional inquiries you may have.

LatamDate.com Contact Info

Address: Unit 1317-1318, 13/F, Delta House, 3 On Yiu Street, Shatin Hong Kong

Email Contact: service@latamdate.com and Contact Us Page

Phone Number: N/A

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

6 thoughts on “4 Scam Questions About LatamDate.com Answered (REVIEW)”

  1. This site is all about the money. The women do not have to pay for anything but the men have to pay for every service the company provides. Latamdate is taking advantage of the separation the ocean provide to charge males. Sites in the USA charge a monthly fee and you can communicate as much as you like but this site charge you for messaging, calls, flowers, etc. The women are beautiful and they want to talk. They do not have to pay for anything and you wonder why you constantly get messages from young women constantly. You can spend thousands of dollars on this site easily compared to $30.00 a month on other sites to do the same communication.

  2. There may be some gems in the rough. But…

    These dating websites must really control how information passes through, because often the replies you get will not directly answer what you want the woman to answer.

    Also, the scam can be taken really far. The woman says she’s deeply in love you and plans to visit you because she got a job in your city. But then there are delaying tactics like she wanted to fly in later with her grandmother…. then it peters out. Or they are even in your city ( or prob not, just posing as such ) then after a fruitless week or two of trying to connect, all of a sudden they have to quickly go back home to take care of an emergency such as a gravely-ill relative or their boutique burned down and she was summoned back by her employees.

    Or, they ostensibly are in your city who knows because LD keeps a tight lid on giving away women’s personal information. LD says its some international agreement but may be convenient cover for extracting more money. LD has a policy that you have to exchange a minimum of 10 fully replied EMF letters, not counting the first one. But what if you chat a lot or use the call services ? And they don’t make it clear about the policy until you contact customer service. And trying to get around this is a real pain in the ass because the SIM cards and maybe even the email servers between the woman’s country and USA not compatible…. or it’s willfull and fraudulent hand-dragging by the woman herself.

  3. Latamdate is part of a network of Qpid run meeting/dating sites. The photos may be of real women, I do not know for certain. The ‘women’ are off-shore employees of Qpid that are paid a commission for every letter, chat, phone call, etc.
    Most of these are in the Philippines with little education, a few kids, and a desire to make a living impersonating someone else for a little money. The messages cost men at least $4 each – the employees get half. The employees are trained to recognize key words in messages and chats to keep you continuously communicating and generating more revenue for Qpid. Each employee handles at lest fourteen women’s profiles, complete with photos, personality traits and a record of what goes on in the messages and chats. If do message these women and examine the content – it is interesting to note that a Latamdate woman will fall hopelessly in love with you after a few exchanges. They will also profess to come to you on a moment’s notice if you even suggest anything about travel. And as long as you keep sending messages, continue chatting, or accepting phone calls their undying love will continue …. in even more messages, chats, phone calls. I think a person would derive more pleasure by taking a pile of money to a parking lot, soaking it with lighter fluid, and setting it on fire and roasting hot dogs on the flames.

  4. I have been using this Latamdate and its two sister websites Charmdate and AsiaMe for 3 weeks and have spent a combined amount close to $500.00 USD. I have communicated via text and chat with a multitude of woman. These websites are definitely a scam. How do I know? I have asked each and everyone to send me a picture of themselves holding a piece of paper with my name and date written on it. Every single time i request it they get upset, and find excuses not to do it. I have offered to meet with them on my travels and thats when the conversations die down. Or they say its too soon. They eventually stop communicating once i tell them that If we don’t meet or they dont send me the picture with proof of their existance. More over, the minute you send a girl your number or email on chat or email it gets erased or they claim they dont see it. I have asked during chat sessions for their information and it gets blocked. SCAM.

    I’ve used other websites that charge you a monthly fee for unlimited unrestricted email and chat sessions and have met women through those websites. I have traveled to Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico, and other countries and have met beautiful REAL woman through these other sites like LatinAmerican.cupid. In fact, last year I almost married one girl until I found out the US would not give her any kind of Visa to get here, not even a Fiance visa, which means she has a criminal past that she hid from me. ANyway…. this Latamdate, charmdate, and asiame websites are all a scam.

  5. Most of the women shown on this site are high class prostitutes for colombian drug lords. Save your money and avoid this scam site.

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