OneNightFriend Review: More Like One Of The Many Sites That Don’t Work

We all love those infrequent nights where we meet someone on a whim, take them home, bang them, and go our separate ways. It doesn’t happen often and although we wish it would, most of the time we have to do something about it to make it happen. Well, a dating site tried to exploit that fact by creating a website called They created a site that’s supposed to help locals connect with people who are interested in having sex with one another.

The funny thing is, that it doesn’t really do anything like that at all. Trust me, you’ll get the full picture once you read my review below. I hate to consistently bash or rip apart dozens of dating sites, but when that’s all that I can do, I must take action one way or another.

So I tell it like it is…

That being said, the website is not something that I can recommend to consumers. Yes, it’s because it 100% is without a doubt a classic Internet dating scam. Here are the details of all this… Homepage

My Review Of

I’ll kick things off by saying that I totally understand that everyone is not aware just how common dating site scams are. As a result of this general ignorance, there is an entire universe of dating scam sites that exist that try and take advantage of people who are looking for romance and new sexual experiences.

YES, is one of them and it’s a notorious scam site that’s connected to over a dozen sites pulling the same deviant nonsense. The persistence of these sites is tied to the fact that they are in fact incredibly successful at getting people to give up their credit card information. They follow similar templates that are based around looking like a legit site as much as possible.

The Memberships

From a price point perspective, offers the typical range of membership options that go from a few dollars for a few days, to a hundred and twenty dollars for a six-month membership.

What you have to understand is that all of these membership options are automatically recurring. Even the $3.00 multi-day membership immediately renews to a forty dollar subscription after a few days. Yes, I said $40 and these type of business practices are a telltale sign that you’re getting duped one way or another.

To be honest, sites like this are purposely being deceptive about the membership process because that’s how they get your money. They know that you’re going to forget to cancel your membership and eventually it’s going to rebill, then they’ve got you for as long as you’re willing to let them take you for a ride.

How They Make Consumers Pay

The way they lure you into getting into these fraudulent membership rates is by forcing you to get a paid membership to interact with literally any feature on the site. When you sign up, you will suddenly be contacted by a variety of accounts. You will be reached by email, instant messages, and will be bombarded by a variety of notifications that claim these women are trying to hook up.

The moment you try to read or respond to these messages however, you are hit with a prompt to upgrade to a paid subscription. Right then and there you need to understand that this entire thing is a scam. All they care about is getting your credit card information so they can incur a variety of recurring fees to your card.

The Photos Used & Profiles is one of the worst offenders in the business. They steal pictures from well-known cam models and celebrity girlfriends and expect you to just assume these unbelievably hot girls are desperate for your time and attention. The reality is they are not even on the site. The site even admits in the terms and conditions that they create profiles on the site as a way to generate traffic.

This is just an excuse to say they actually have fake profiles running on the site, and that most of the place is filled with them. The system that they have created that is based around views and winks, is completely fraudulent.

They will make it seem like many women are viewing your profile and trying to flirt with you for attention, but in reality, it’s just another tactic to lure you into handing over your credit card. It’s dangerous to trust this place in any capacity and you should avoid it.

Contacting Them

If you’ve joined the website, then you might want to go ahead and contact them to cancel your membership. If they are unreachable or if unwilling to cooperate, then perhaps you wish to call your bank or credit card company to have the payments put in what’s called a chargeback status. This is where the money is refunded to the consumer. It’s a last resort tactic though.

If you’re interested in connecting with the company, then you might want to call (1-212-796-5746), send a letter (P.O. Box 146 Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin), or email them ( and at these two email addresses. Those are your options…


The one-night stand doesn’t have to be a pipedream but it most certainly will be if you’re using the website. Unfortunately, there’s nothing good that will come from doing so and I strongly suggest that you avoid this site if at all possible. Now, you’ve got lots of alternatives if you’re looking for something that will work. Just give one or two a shot and see how things pan out! Report back!