Scam: Is There Any Good Time in the CityofLove? (REVIEW)

Once again I face a standard escort sit that promises more than it delivers. On top of everything else, is very much like some of the worst adult dating scams I’ve reviewed previously. It just makes me wonder whether this website is a creation made by one of my oldest arch nemesis – the “free lifetime” scam. I swear, this site’s format and Terms & Conditions seem like copied from those sites, just adapted to escort directories. I don’t believe that anything good awaits you here, even if you are ready to pay a lot of money for it. Let’s delve into this CityofLove review! Review Exposes Poor Site Features

Escorts have the option to create a free escort profile, but also use additional premium advertising options, such as premium banners and premium profiles. Each of these paid options comes with so-called benefits, which you can observe on the following screenshot:

CityofLove Review premium features

However, I have big doubts that these girls are all real or that they pay fair prices even if they are real. The lack of profile photos and the extremely limited number of girls for some popular countries are a clear indication that sucks. If you have a look at these premium features baits, you’ll see there is really nothing special about the site that I could include in this CityofLove review.  

  • Numerous awards
  • Available in 92 countries
  • Number #1 for business commuters
  • At least a million matches
  • Luxury escorts
  • Adult clubs

What does “adult clubs” mean anyway? Is this a synonym for prostitution? It seems that way! My only job here is to prompt you that you can get in a hell lot of trouble if you get into illegal paid sex. Most countries don’t support this so be careful!

Why Most CityofLove Reviews Don’t Recommend This Site

While Dirk Hopper has this site in his directory, I have to challenge his judgment. Half of the escort and dominatrix sites on his list don’t work as they should. They are either non-existent and redirecting or include a quadrillion scams. I honestly couldn’t find any other reputable resource that recommends Why is that? Maybe it has something to do with the following features on my list.

Electronic Communications

CityofLove review electronic communications

Are you familiar with electronic communications? I’ve written a lot about them in my casual dating sites reviews that include brazen humongous scams. Some of them are under the Nautell franchise. Unless the same lawyer made their legal documents, it smells a lot like the same company runs the sites. I wouldn’t be very surprised as they are prepared to do anything just to rip off people.

Where Do the Girls Come From?

Of course, girls come from different locations, but I wonder if all of them are real. For instance, the number of escorts from the Netherlands is quite astounding. It is not a big surprise because the country has libertarian paid sex policies. But I have big question marks about whether these profiles are genuine. Some of the phone numbers don’t correspond to the country!

CityofLove Review Results

This website looks a lot like some of my worst nightmares of adult dating. If this is your first time to come across hookup sites, you don’t have the slightest idea of the distance these people are ready to go in order to scam others! There are many sinkholes on, and if you want to stay safe and keep finding free apps to get laid, don’t go there!

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  1. I actually got in contact with two different women from Lima, Peru, on One wasn’t quite what was pictured (maybe 10 years older) but the other was everything and more. Both were very nice. I tried to contact other women too and was successful about 50% of the time. Based purely on this anecdotal “evidence,” I would say some but not all of the profiles are legitimate and of those that are real, a certain percent (maybe 10 to 20%) have accurate information/statistics.

    Not totally a scam but you really have to search and do a lot of legwork.

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