What Does Ghosting Mean?

Ghosting can be a huge problem for some people. Dating today isn’t easy and that holds especially true when you’re using sites on the mainstream side of things. I’d say that this type of thing has been an issue with just about every single person that I personally know today. Before I get into the tactics that I use to avoid getting ghosted or having to ghost someone, let me tell you the exact definition, the way that I see things…

what does ghosting mean

Here’s What Ghosting Is And How To Avoid It

While there are a few synonyms for this term, ghosting is the most popular one and it’s used more than you think and happens twice as often as it’s used. As far as definitions go, the term “ghosting” is a way to describe the act of someone completely disappearing. In terms of being in a relationship or dating them, when you get ghosted, they’ve essentially left you hanging by pulling the infamous disappearing act on you.

Does it hurt your moral and confidence? YOU BET IT DOES.

They leave the situation without giving any type of explanation or reason and it can be heartbreaking. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a victim of ghosting myself and it taught me a few things.

I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks that I can in order to help you prevent from being a victim of ghosting. You’ll need to follow my every move if you intend on dodging this bullet. Trust me, one single slip and you’ve upped your chances of someone slowly fading away.

Check Your Emotions

The first thing you want to do is check your emotions at the dooor. If you’re putting your emotions first when it comes to hooking up online, then you’re eventually going to get ghosted. There is no other way around it. Emotions screw up just about every casual sex relationship I’ve ever been in. Simple as that.

Don’t Ask Questions

There are certain types of questions that you want to avoid entirely. If you find yourself wanting to ask questions about your exclusivity or relationship status, well, don’t do it. The second the person thinks you are getting “clingy” then you’re heading up the creek without a paddle. You will be starting your cycle again soon if you do.

Never Get Too Personal

If you start getting too close and meeting people’s family and stuff like that, you’re getting too personal. From that point forward one of two things happens. You either end up getting married or things get awkward and they run. My advice is to not ever hang with someone else’s family and certainly don’t introduce them to your family either.

Only Use Fling Sites

If you’re looking to not get ghosted, then you need to connect with people that are only looking for a fling and you’ve got have the same mindset. I only use fling dating sites to avoid any confusion that typically occurs when using other types of dating websites. Don’t get involved with mainstream dating and you won’t have any issues with feelings getting involved on one side or the other.

Once Then Move On

The best way to completely avoid the ghosting issue is to only have sex with someone once and only once. Do not go back or meet for a second time and you’ll never have to worry about ghosting issues. I try my best to date people looking for one night stands and things of that nature. It makes likfe a whole hell of a lot easier, trust me.

Never Show Emotions

If you begin to feel any type of emotion, whatever that may be, it’s important to keep that all to your self. I know it doesn’t sound all that healthybut trust me, it makes a huge difference in things of this nature.

Those are my most important rules to remember if you want to avoid being on the bad end of any ghosting activity. Just play it cool hot shot and you’ll be fine. If you choose to not play it cool, then you are bound to have some problems. Now, I guess getting ghosted is better than being catfished, so at least you’ve got that going for you. Not sure what ‘catfished’ means, then check this page out for more on that topic!