20 Ways To Make Your Erection Last Longer

Most guys have experienced that disheartening and humiliating moment when they lose their erection. No matter when it happens, it’s never a welcome thing and can make you feel like less of a man.

make erection last longer

Ways To Keep An Erection For Longer Periods Of Time

Unfortunately, this feeling that losing your erection gives you can make the problem worse because you feel anxiety about it. Sometimes it’s a medical condition. If that’s the case then you should consult your doctor.

Otherwise, you can easily take care of the problem yourself with a little bit of knowledge and optimism. I put together 20 ways to make your erection last longer so you may not have to worry about it again.

  1. Foreplay is crucial: Extended foreplay can often be good for both partners. It drives up her arousal and keeps yours from becoming too much too soon.
  2. Try not to rush things: Rushing into intense lovemaking may cause your arousal to climb too quickly and you could lose your erection. Slow it down.
  3. Every time is a new experience: Put that last bad experience out of your mind. History will not repeat itself if you don’t dwell on it. Especially if you are dating new partners you meet online.
  4. Limit your positions (at least while you’re having problems): The effort it takes to get into certain sexual positions could cause erection complications. Keep it simple. At least for now.
  5. Communication: If you are having problems, don’t be afraid to tell her. She might be able to help you and keeping things like this to yourself never helps.
  6. Don’t be afraid to get dirty: A little kinkiness and taboo behavior could go a long way. This works both ways and helps stimulate both partners.
  7. Confidence: This is always key in a sexual relationship. If you know that you are a stud that will please her, your body will react accordingly.
  8. Experiment: Getting too comfortable with a certain way of doing things in bed can get stale. Don’t be afraid to try new things and add more excitement.
  9. Tell her what turns you on: Keep communication open and don’t be afraid to get kinky. If you open up to each other, it will be easier to arouse each other.
  10. Don’t be so quick to penetrate: Don’t put it in as soon as it gets hard. If you are in the moment and not thinking about penetration, you will keep your erection.
  11. Recall a past experience: You can always think about a time when you were fully erect for a long period of time and made her moan the loudest.
  12. Socialize: Going out and interacting with others can help keep your confidence and energy up and won’t give you too much time to dwell.
  13. Flirt with strangers (Don’t cheat. Flirt): If you encounter someone who seems interest in you, don’t be afraid to flirt. This will help with your confidence.
  14. Keep masturbation to a minimum: Sometimes holding off on pleasuring yourself too often can help you stay aroused in bed.
  15. No excessive smoking or drinking: Smoking and drinking is a boner killer every time. Everything in moderation.
  16. Relax and take a deep breath: If you still find yourself worrying or panicking; try to slow your mind down by taking a deep breath and relaxing.
  17. Don’t focus on your erection: You don’t have to focus on your erection to keep it. Put it out of your mind and concentrate on your partner. The erection will happen naturally.
  18. Stay in shape: Working out and staying active will help your body functions and give you the confidence that is important to good sex.
  19. Don’t think too much about performing: if you focus too much on whether you will perform or not, it will hurt your performance.
  20. Try some moderation: If all else fails, go for longer periods of time between having sex with your partner. This will help you both have better sex when you finally have it.

Lastly, I should mention that these are not fool proof but they do work. You’ve got to spend time doing a few of these things versus just focusing on one or two of them. If you truly put forth the effort to keep an erection, I can guarantee that you’ll have a better sex life.