Investigation Of Reporting Scam (REVIEW)

In this review we will reveal why you should stay clear of We will explain the deceptive marketing techniques this so called dating service uses to lure free members into paying for monthly membership. Continue reading to learn about the scamming fashion in which sends automated messages This is just one of … Read more Scam Analysis (REVIEW)

On the internet we meet many fake and scam dating sites. It has gotten hard to differentiate the real ones from the scams, because the fake sites are created with great attention to detail on order to look genuine. Fake dating site owners will go even as far as tainting fake reviews on the web … Read more

Assessing the Legitimacy of (REVIEW)

Our investigation began with a simple online search and even before we created the free account on we could already read the complaints and reports from hundreds of other users who fell into the claws of this fraudulent and so-called dating service. In this article we will review, so continue reading. A paid … Read more Analysis Reveals Scam (REVIEW) is quite a new dating site. It’s associated with many other fraudulent dating websites, many of which use spam to get you to sign up on This new dating website is owned and managed by the same people who run,,, and We invite you to continue reading and learn … Read more