Review: They Charge Users For Three Sites And None Are Dating Related

After coming across the website, I couldn’t help but put forth some serious investigating. I wanted to untangle this massive web of lies and show the world how they scam all their current members. Make no mistake about it, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to Internet dating. That said, the Bang Locals site is one that’s not going to help you ever bang anyone let alone a local girl. Here’s a quick rundown of the site and what they do to con users into joining. Not only that, but they overcharge the heck out of their members.

Screenshot of scam
Fake profiles and shady billing on this dating site. Is A Huge Scam, Here’s Why…

If you want to join a dating website, then most of the time you just need to register for free and that is that. However, while investigating, I learned that they have some shady online verification process that they claim helps keep scammers away. Actually, to be completely upfront, what they try and do is use the “protect and prevent” excuse to their advantage. They collect your credit card information and ask that you supply all your most accurate billing information on the site. What they claim to do with this financial info is simply verify that you are who you are and that you’re of legal age to use the site. It’s specifically called “18+ Secure Age Verification” and it’s 100% bullshit.

The scam here is that once you enter the information to confirm your age, they then charge your credit card. No, you’re not being charged because you initially joined Instead, you are being charged for porn sites that you’ve agreed to join as a result of agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website. You will likely be billed by @ $39.95, @ $29.95 and for a whopping $49.95. Keep in mind that each on of these charges is a monthly recurring charge that will continue to hit your credit card statement on a monthly basis, costing $119.85 every single month until you cancel. What a waste of money!

If you don’t provide the CC information to the site, you will not be able to successfully register for the site. That right there proves how big of a scam this site really is in my personal opinion.

Same Profiles On Other Dating Sites

This shouldn’t come as a shocker at all but there are profiles on that you will likely find on other sites. There is plenty of evidence of this classic scam tactic. All you need to do is use some custom software (which we have) and verify that some of the female members show look like they are profile pics ripped from other dating sites.

The profiles reviewed were easy to identify as fake. I bet if you ran through the entire site you’d find a ton more. For example, this girls profile pic ( was also found here at this URL:

Don’t waste your time trying to chat with fake girls that don’t even exist.

Company Information

In the event that you want to cancel your membership, it’s pretty easy to do so. Just contact the company through one of the methods listed below and you’ll be able to start the cancellation process. Personally, I would recommend reaching out via email to their billing support for more details.

Address: IBILLEU LTD 15 Bromet Close, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 4LP

Phone: 1 877-690-5866


Billing Support:


Final Verdict:

I don’t think I need to tell you that is a fake and unethical dating site. Just like most of the other shady sites, this one takes your money and leaves you left in the dark with nothing but empty pockets. For sure you are not getting laid if you use this site.

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