Best Sex Destinations In The World

No matter where you’re from, there’s always someplace better that you could be visiting. That’s even truer in today’s world of sex tourism. That’s when you set up a vacation and go somewhere simply to enjoy all of the women in the area. These are destinations that are filled with women who are willing to … Read more

List of Black Hookup Sites Worth Joining

There are hook up sites that cater to every kind of sexual desire that someone can imagine. There are sites for gay people, straight people, trans people, kinky people, and even married people. What you don’t find all that often are hook up sites that cater to black people. You really have to do a … Read more

Best Free Crossdressing Dating Sites

This is definitely on my list of the top fetishes people have when it comes to dating. Crossdressing is very, very popular! A crossdresser is a man or a woman who wears the clothes of the opposite sex. People have been doing it for many centuries with varying degrees of acceptance. It’s currently seeing a … Read more

Best Pagan Dating Sites

I cover a lot of different types of dating sites at It’s not always just the hyper naughty stuff. Sometimes I cover religious dating sites and today is one of those days. Paganism is thousands of years old. It’s very possibly the oldest religion in the world. It’s a belief system that incorporates animism, … Read more

Best Trucker Dating Sites

A trucker’s life isn’t like any other “ordinary” life. Truckers spend untold hours on the road and away from their families. It makes dating extremely difficult for everyone involved. The biggest problem, of course, is dating in the first place. When you’re not going home at the end of every night, it’s next to impossible … Read more