Best Free Crossdressing Dating Sites

This is definitely on my list of the top fetishes people have when it comes to dating. Crossdressing is very, very popular! A crossdresser is a man or a woman who wears the clothes of the opposite sex. People have been doing it for many centuries with varying degrees of acceptance. It’s currently seeing a level of acceptance that’s pretty unique. That means that dating sites that cater to crossdressers and the people who want to date them are growing more and more numerous. These are places for crossdressers to find other crossdressers as well as non-crossdressers. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you wear. You can find someone who dresses according to their own personality and not what they’re told to wear.

Best Crossdressing Sites

Best Dating Networks For Crossdressing Enthusiasts

This is for sure the most accurate list of dating networks for crossdressing fans. If you’re into that type of thing, then this is all you need to know. Keep in mind, this list is ever growing and always being updated.


xDressr is a different way of looking at crossdresser dating. It’s basically a swipe site. You log in and get picture after picture of people on the site. You can either like or pass on them as you see them.

If you like someone, you can send off a message. If you pass on them, you’ll never have to see them again. It’s a site that lets you date based on your sexual desire.

It’s a great way to go about the whole thing and you get to see the other person’s fashion sense before you send a message.

Crossdresser Dating Site

Crossdresser Dating Site is where men and women can come to find a crossdresser. It’s all based around other people finding the ones that crossdress. It’s easy to use and it’s free to sign up.

The user base is decent and there’s always someone to talk to. What sets this site apart is the fact that it has active chat rooms. You can log in and talk to crossdressers in real-time.

Once you find someone that you really like, you can send them a private message and talk one on one for as long as you want. is one of the largest hookup sites on the internet. There are over 80 million members who use it to find a little bit of fun, some of which is cross-dressing fun. That means that you’re going to be able to find a whole lot of different people.

You can actually narrow down your search to only find crossdressers on the site. It will take a little bit of looking, but it’s a great option to find the kind of person that you’re looking for. It should be one of your first stops on your journey. Read more about it here.

Friend Finder X

Friend Finder X works in much the same way as the previous site. The only difference is that it’s not quite as big. With over a million members, there are still plenty of people to talk to, though.

You can search for anything you want from straight people to gays, lesbians, and crossdressers. It’s free to sign up and it’s very easy for anyone to use.

One of the best things about the site is that plenty of people are open to just chat online when you don’t feel like heading out and meeting in person.

Match has been around for a very long time. It also has a massive user base. That’s what makes it a good option to find the people you’re looking for.

They spend a lot of time and money on advertising. That puts them in front of a lot of eyes and those people end up joining. That’s really the thing that makes it work for you.

There are so many different people that you’re almost guaranteed to come across someone that you’re interested in talking to. It’s free to sign up, but you’ll have to get a subscription to send out messages.


Scruff is a dating app that caters to gay men, bisexuals, queers, and crossdressers. It’s not open to any women who are either crossdressing or looking for one. The Scruff app has been around since 2010 and it’s had a tumultuous history.

It keeps getting banned from its app store because the people who use it like to upload explicit images. They’ve made a whole lot of changes and make sure they ban anyone who tries it. It’s a great app to check out as long as you follow the rules. They have to be stringent to stay on the market.


Grindr might just be the most popular gay dating app on the internet. It’s been around since 2009 and it has a massive user base. It’s pretty much a given that you’re going to come across plenty of crossdressers here.

Just take a look and you’ll see just how many of them are in your area and in the mood to hook up. Just don’t use the site to try and find true love.

The Grindr app is mostly about hooking up and that’s what the people who use it want to do. It’s one of the best options that you have.

Conclusion: You’ve Got Plenty Of Options

As you can see, you’ve got literally tons of options if you’re interested in partaking in any crossdresser action with some casual friends you meet online. The sky is the limit here and you should definitely try any of these out.

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