Does Aim To Scam You? (REVIEW)

ChnLove is an online dating site owned by a company called Qpid Network, which also owns other dating sites such as,,, and Is this a legitimate network of dating services or not? We begin our investigation here, with a thorough review of’s workings. Continue reading to uncover the truth.

Our investigation on


1) Authenticity Of Lady Profiles

Given the fact that this is a common scam that dating sites use, we thought it’s a good start of our quest in exploring’s legitimacy. We did turn to the terms and conditions of use in order to get to the bottom of this, but couldn’t find any solid evidence there. However, in the FAQs List we did find an explanation that does not directly connect you with women. Moreover, women have not created their own profiles, but agencies have done that for them. At this point, the whole dating experience just got too messy. Moreover, the profile pictures look like they have been taken by a professional photographer and are not as natural-looking as one would expect. Read below what has to say about women’s profiles on the site.

EXCERPT FROM FAQs: “ provides an online communication platform and the profiles listed on the site are submitted by local agencies with whom we cooperate. The authenticity of ladies’ profiles are primarily in the control of the agencies. Ladies’ profiles go through a verification and validation process carried out by the agencies.”


2) Are These Women Hired By The Site

We don’t know. But we know for certain that they are in communication with these agencies that are also in charge for their profiles and authenticity of information. But, we are starting to really disbelief the whole story. So, our next question in mind was whether these “ladies” were being paid any money as a compensation for their photographs and information. As you will read below, does not directly hire or pay the women to use the site, but this doesn’t mean that agencies are not receiving money which is later paid to the “ladies”.

EXCERPT FROM FAQs: “The ladies are not hired to perform any tasks whatsoever. We do not deal directly with the ladies and do not charge them or pay them to use our website.”


3) Using The Service Is Costly operates on a credit based system, which means that you don’t really pay for an amount of time that you can use the website for; instead you need to buy credits which are taken for every action you take on the site. So, you pay a certain amount of money for a number of credits on the website, and their correspondence system works on a message-per-credits basis. Let’s have a look at credit-pricing list:

Cost of credits

  • $21.00 to buy 3 Credits
  • $30.00 to buy 4 Credits
  • $52.00 to buy 8 Credits
  • $96.00 to buy 16 Credits
  • $179.00 to buy 32 Credits
  • $299.00 to buy 60 Credits
  • $399.00 to buy 100 Credits


4) You Are Not Contacting The Ladies Directly say that your messages need to be sent to a translation agency/service before they can be sent to the “lady” to ensure that you can understand each other and communicate without any problems. But, if you think about it, this also means that your messages are never intimate. Plus, you can never be sure that any real person is getting your messages and replying genuinely. With our experience at reviewing dating sites, we definitely wouldn’t take’s word for it. Another red flag is the fact that you are forbidden to share and send any personal contact or request contact information from a woman you are communicating with. Now, of this was a real dating service they would be eager to take your dating to the next step and not limit you to using only their services (for as long as you keep paying).


The verdict on seems to be a tricking system aimed to get you into buying credits in order to get or send email messages or do anything else on the site. In fact, the interactions with the women called “ladies” could be automatically generated computer messages or paid employees that work to get you to buy even more credits. In many of the other reviews on we read online, people said the women on the pictures were actually paid models, and they are not the ones behind the profiles. Plus, spending around $400 to purchase credits on website that has so much potential for being illegitimate is quite pricey. Scam Questions

Got any other questions that were left unanswered? We welcome you to post the in the comments section below and we will try to provide a personal and prompt answer to all legitimate inquiries. Also, feel free to share any personal experiences with using, since your story may help prevent other from falling into the hands of this scamming site. Contact Info

Address: 13/F, Delta House, 3 On Yiu Street, Unit 17-18, Shatin

Email Contact: Contact Page

Phone Number: 1 (800) 311-7598 and (425)274-0657

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

7 thoughts on “Does Aim To Scam You? (REVIEW)”

  1. These ladies photos were PS and the more you talk the more credits were double until you realized the dollar credits is not right! The more you wanted to back off the photos gets expensive, I use both the Chinese and English to communicate I still get charged more! Translate? No , it’s pure SCAM!

  2. Definitely a scam, even when you pay the huge cost to send mail, the target female keeps writing send me a letter, because they are robots, or if they are real girls they have a billion to one chance of getting a date. how stupid 150million hot females between 18 and 30 and if the idiots charged ten dollars a head for unlimited contact with any given member, like RSVP etc they would make hundreds from most girls anyway from every guy who contacted them, x millions of girls in the least, rather than 50 from a guy who tells everyone do not use this site EEEEVER, looks like it will have to be a balinese girl, cheaper to fly there than look at 5 girls pics on emails on this rubbish site

  3. does not provide video chat so that one can verify the “girl” you see in photo is the same “girl” you are chating. Even the person posed as the girl in photo does not provide contact details. Thus forcing you to buy credit. If you tell her I am not spending money to buy credits then that fake girl says bye. That proves is a trap for you to send money in buying credits to chat with a fake girl.

  4. I have been on most of the Qpid sites, can never afford the prices anyway, and never felt safe paying either. I have been conned by dozens of sites, just wondering if there actually ARE any real/safe dating/marriage sites around

  5. I have ironclad proof that the site is a scam. I managed to record (screen captures) a conversation with a girl who finally admitted that they get paid to every email you read/send and for every minute that you chat with them. I was totally amazed that she would actually admit this, but I used some tactics that made her believe that she can make even more money by admitting this (which has already been reported by other people regarding, a sister site)
    She even sent me a follow up email confirming the fact.
    Now I know why hundreds of women want to chat with me every night. The chats almost never deal with any real relationship issues, but are highly sexual and want to keep you online as long as possible.
    The girls are just supplementing their meager incomes. The real evil the Qupid network in Honk Kong. Next time I’m there I will find them and go and piss on their president’s desk 🙂

  6. cam and then some, first 3 credits 4.99 then its 21 dollars that you may miss as you chat, exorbitantly overpriced for fake profiles

  7. The truth is that there’s no quality communication. It’s impossible to receive contact information. All these sites stipulate specific requirements that the women never maintain. Live and learn.

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