Dating Fashion Mistakes of 2016

I know we’ve evolved as a society and that things are more acceptable today than before. However, there are some people that make dating fashion mistakes on the regular that I know. I had no other choice but to address them to keep it real here. It’s 2016 and the fashion mistakes of today are huge. Making them can be the difference between getting laid or jerking off alone. You must understand them.


Four Dating Fashion Mistakes That Matter Today In 2016

Here are the top fashion mistakes that I see happen on the regular. Don’t be a victim.

Wearing Too Baggy or Tight Clothes
If you’re going out on a date, it’s best to try and dress somewhat normal. By normal, I mean that it’s a good idea to just wear clothes that fit. If you’re dressed like a rapper with your pants below your ass crack or if you’re dressed like a hipster with painted on jeans, then you need to clean it the fuck up. You’re seriously hindering your chances of getting laid by dressing to extreme one way or the other. I have a great idea! How about just wearing clothes that actually fit?

Not Thinking About The Occasion
You need to dress for the occasion. If you’re planning on going to a sporting event, I don’t suggest wearing a suit and tie. You’ll look like a real asshole if you do. Now, if you’re going to a charity ball, you don’t show up in your sweatpants. Just dress for the specific occasion and you’ll be fine.

Not Planning Ahead
Typically speaking, when you plan a date with someone, you know that you have that event taking place and you know that you need to be prepared for it. Once your date has been established, you should start planning for it. For example, if you’re doing something wild and outdoors, plan to pack some blankets and maybe an extra change of clothes in case you get extra dirty. If you’re on a day date and it continues into the night, maybe you shoudl plan on having a blazer in your car for a dinner occassion.

Not Being Yourself
Don’t try and dress like someone else. If you’ve ever taken a close look at the most popular fashion icons and celebrities today, they work hard to not try and be someone else. In fact, they put in extra effort to stand out amongst the rest of the pack. I suggest you do the same and that you forget about trying to be someone that you aren’t.

There are the fashion mistakes that you must avoid in 2016. Be yourself, dress well and get laid! I will be completely honest with you. If you can’t take that time to present yourself well, then you probably shouldn’t be dating anyone. Your appearance matters today and the way you carry yourself is what women focus most on. No one wants to date some loser that dresses like he doesn’t have  a job or isn’t educated. Step your game up mofo!