Smart First Date Ideas That Might Lead To Sex

First dates are always memorable and they go a long way in any relationship, whether it be an NSA relationship or more  long term. It’s extremely important that you put every bit of effort in your first date to make the date great. Being the guy, it’s up to you to plan the date and that place doesn’t have to be the typical type.

If you want to surprise your date with something different, we have some good first date ideas that are rarely used by first-time daters. However, make no mistake, these dates can get you laid.

smart first date ideas

Unique First Date Ideas That Can lead To Having Sex

Take Her To A Museum

If you are living in a small town, there’s a good chance that your date has probably visited a lot of bars and restaurants in the area. She’s familiar with those things. Why not take her to a museum and read a little about history so you can capture her interest and attention? Women are attracted to intellectual men and taking her to a museum shows that you’re not a regular barfly. Make no mistake, you can get drinks after and still get laid.

Take A Dance Lesson Together

Dancing together is known to produce a very strong emotional connection between two people, especially in women. Take her to a nice dance class lesson and just enjoy. Even if you guys don’t know how to dance, it’ll still be great fun learning something new together. Just make sure you dress right for this type of date. I’ve actually used this on a number of occasions and it has led to me fucking my date on more than one occasion.

Go For Something Natural

Try taking your date on a bicycle ride in the park. The natural vicinity and aura of a park is extremely calm and peaceful. This can open up a lot of doors for you. Some girls love parks and they have a strong emotional connection with it. If you’re daring enough, you can pack a picnic and maybe some wine even. This will go over quite well I’m sure.

Take Her To The Theme Park

The rides at the theme park can be insanely fun when you are with your date. She will enjoy the idea of taking different rides with you and she may even open up about herself by revealing memories that she has. If that happens, she is probably already finding a good emotional connection with you. So taking her to a theme park is absolutely a good way of getting to know her personally. Plus, it’s fun as fuck! Just don’t drink too much or you’ll get sick on the rides!

Photography Tour

If you have any interest in photography, then I suggest that you take your date on a tour where the two of you can snap some photos. You can occasionally take funny photos of both of you and have a nice time altogether. Plus these pictures will serve a great purpose when you come back home and start texting her the good shots you took of her. Who knows, it may lead to even more provocative photos being text to you. The perfect sexting opportunity in my opinion!

If you think the date ideas that I’ve just shared with you are stupid, then you probably aren’t going to get laid anyway. Give them a shot. Try to line up a date with a girl and take her on one of these. I promise it will end with you getting laid.