Draw-The-Picture.com Review

There are LOTS of really, really, really bad dating sites out there. Many of them are straight-up scams. Guess what, you’ve found another scam here today with the Draw-The-Picture.com redirect. This report tells all and is pretty much the only review you need to read covering this shady site.

draw-the-picture,com review

Official Draw-The-Picture.com Review

The one thing that seems to be clear about scam sites is that you have to visit them and sign up in order to get scammed. That can make it seem like it’s your own fault that you fell for it. No one forced you to sign up for it. No one forced you to visit it. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes the scams actually come to you.

That’s what happens with Draw The Picture and Free Lifetime Fuck Dates. One site works for the other to funnel traffic and scam as many people as possible. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that plenty of sites will go out of their way to make sure you get scammed. It’s what they need to make their money. Sites like that need as many people falling for it as possible. That’s why they go looking for you.

You’ll Get An Email From Them

This one all starts in your email box. It doesn’t matter what kind of email you get or what you normally use it for. There’s even a chance of this showing up in your work email. It looks inconspicuous enough. It comes from Draw The Picture and it tells you that you have a friend request to respond to.

It also tells you that you’ll get full access to the person’s friend request if you accept it. It seems like a great idea at the time. There’s no sense in passing up the opportunity to look at pics of a hot girl. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know her. You click on the link and then the scamming starts. It turns out that there’s no site called Draw The Picture. It’s just a redirect to a site called Free Lifetime Fuck Dates.

It’s The Same Old Stupid Scam

Once you end up on the target site, the scam starts up. It’s the same old thing that happens on all of the scam sites. You’ll start getting message after message from the women on the site. It will make it seem like they’re all over you.

You’ll have to upgrade to respond to the messages, though. That’s when the scam all comes together. Trust me, no real women have been messaging you. All of the profiles are fake and run by the site. It’s just a trick to get you to pay for your upgrade.

Conclusion: Delete The Draw The Picture Email

If you’ve gotten an email from Draw The Picture, then delete it. Don’t open it. If you get one in the future, block the sender and move on. It’s just a way to scam you and nothing more. You’ll never see the pics that it promises.

You don’t have a friend request pending. It’s all made up to get you to a scam site. They got your email address somehow and will keep trying to contact you. That’s why it’s in your best interest to just block them and forget they even exist.

Look, if you wanna bang all you need to do is check this page out, take action and make it a point to put forth the right effort. You’ll certainly bang if you do all that.