Why Escort Agencies Are The Worst

If you’ve ever used any of the famous escort agencies in America then you know where this article is taking you. Yes, I’ve done my share of escort agency hiring and no I’m not proud of it.  Not here to point fingers though right? I’m here tell you why on earth you should avoid using escort agencies whenever possible. If this article doesn’t convince you then I honestly don’t know what will.

avoid escort agencies

Why I Avoid Escort Agencies

There are a few key reasons why I avoid escort agencies. These are most of them…

Too Shady
For starters, anyone that says an escort agency isn’t shady is full of shit. These companies might be the most undeniably shady businesses on the face of this earth. I’ve seen some strange stuff in my life and some of it has to do with this type of business. You never ever know what you’re getting into when it comes to to this business. The people that run them are shady as fuck and if you tell me any different then you, my friend, are lying to yourself.

Too Much Money
Escort agencies charge an arm and a leg. They are way too expensive and the complications are ridiculous. I’ve spent thousands in one night using an escort when all I had to do was join a casual dating site that works and I could’ve gotten laid for free. Of course, I learned my lesson for sure. Escorts are always looking for a handout for anything. They legit want money for almost everything. That is until you reach a point where you’ve paid them enough that they don’t ask for money. That’s a short-lived time period, trust me.

Girls Are Fake
I’ve got some news for you, the girls on escort sites and on those flyers that you see in Vegas, well, they are all fake. When the real girls show up, they don’t look anything like the one you think you’re going to be meeting up with. It’s a known fact that the girls are different girls 85% of the time on escort sites. Now, if you’re looking to avoid all that bullshit then you can join a dating site that verifies their members. So many of them do and if you think I’m kidding then try one and see!

It’s Dangerous
When you meet an escort you’re putting yourself at serious risk. You never know if they have a gun or knife or if they are going to try and drug or rob you. It’s too dangerous and not worth it one bit.

Well, if that’s not enough reason to avoid escort agencies all together then I don’t know what to say. You can either join a dating site that’s guaranteed to get you laid for free, or you can waste your time on some crappy site like Plenty Of Fish. The other alternative is to keep hiring escorts, but only losers do that. Find someone online instead! Actually, I tell you what, if you try and find someone online and you can’t then I will personally help you find them. Just promise you’ll stay the fuck away from escorts!