Fuck With Me Review: Nothing But Questions And Redirects To A Scam

After scouring the web to find more terrible dating sites to exploit, I soon came across a site called Fuck With Me. The domain had me skeptical from the first moment given the dashes used in the URL. Most people don’t use that type of structure for a legit dating site. I decided it was a good idea to look through Fuck-with-me.com in order to determine exactly what was going on here. Let me explain what I learned while browsing around the site.

fuck with me scam

My Investigation Of Fuck With Me And Why To Avoid It

This immediately caught my attention when a lovely girl showed up on my screen. It was one of those things that almost every adult dating scam attempts to do. They put a smoking hot busty topless girl in your face. Whether you’re using your mobile phone or computer, it never fails. That was just the beginning of the mayhem here, though.

How They Scam You

I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you what’s going on here. Fuck With Me is playing the typical questionnaire redirect game with their visitors. It’s one of the most well-known mobile marketing scams that exists today. What they want you to do is answer the questions so that they can send you to some random dating site. Get this, the questions that you answer are completely irrelevant. They carry no weight on how you will be redirected. It’s all a completely preplanned process that most people don’t even realize is a scam.

You might be wondering how they actually get visitors to come to the Fuck With Me website, to begin with. Well, what they do is buy ad space on sites that exist and they spend money to drive people to their questionnaire.

Once that questionnaire gets filled out, they end up sending you to Quickflirt.com, which is a pretty bad dating site. I’ve actually written a review on Quickflirt in the past as well.

fuck with me redirect

Why Does Quickflirt.com Suck?

Well, it’s just not giving you enough bang for your buck, to say the least! Quickflirt is one of those types of dating sites that incorporates fake profiles into their dating pool. I can’t stand it when companies do this! It pisses me off so fucking bad when this happens.

In addition to that, they can reproduce your photo and even attempt to chat with other users posting as you. Now, if that’s not fraud then I don’t know what is. Last but not least, they have “Staff Profiles” which Quickflirt claims are only used to help test the site out. I find that hard to believe!

You’re probably wondering why the heck they would do any of this. Well, I’m here to tell you that chances are high that Fuck With Me is working with Quickflirt to help acquire new users. They are paying the site owners to help con people into thinking that the site is great.

Website Info

If you want to contact the owner of Fuck-with-me.com, then you can do so by sending him and email here. It’s set to privacy so you won’t be able to tell who he is…

Email: 4s3wntbwxgdtdqkenb_@privacyyes.com

Now, if you want to reach out to the QuickFlirt.com company, you can contact them using the information below.


Together Networks Limited
19 Giovanni Curmi Street
LJA 1071


Stay far away from sites like Fuck With Me. You should not have to fill out anything of that nature until you get to a real adult sex site. Those that are legit don’t throw a ton of questions at you right away! They only do so during the initial registration process.

If you want to join a few trustworthy sites, then I suggest you check out one of those listed below…

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