Here’s What To Do After You Break Up With Someone

break up tips

Break ups are very hard and can often leave a person broken for many, many months to come. If you have recently broken up with your girlfriend, don’t just sit there and fret and think how things could have been. Be a man and do a few of these things after your break up in order to get the fuck over her!

There are several things you can do to move forward and get on with your life. Some of the things people do when they want to get out of what’s commonly known as the break up blues is that they do a few of the things listed below. Depending on your personality, just follow my suggestions and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Don’t Grieve Too Long
Sure break ups are hard but don’t allow yourself to grieve too much over it. If your grievance period goes beyond a week, you will get depressed and find it hard to continue doing the important things in life like your job and giving time to family. Snap the fuck out of that. You need to focus on getting some new pussy instead!

Go Hang With Friends
A great way to forget that you just had a break up is to hang out with your best friends. Convince your friends to go out with you. Hit a few joints that you guys all like to visit. Go out and have fun in bars, strip clubs, video arcades, movie theaters, casinos or just about anything you enjoy doing. Whatever you guys all like to do, go do it and have fun.

Do Yoga
Yoga is an excellent way to balance your thoughts and your body. Join a yoga class and you will return to your normal form sooner than most other people do. Yoga is designed to use both your mind and body to bring your personality back to normal. You might also meet a hot girl in the yoga class that you can convince to go on a date. Girls that do yoga are fucking awesome!

Meditation is another way to calm your mind down and find peace. Meditation is not easy and may require some practice. You’ll need to get used to it. But once you learn to control your inner energies and thoughts, nothing in your life will harm you mentally. You will find peace and will experience a happier life.

Find A New Girl To Fuck
One of the best ways to get out of the depression of a breakup is to immediately find a new partner. You should start by downloading dating apps to your mobile or just visit a website that specializes in dating. If you find a new person that shares your feelings and thoughts, you will very quickly forget about your ex and will easily move on.

No matter what happens, ignore your ex if she tries to contact you. Once you break up, it’s a good idea to just move on to someone else.

Now that you’re already broken up your dating life is about to get much better. Just think, you could have been dating that crazy Plenty of Fish girl that destroyed her boyfriend’s hot tub. I know, shit can always be worse!