Hislut Review: This Dating Marketing Site Sucks

There is a time and a place for trying to find sluts to meet for sex. Unfortunately, most often, the timing is all wrong. Not because you’re attempting to connect at the wrong time but instead, it’s because you’re using the wrong dating site. Hislut is most definitely one of the wrong ones to use. I cannot stress just how awful this website really is. The fact that so many people fall for it just makes me want to scream. It’s pretty much the same scam as Snapsex.com, but a bit more discreet.

Given that I’m always trying to set the record straight and patrol the web for dating scams, I’m here today to call out Hislut.com for everything that they say.

Why shouldn’t I do that?

So many people have been burned or scammed by faux online dating services that it’s tough for me to even count them on my hands. I swear, more of these sites exist to reel in gullible singles than to actually help people connect for sex. Enough of the complaining though, here’s what you need to know about Hislut.com and why it’s worth avoiding forever.

Hislut.com Review

Why I Avoid HiSlut And Why You Should As Well

Okay, so right from the first second you land on the page you have an idea as to what this site does. The hislut.com website is basically your run of the mill marketing website catering to lonely chumps looking to pay for sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about paying for a dating site membership but this site is nothing of the sort.

Instead, they end up trying to market to you, forcing you to take action and eventually join this website. What you need to understand is that this site is not what it seems to be. Instead, it’s one of those sites that upload adult videos to tube sites with logos on them. They rip content and upload it in hopes that you’ll eventually end up joining the site.

Shady Questions

They essentially con visitors into thinking they are taking a legit questionnaire. However, once you’ve put in the effort, you’re quickly redirected to an entirely different website.

They are extra slick about this using a timer on the site and even mentioning that there are people within 10 miles of “your location.” Quite frankly, I don’t know how else to put this other than stating that this is a bunch of crap.

Once you answer the questions, you’ll get a message stating that you’re eligible for registration. They want you to believe that you’ve been specifically chosen to participate and become a member of this website. The kicker, when you click the big green “I Agree” button, you’ll end up being redirected to another site, most likely one called Hislutdating.com.

hislut dating review

Hislutdating.com Redirect

Now, Hislutdating.com is run by some shady characters that incorporate the use of fake profiles and crazy auto messaging.

Oh, one other thing I want to point out if I haven’t already its the fact that the girl on the front is so smoking hot! How bad would you like to have sex with that girl on the front of the HiSlut homepage? You’re not alone if you said yes. However, I’ve got some really bad news to share.

She’s not a member of the site and you’ll never go on a date with her let alone have sex with her. Sorry, but that’s how it goes!

If you decide to join the hislut dating website, you’re going to be extremely sorry. Here are a few reasons why I suggest avoiding it completely.

Hislut dating

Fake Users

The first thing that I want to point out is that based on my research, I believe this site has fake users within their network. Now, one thing is for certain, you absolutely cannot hook up with someone if they’re fake. It’s physically impossible to have sex with fake profiles as it’s all auto-generated, sorry but that’s just how it goes.

Fake Messaging

There is a bunch of fake messaging, emailing, IMing, and so much more going on here at Hislut. Sorry, but that’s just the way that many scamming sites operate. The bots message you to death in hopes that you’ll upgrade.

Pay To Do Anything

You can’t respond to any of those fake or real messages until you upgrade. You can’t see bigger photos until you upgrade either. Basically, there is literally nothing that you can do unless you are willing to pay some cold hard cash to do so.

No Dates At All

I didn’t connect with a single real person or have a real date when using this site. Sorry, but I refuse to lie and say that I did. It’s not the site that’s going to help you meet someone to have sex with, sorry. Heck, I couldn’t even score a date. How pitiful is that, really?

Conclusion: Hislut Is A Complete Waste of Time

Hislut is a complete waste of money and time. I can’t seem to do anything or accomplish anything at all using it and my guess is that you’re going to have the same exact results. Trust me, there’s nothing good about using this dating site. If you’re interested in finding sites that actually work, just head on back over the homepage and you’ll find some worth trying. If you do not believe me, go ahead and check out all the other hislut reviews out there and see what they’ve got to say. They will tell you to run too!