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As we, the Dating Cop team, review more and more scamming dating sites, it also becomes easier to spot the tricks sites use to fraud you. Fake sites usually using the same conning techniques to deceive and rip off naive users, and that’s how they make big bucks. In this review we analyze and invite you to continue reading to learn how to protect yourself from online fraud.

Investigation revealed is a scamming site

After using for a short period of time and reading carefully through the terms of use and privacy policy, we can say we covered most aspects of how this site works. Here are the most critical points of our investigation you should be warned about.


1) Communications on

You will set up a free membership account and when you will try to chat, send an email, read a message or interact in any way with members, you will be taken to a payment page where you are required to provide your credit card information in order to proceed communicating. The site will scam you by saying they need your credit card info as a way of confirming you are above 18 years of age. In fact, you’ll be getting emails, chats, notifications, views, invitations to meet, etc. within minutes of creating you free account. All these communications are computer-automated and aimed at deceiving you into believing you can actually meet someone on

PROOF OF SCAM: “You may encounter profiles that are total fakes and you may receive communications from total fakes through our services. By “total fakes” we mean to include profiles that are total fiction, pure and simple, posted by people who bear no resemblance whatsoever to the identity described and we mean also to include communications generated by people who are deceiving you in every regard about their identity, description, and motives and communications from scripts and programs operated automatically to deceive and mislead, which may not actually not be transmitted by any real person at all.”


2) Fabricated Dating Profiles

Created profiles fall under the official informal communications – authorized by the site and are fabricated dating profiles created for the site’s personal scamming actions. Every female profile you see on this site is NOT a real profile of a woman looking for some online fun. These women are not moms, housewives, teachers or women from your area. These are completely fabricated profiles created by, and if you look further, you will see that you cannot find a single real woman that is a site member.

PROOF OF SCAM: “We do not guarantee that you will ever meet, chat, converse, or flirt with, or exchange any information with any other real person, or any other real person looking for a genuine relationship. We aim to entertain and amuse you – and in order to enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend with us, we will employ technical means to engage you in the simulation of flirting with and discovering other attractive people. If we do it well, you may never be able to tell that we are doing it or know when it happens.”


3) Paid Membership Fees

In reality, this site is anything but free. While we don’t have a problem when a dating site asks you to upgrade to a paid membership (they have to earn money too), we believe it’s absolutely wrong to charge people for services they are not even getting. Here is how much you will be asked to pay in order to communicate with anyone on the site:

  • $29.95 for 1 month subscription (automatically renewable)
  • $59.95 for 3 months of subscription (automatically renewable)
  • $119.95 for 12 months of subscription (automatically renewable)


4) Hired Employees

These are people hired and paid by to communicate with you through the fabricated Online Emissary profiles. The employees’ job is to correspond with you and act as genuine site members. has a need to hire people because there are simply no real people on the site and the computer-automated messages start to make no sense after a short while. Although it’s just their job, these people pay a huge role in stringing people along as they get scammed and ripped off.

PROOF OF SCAM: “The real people you meet, if any, may be total imposters and may have malicious or pecuniary motives; they may even be paid to engage you. You are most strenuously advised to trust no one but your Mother, and certainly not to trust the rascals or programs you will meet here.”


The verdict on

This site uses fabricated women’s profiles to send you email messages and deceive you in any way possible into paying for subscriptions. Moreover, it uses employees to present themselves as real site members and string you along for as long as you continue paying for membership. Would you trust a dating site that has “trust no one but your Mother” pointed out in their own terms of use? is not a legitimate dating service, since it’s oriented only towards getting your money, without providing any matchmaking services. Scam Questions

We hope you found our review helpful and that it is not too late to read about the scams uses to get to money. For any questions you might have, feel free to post them in the comments section below. You can also share your personal experiences about to help other readers avoid scam. Contact Info

Address: PO Box 440, Envoy House, La Vrangue, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 3ZN

Email Contact:

Phone Number: 1-866-883-4978 or 1-925-264-3473

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been deceived, scammed or ripped off.

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  1. So glad I stopped to check before I started paying these people! The beautiful women they had flirting with me seemed to genuinely care about your emotions. Had to be to be true. I’m so disappointed. Thanks for saving me a lot of money.

  2. Do not use this site! They take your money for the subscription, then won’t upgrade your account. Then when you email support, it’s the same automated response, even when you repeatedly give them the info they ask for

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