Something Is Fishy About (REVIEW)

Plenty Of Fish

While seems like a perfectly safe and legitimate dating site, with as they claim – over 3 million active daily users, can you really believe that? It may be a free to use the site on a basic membership level, but is it worthwhile? That’s what we headed out to uncover and will inform you about in this review.

Troubles on

1) Your Data Restrictions Is Insignificant

Let’s just say that when an online dating site gives you options to choose what type, age, race, gender etc. you prefer your matches to be, doesn’t seem to follow these restrictions. We also read many sincere testimonies from former users of the site who experienced the same problem. This is the first time on the dating site that you detect how difficult it is to navigate the site and find your way around to someone you actually like.


2) It’s Not Really Free

We may be mistaken, but “completely and 100% free” means the service should be free of charge. may market itself as a free dating site, but it isn’t. Instead, you are asked to pay to upgrade your basic membership to a paid membership. The prices are the following:

  • $37.17 for 3 months of subscription
  • $53.55 for 6 months of subscription
  • $85.47 for 12 months of subscription

If you do pay for subscription what you get is access to some advanced services and features on the site. However, keep in mind that once you provide your credit card information, the site will automatically renew your subscription at the rate you initially agreed to. will continue to charge money from your credit card until you realize you’ve been ripped off and cancel your paid membership.


3) Catfishing scams

We cannot say that catfishing doesn’t happen on other dating sites, but on there are way too many risks. The site is free, so the scammers have nothing to lose while waiting for a naive and new member to fall into their hands.

These people usually invest their time in becoming close with you. Once you contact each other, you will continue communicating. Skilled at acting interested, they will use all their tactics to string you along and convince you they like you and even love you. After some time, when you have already become very close, they come up with a sad story about being in a dead-end situation and ask you to send them money. Be careful when meeting people online, especially if your communication leads to asking you for money or actual encounter in real life. We warn about meeting people in person and advise you to always choose a bright place with a lot of people and traffic.


The verdict on used to be completely free of charge, but is now moving towards a paid model, since they figured out there are a lot of people who are using the service that they can earn money off of. If you decide to pay for an upgrade, remember the time of subscription you chose, so you will be able to cancel it when it’s done and not be automatically charged again and again.

Also, keep in mind that overall online reviews and people’s testimonies point towards great dissatisfaction with the site’s services and features.

Lastly, don’t trust people you meet online too much. Especially if they try to play the emotional card on you and ask for your money. This problem is a fictional one until it happens to you, as it has happened too many who were deceived into believing a scammer. Remember that not all people have honest and straightforward intentions. Scam Questions

Now it’s your turn. Please share any further questions you might have about the use and workings of and we’ll try to provide a prompt and personal answer. We also welcome you to share any personal experiences you had while using the site. Other readers may find your testimonies useful and help save them from getting scammed too. Contact Info

Address: 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5400, Seattle, Washington 98104, CAN

Email Contact: and


Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been deceived, conned or overcharged.

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