Review: Another Marketing Scam To Lookout For!

There are some dating sites that work and some that are just terrible. The hard truth of it all is that most people end up wasting their time with awful networks before diving into one or two that actually works. Today I’m sharing everything I know about a dating site called I ended up coming across this just by chance and would suggest not taking any action at all until you read my official review. Slip cc claims to be able to connect you with local people looking to hookup but does it really deliver?

I’ll be the first to say NOT A CHANCE!

There’s no sense in wasting any time, I’ll just get right into the review right now. dating review

My Review of – You’ve Been Warned

There’s literally nothing good about this website. I’m as straightforward and honest as possible, especially when it comes to meeting people for sex. I’ll be clear as can be, telling you to completely avoid this because it’s pretty bad. The website is nothing but a typical marketing redirect scam which sends you to the website.

I’ll give you a breakdown of everything you need to know below…

Let’s be clear here, there are zero benefits to visiting

However, there are plenty of “negatives” of using this site (which I’ll be covering right now).

The first things I want you to understand is that is what I’d personally consider a network full of fabricated users aka fake profiles. I also firmly believe that this is far too expensive each month for what you get in return.

If you’re the type that cannot afford to upgrade your membership, then you’ll be unhappy to learn that the free version offers absolutely nothing, period. To add more issues to that, you’ll find that the so-called advanced search functions do nothing at all no matter where you’re searching from. The same results will populate.

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The Typical Marketing Scam

So, you’ve got to understand just how this marketing scam functions. When you first land on, you’re going to see some shady website. The homepage has nothing more than a black screen with dark blue text.

This text, when clicked, will immediately redirect you to a completely different website.

You’ll eventually end up on Affair Alert which is truly the worst dating scam I’ve seen in years (in my personal opinion). You’ll end up having nothing but trouble using the site and unwanted charges, seriously.

Affair Alert Website

The Upgrade Efforts

Using and is going to eventually result in the upgrade burden that so many bad dating sites offer today. Once you get registered as a free member, you’ll end up getting bombarded with messages, offers and so much more to try and get you to upgrade on Affair Alert.

You’ll want to put forth lots of effort in digesting the terms of service before taking any action here. Eventually, you’ll likely get frustrated and simply upgrade. The upgrade will cost you hundreds of dollars, I’m sure of it. You’ll be communicating with fake profiles too.

In other words, obtaining a VIP premium membership for this site is a huge waste of time. There’s no need to connect with fake users as you will not ever get laid doing so.

Conclusion: Is Bad, So Is AffairAlert!

Do not waste any time visiting If anything, you’re going to find yourself in a bad spot with less money than you have now. I also want to make it clear that you’ll never get laid ever. If you want to meet real local people looking for sex, then you need to try using one of the sites listed here.

Are there specific sites that I like more than others? YOU BET! I typically like to avoid any and all dating networks that incorporate the use of fake profiles into their network. Additionally, I really prefer steering clear of any sites that incorporate the use of fake messaging or auto emailing. I’ve personally never found any good from this, period. Assuming that you’re not looking to chat with a computer, then you’ll want to avoid Slip cc, Affair Alert, and basically any other sites associated with either of these networks.