Utopia Guide Review: Escort Forum Gone Redirect Rogue

I’ve been researching a lot of escort related websites lately. One of those sites that I recently came across was the Utopia Guide. No sense in beating around the bush here. I’m going to tell you why you must avoid this site. But first, let me give you some background information on what’s going on with these types of sites…

Utopia Guide Reviews

If you’ve been using sites like Utopia Guide, then you’ll notice that some of them have come under some serious scrutiny lately. It’s all because of a law that was passed known as FOSTA and it’s a very serious thing. Basically, the United States Department of Justice is seizing sites like Backpage and others due to their involvement in prostitution efforts. It’s possible that the UtopiaGuide.com is involved in something similar. That said, I strongly recommend that you completely avoid this site.

Now that I’ve covered my take on the FOSTA law and some other issues that escort sites are having, now I’ll give you my take on Utopia.

My Review Of The Decade Old Utopia Guide

The first thing I’ll say is that Utopia Guide has been around since the early 2000s. A really long time for sites of this nature. It started out as a basic forum covering topics such as hooking up with escorts, hiring prostitutes, and more. They’ve broken the site down into regions within the United States, making it convenient for people to find escort information.

Utopiaguide forum

What they don’t tell you is that they cannot verify that any of this information is legit. You have no idea whether the people posting are police officers or real prostitutes.

The bottom line is that hiring an escort is 100% illegal in all parts of the United States. Trust me, it’s something that you want to avoid doing for sure.

Now, if you’re not afraid of any of the information I’ve shared (which you should be) then I don’t know what to tell you. Assuming that you move forward and dive into some of the Utopia Guide sections, then you’ll find discussions and updates on girls etc.

Now here is the issue…

I did my research and dove into the New England section of the site and in doing so I learned a lot! One thing I learned is that there are not very many discussions or messages here. For a site that’s been open for nearly two decades, you’d think that a New England section would have more than 300 discussions.

In other words, this is a complete joke.

No one is talking about the girls or anything at all, period.

I dove into the girl’s listings and there was no information being shared on this site at all about the girls. Just agency numbers and that’s it really.

At one point, I firmly believe that the only people using this site were probably local law enforcement trying to set up stings to bust people willing to pay for sex. Hey, you break the law you pay the price right!

Time for another updated…Now, that I’ve done everything that I can to dissuade you from using the Utopia Guide, I figured I’d give you an update on the current state of utopiaguide.com.

Guess what? Redirects!

If you attempt to search online for the Utopia Guide and you come across the site, you’ll most likely get caught up in a scam. This site has decided to completely screw over all the users that have been surfing the site over the years. Now they redirect all the people to a shady landing page. See below for the landing page screenshot.

utopia guide redirect scam screenshot

They want you to join some dating site that basically offers promises that they can’t keep. I visited the site on a number of times and was redirected to sites like AshleyMadison.com and DoUWant.Me. Each site likely either incorporates fake profiles, entertainment profiles or profiles that encourage users to upgrade their membership status.

In other words, it’s nothing but a marketing scam nowadays!

Conclusion: Utopia Guide Is Gone, Still A Scam

The truth is that the UtopiaGuide is nothing but a scam these days. It seems like the Long Island Utopia Guide was once a readily used forum. However, it’s since turned into nothing but redirects galore. No sex, no reason to even visit. That simple really. I hate to say it but you’d be better off using the USASexGuide.info or The Erotic Review (hint: they both suck too).

The only other thing I recommend is reading the homepage and learning which casual dating sites work today (without a doubt).