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Charm Date is an online dating platform that claims to be the most popular international online dating network where men from all over the world can meet gorgeous women from Russia and Ukraine. But, is this a legitimate service or are there significant clues that prove is using scamming tricks to rip off its members? We review here, and welcome you to continue reading and learn the truth.

Investigating the legitimacy of is owned by a company called Qpid Network, a company that also owns and runs other sites for international dating such as,, and Knowing this, we set out to carefully read the terms and conditions of use that everyone agrees to when signing up on this site.


1) Ladies Are Members Of Agencies

These are local agencies set in Russia and Ukraine where women can go to become members and have their profiles created. There, they provide their photographs, personal details and descriptions so the agencies can create their profiles on These agencies don’t only help Russian and Ukrainian women create their profiles, but also provide translation services and basically the whole communication. The thing that we find suspicious here is that such gorgeous and beautiful women would need such services and that they would go to an agency to hand over their photographs and all information about themselves just to find a man.

ABOUT US SCAM: “CharmDate works with trustworthy and reputable local dating agencies in Russia and Ukraine. Agencies are legally and economically independent from CharmDate, but their professionalism and enthusiasm in providing services to our members is not sacrificed. The agencies carry out special roles, including providing professional translation services and relationship consultations.”


2) Ladies Are Compensated For Their Work

We went online to see what other users, past and present, of had to say about this dating site. And, one particular testimony stayed in our memory. They provided a link from a site written in Russian and translated the text in English. Here is what it said about the process for creating women’s profiles and signing up on


Q: What guarantees the payment of money?

A: Women get exactly 50% of the amount that a man spends on communication with her. In a month a woman may be paid any amount: if you earn $20 a month – you will be paid $20, if you earn $1000 – you will be paid 1,000. It all depends on the willingness to work. Payment date – after the first month of operation, without delay.


Q: What is the timetable? Is there a minimum yield for a girl?

A: Schedules are free, without any restrictions.


Q: Can you describe the pricing details for the girls.

A: For the site

  • For every incoming and outgoing email (whether the man reads it) – $0.75
  • A 5-minute chat with one man – $0.5 (minimum time for chat with men – 5 min)
  • 5 min chat-enabled web Cameo – $ 1 (minimum time for chat with men – 5 min)
  • The first presentation video download – $10
  • Each subsequent viewing by a man – $1.5


Q: What you need to correspond about with men?

A: Communicate about everything possible (the weather, politics, fashion …). The main thing is – to interest a man communication. Erotic, intimate topics prohibited by the site for violating the ban and a girl (or a man) who initiates such topics is removed from the system.


Q: What do we want from all of this?

A: If the girl is paid 50% of the correspondence, we take the remaining 50%.


The verdict on

Just to send and read replies on will cost you 0.75 cents per email message. Chat costs 0.60 cents per minute just to keep you active in the chat. Phone calls cost a lot more. You should be careful when signing up to use this site, since it serves as a tool for women, agencies and the website itself to make money off of you by falsely promising you that you will be able to genuinely meet and date a Russian or Ukrainian woman. If you are not carful you may end up with a maxed out credit card or with thousands of dollars debts just because of using Scam Questions

Now, we welcome you to post your inquiries in the comments section below and we will try to provide a personal and prompt answer. Also, feel free to share any personal experiences with using, since your story may help prevent other from falling into the hands of this scamming site. Contact Info

Address: Unit 1317-1318, 13/F, Delta House, 3 On Yiu Street, Shatin Hong Kong

Email Contact:

Phone Number: N/A

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

Other Dating Sites That Actually Work

Don’t waste a single penny on this site. I strongly sugges that you attempt to join one of the sites that I’ve listed below. I personally use all of those daily that are listed in the top 3 spots. Give one a shot for gosh sakes! You’ve got nothing to lose I promise!

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 Comments 26 comments

  • Graeme says:

    Total scam – any attempt to migrate your chat/email with the ladies to another platform (eg WhatsApp, Viber, normal email) is blocked by the Charmdate administration. Also its facinating how many of these drop dead gorgeous women are conveniently “on-line” at rediculously odd hours – eg your local time might be 10am (and Ukrainian time would be say 4am) and guess what? These stunning models are sitting around waiting to chat! Wrong! Its more probably a bunch of low-paid men. The inevitable rational conclusion is that these so called ‘women’ are either men, or are completely fake and/or have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in migrating or meeting you or developing a serious romantic relationship. So don’t pay over a cent. Donate your spare money to a lost dogs home. You will get much better peace of mind.

  • Chris says:

    Yes this charmdate is a big scam stay away.

  • Paul Robin says:

    How can this rip off site stay running?

  • Keith Peterson says:

    Ok, I have chatted with one woman in particular on this site. I get the paying for the services–it operates as an “In-App” phone app game. I also get the “girls” earning money. But I must beg the question: is the profiled woman pictured on the site, the one answering and replying, or is this an incredibly cruel ruse just about making money? Next, has anyone ever brought home one of the “ladies” such as they are, to have a happy life together. A Chinese website does portray to me a love for money without delivering on their promises. Would be interested to know.

  • Mark says:

    I spent five and a half weeks in Kiev for business reasons beginning in mid September 2016. I organised about a dozen meetings/dates while I was there. Each woman sounded excited to meet me but not one woman showed up for the date (NOT A SINGLE WOMAN SHOWED UP) That’s 100% no show from women who are supposed to be eager to find a good husband. By the way, all the women except one were over 30, half of them were divorced and 4 of them had children or so their profiles said.

  • David Graham says:

    I am having an email conversation with a woman from Kirovsk. We are doing this on Gmail. As far as the “company” I do not think that they are involved. What are the chances that this is a scam? And what are the chances that this woman is real? There has been no mention of money as of yet. She did mention that she had just quit her teaching job as a dance instructor to children. I am too smart to send money to anyone without first getting a concrete confirmation on anyone that I am conversing with. I would like to know if you have heard anything like this before. She answers the question that I have asked her, so I am fairly sure that she is reading my letters. Other than being able to understand some of the differences in sentence structure, we seem to communicate very well. I would like your impute on this situation.

  • Altay Ali says:

    Total scam site. Stay away and save your money. Yes you may meet your dream lady for real but you will never obtain her data and find yourself being led back on the site to communicate with her.

  • SHJ says:

    Listen, 99.99% of all these Russian/Ukraine girl websites are a scam in some way. First of all it’s very difficult for them to get visas to come see you or visit another country. Secondly, what girl dreams of meeting some middle-aged foreign guy? Beautiful girls want to have fun now, where they are, they don’t want to chase after some guy halfway around the world. Some of them would if the guy has money or a real connection but again these are narrow circumstances. The basic metric is that these women get paid for the money that men spend on them, so it’s it’s a sales job. It’s like a strip club, you go you spend some money and have fun. It’s a fake experience and you’re willingly participating, but don’t think that this is going to materialize into something real. The chances of that are very small, yes it occurs but again in very small ways.
    If you really want to meet at Slavic girl comma plan on visiting the country, getting familiar with some of the customs and culture and visit a couple times in a 6 month or year. Learn how to be friendly and interact with people maybe even make some friends with your hotel or somebody else and see what happens. That’s the only way to meet women like this.

  • J says:

    Total fakery. Total fake site. You are paying for to talk fantasies to a girl. Might as well go to the local strip club and spend your money there. At least there is flesh involved.

  • Mathias says:

    HUGE SCAM!!! Same pictures over and over, with different profiles, and different answers to personality profile questions. “Customer Service” lies like a cheap rug just to try to convince you to spend more money.
    I am so tired of wasting time and effort on these scam sites!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been on one of the major dating sites in the past. One of the clean sites. I had no luck there either. A friend of mine says dating sites are a conspiracy. I’m currently on charmdate but after hearing this, I’m going to quit now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • jim says:

    I feel like such a fool. I’ve been on the site for five years and spent a shocking amount of money to chat and write emails to women who swear they love me. I’m currently waiting for a woman in Kiev to get her visa to fly here. She says she is rich but she is 27 and I’m 60….Maybe I will wake up now…I knew the chances for a scam were great, but I stayed anyway…So stupid

    • Scott says:

      OMG I feel so bad for you, but it’s pretty obvious to many this is a sham. Just save your money up, go to Ukraine for a sex holiday and pay beautiful ukraine hookers and do to them what they did to you.

    • Carlos Idelone says:

      Yup ! They sure is purdy ! AND if you’re older (they target older men) and lonesome, their stories, inflame your hopes/fantasies. Some are really good, although one actually hung up on me and called me a coward, for not rushing over to Ukraine. They must be delinquent or very poor to be able to rip people off. Easy to run up a big bill there. Oh well. Disappointed in them and myself.

  • BKO says:

    This site is a host of the local agencies in Ukraine and Russia. I got burned by the site, but was still curious about Ukraine, so I took a few weeks, and went to Kyiv. While there, I started digging.
    I found many of the local agencies, that are working with Charmdata, Anastasia, and the list goes on and one. It is all about the money period. I have photos, I even “dumped” into a few of the girls working for one local agency, but also listed on many sites. A person would not believe how social this girls/lady’s are. Easy to track down these peoples friends listed on these “dating sites”. Men even work for these agencies. I found a very large number of the girls listed are either married or have local boy friends.
    All of the sites, which make a guy pay for letters or chat are nothing but scams sites.
    I have returned to Ukraine about 10 times in the past 2 years. Curiosity drove me to dig really deep into this corrupt industry. It is bad, but no one in Ukraine is going to do anything, because it brings money into a poor country giving people jobs.

    • RDavis says:

      Hello fellas. . . I to have fallen , stupidly for charmdate, I actually went to Ukraine twice.
      The first time was quite an adventure, never visited a country like this. The site is a complete scam, but I thought I was “breaking through” the scam with 2 women I was talking to. Save your money guys, and don’t beat yourself up over it. Lesson learned. I still communicate with a woman there, but we talk on Viber.
      I still wonder how the women or employees there get “coached” to scam decent men out of their money. Sheesh , such bullshit.

  • Bob says:

    Yep totally agree with all the comments so far. I was so stupid that I spent thousands pursuing this “delightful” lady. Eventually got details after much harassment on my part. Got an email address but then “she” didn’t want to communicate that way. Got a phone number but then that changed three times. And every call was hopeless. Then she said she wanted me to prove that she was the only one I was talking too. Gave her details then she said I had betrayed her. So only way in the future to talk to her was through the site. Ha same comment as others. I challenged her and some others about the payment and of course total denial. And their hours were totally stupid too. So learn by my stupid mistakes and go to one of the recommended sites from here and give charmdate the widest berth possible.

  • Edward Lindsey says:

    Charm Date, (scam date) is ine of the biggest lies I have ever encountered. I first started out at I after hundreds of dollars and what turned out to be some woman who was some drama queen I left the site. Not knowing what was going on I went to Charmdate. Well it took anout 2 months and about five hundred dollars to figure out that it was all a show. This beautiful blond who claims to have a daughter in Boston kept my attention. She said that she wanted to meet me in real life and was selling her hostel after which she was going to Boston to see her daughter and then was coming to see me. She was always intrested in going to talk toe on chat. I did a few times but found out that $20.00 for five minutes wasn’t enough time to get aquainted. So I used the 3 credits to write her and did explain to her that in a letter I could get more words in. She agreed and said she would always wait for a letter from me. She wanted again to go to chat about her travel plans and I told her that her travel plans was up to her, just call me and tell me when she would arrive. She again wanted to go to chat to talk about our real communication. That is when I hung up (left the site). She could never get whatsapp or skype. Funny thing. She would claim to go away on the weekend to see her mother and would read my letter when she got back. She did admit that it did not cost her anything to talk to me. One young lady did warn me that if I visit there to be careful. She ended her letter with the question of, “do you know why Ukrains dont like Americans there?” Well so much for love.

    • Pruszynski says:

      Sorry to say Cham s a scam I have coresponded with a number of “ladys” only to find out that the moment I got her provat e mai she stoped corsponding. I anaunc my vist to Kiev to see a “lady” spend 5 day awaiting her and finly she had 40 minuts for me and said she did not like me.l

  • Martin says:

    I am also a victim of “Charme Date “. Does anybody knows if there is a collction suit against this company. i am begging for answers!

    • Andrey Danilenko says:

      Hello Martin,

      My name is Andrey and I am also victim of Charm I am from Europe. Do you know if it is possible to get money wasted on this scam site back somehow?

      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards,

      Andrey Danilenko

  • Andrey Danilenko says:

    I am as well a victim of “Charm Date” scam site and I would like to know if there is a collection suit against this company?

  • Andrey Danilenko says:

    Hello Martin,

    I am also a victim of “Charm Date”. Do you know if it is possible to get money wasted on this scam site back?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Andrey Danilenko

  • Kevin says:

    I spent a few years on and spent a few dollars which were wasted, for one reason or another with particular women. Eventually though I corresponded with one particularly enthusiastic lady in her mid 30’s who was divorced with a couple kids. After corresponding only through letters, the site allowed me to request and I received her personal email, telephone number and mailing address.
    We emailed, made telephone calls, and video chatted through Skype for a few months before I made my first trip to Lviv to meet her totally without the assistance of her agency. It was a wonderful experience for me. I have been back to Ukraine again, and she has been to the US twice. We alternate visits in the summer, and this past July she came to visit me and convinced her ex husband to spring for a ticket for her no 18 year old daughter. It was the best week of my life.

  • Kevin says:

    I used for a few years, and spent some decent money, most of which was wasted. This is also true of dating women here in the US. I have wasted too much money on losers. However, I did communicate with one particularly enthusiastic lady living in Lviv Ukraine who was divorced with a couple of kids. I had decided that writing letters was the most efficient method of communication, as has been mentioned by other posters.

    After the required exchanges of letters I was able to request her personal contact information, which allowed me to obtain her email address (a gmail account), her telephone number and her mailing address, all of which checked out as authentic. We emailed and talked on the phone often, and I was able to send her flowers or candy on a few occasions through ordering from a particular florist in Lviv.

    A few years ago I made my first trip to meet the lady in person, completely independent from the website. She arrived at the arranged place and time, dressed to the 9’s, looking every bit as sexy as she did in her pictures and video chat. We had a wonderful first date, and spent time together every day while I was there whenever her work schedule allowed.

    Since then we have alternated summer visits, her coming to spend a week with me in the US and I made another trip to Lviv. This past July it was her turn to come to the US, and she surprised me by bringing her now-18 year old daughter with her. Apparently she had convinced the girl’s father to buy the ticket, so as to ‘widen her horizons’ with a visit over seas.

    This was absolutely the most amazing week of my life.

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