Trannybook Review: The Truth About This Trans Dating Platform

I don’t frequently cover sites in this niche, but when consumers ask for it, I do it. Today’s report comes from a site called I did my investigation as a paid user and have a lot to share with you. What I can say to help save you time and money is that this site indeed is a scam. I cannot recommend anyone joining this site. Read the full details below to learn more. Review: A Fake Experience?

Is Tranny Book real or a scam? It might be a bad option, unfortunately! Sure, no one can deny that finding a partner – whether sexually or romantically, could be challenging. When you browse the internet, you will find hundreds of dating sites. And honestly, it’s hard to find a legit one.

Today, I review the nitty-gritty details of Maybe you’re looking for a hot trans to give you pleasure for a night or someone who can give you company. Well, is the right place to find a partner? Let’s find out.

What is Tranny Book?

If you are a transgender, you have probably visited a site named “Tranny Book.” This website is frequently visited by transgenders and bisexuals looking for an intimate partner.

Tranny Book was first established in 2008 – quite a long history, right? However, even though it has been in the industry for 15 years (as long as Fling), it hasn’t established a strong community. Many have tried signing up for the website and paid hundreds of coins, but most of them ended up leaving negative reviews. And the reasons behind this will likely not surprise you.

It Eats Up Your Money

When you visit, it says that you can sign up and create your profile for free. That’s something cool, right? But, here’s the catch – everything else comes at a cost. You will need to use something called “coins.”

So, what are these coins? Think of them as a virtual currency that gets you access to all the chatting tools on the site. You can buy these coins in different packages, but here’s the kicker – it’s not cheap.

Sending just one message on will cost you a whopping 50 coins. That’s around $1.50 for a single message! It’s like paying for a fancy cup of coffee every time you want to say “Hi!”

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Since every action comes with a price tag, it’s super easy to blow through your budget. Even a short chat can turn into an expensive affair. And no matter how much you spend, you won’t land a real date.

All those profiles you see on Tranny Book, they are not what they seem. They are controlled by professional chat moderation, and yes, it is a fake chat scam. Tranny Book might look tempting, but it’s a money pit. Spend wisely, and remember, there are plenty of other genuine dating platforms out there.

When fake chats are involved, it’s highly unlikely that there are real profiles on the site. That’s just how it goes today. Speaking of which, on to the next topic…

Beware: Tricked by Fake Profiles

When you are on Tranny Book, it might feel like you are having genuine conversations with people who are ready for actual dates. Sounds exciting, right? Well, here’s the bummer – that’s not the reality.

Remember all those messages you receive? They are not real folks looking for love. Nope, they’re coming from what I call “fantasy profiles.” These profiles don’t belong to any actual users.

You are chatting with a professional chat partner i.e. employer/contractor– someone who’s being paid by the company to take your money. Tranny Book is operated by Creative Network Alliance sp zoo, based in Bydgoszcz, Poland. They’re the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes.

No matter how fantastic the conversation seems, it’s all a big, fat fake-out. Those promising chats will never lead to real meetings. It’s like a virtual mirage, and the oasis is just a dream.

Is a Scam?

Although Tranny Book has been around for a long time, I can’t deny that it is a total scam. With hundreds of testimonies from preview users of the site, there’s no denying that they didn’t have a good experience with Tranny Book or find a real partner.

So, if you are thinking of signing up with Tranny Book, think twice. Although the website could be promising, you will end up wasting more money for nothing. Review: Final Thoughts

With its promising website, has lured hundreds of people to sign up for them. However, these people found nothing and spent hundreds to thousands of pennies instead of finding some hot trannies they can sexually have fun with.

As I mentioned in this review, you can’t find a genuine person to chat with on this website. Tranny Book is filled with fake profiles of hot ladies and transgenders that are controlled by professional chat moderators. And these moderators’ goal is to deceive you into sending them more money by giving you false promises.

So, if you are thinking of finding hot transgenders, go find somewhere else because you can’t find a genuine partner in Tranny Book.