USASexGuide Review: This Site Is So Deceiving It’s Insane!

There are some sites out there that are awesome for hooking up and others that are downright horrible (for example, the site I recently reviewed,, is horrible). Most people have no trouble joining a dating site, upgrading and making progress. This site I’m about to share with is NOT one of those sites. Instead, it’s perhaps the worst site in the world to consider using. I’m referring to a site called USASexGuide.

Assuming you’re not familiar with this site and what it does, I’ll give you a complete rundown. As the Dating Cop, that’s what I do and today I’m here to expose for everything that they do wrong. If you’ve been one to connect with escorts, then you’ll want to read this and learn why it absolutely sucks more than any other site you’ve ever joined in the past.

USASexGuide Reviews

Why USASexGuide Is So Horrible

As you know, I typically give every website a fair chance and a one-time shot at least once. Well, this time I’m not going to do that or even promote that you do that either. I mean, the site could literally not be any more awful than it is and I’ll share my thoughts on why right now.

Main Reasons To Avoid The USA Sex Guide

  • Too Costly
  • Fake Reviews
  • Undercover Agents
  • Ugly Women
  • Drug Addicted Girls
  • Diseases

So, I’ll cover some of the main topics I’ve just mentioned for you. Be happy knowing that you’re reading this and learning all about the terrible things that USASexGuide does to take your money and leave you full of tears with blue balls too.

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Super Expensive

One of the first things that I want you to know is that the USA Sex Guide aka USASG may seem free, but nothing about the site is free at all. In fact, it’s far more expensive in the long run than using any other dating site on the planet.

Casual hookup sites are far more powerful and effective than this site. They cost less too. If you end up using this site, not only will you have the worst sex dating experience on earth, you’ll end up spending a fortune in the long run.

Completely Fake AF

Know how some of the dating sites are scams, filled with fake girls and even fake consumer reviews? Well, the same goes for this website. So many of the reviews about the escorts are completely fake it’s insane.

Basically, it’s a bunch of people writing reviews about the girls that they pimp out as escorts in order to get more guys to call the call girls. Really, that’s all their is to it and everything about these comments and ratings are as fake as can be. I like to think that these equate to something similar to consumer reviews. Most of them are done by people that don’t even buy the products.

Undercover Stings

If you’re looking to set yourself up in an undercover sting operation, then USASG is the best place for that to happen. What I mean by that is that there are people who have joined this website who post escorts and simply set up stings to catch guys buying hookers.

Now, I know as the dating cop I shouldn’t make any mention of that, but I figured it’s important that you know the truth. Some law enforcement agencies use this site as a sting operation to set up men paying escorts in exchange for sex. If you want to get arrested, then this is a great way to make that happen.

Ugly Women

The escorts that are real on USASexGuide, they’re about as ugly as they come. Many of the women are so ugly that you would pay them to never hit on you in public ever. That’s something that I can personally confirm too. After connecting with some of the women posting ads on this site, I can tell you that most of them look nothing as described and they definitely aren’t as talented as mentioned either.

Drug Addicted Girls

Almost all if not all of the girls on this website are drug addicts. Most of them are selling their body in exchange for money because they need to support their raging drug addiction. I’m not just talking about weed either. Some of these women have heroin, pill, cocaine, and even crystal meth addictions.

Those are all very expensive habits and working at the local McDonald’s isn’t going to cut it at all for them. They need more money for their drug habits, which is why they spend so much time selling their bodies for cash.

Hookers Have Diseases

If you like acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and perhaps HIV or even worse AIDS, then go for it! However, I wouldn’t suggest trying to connect with any of these escorts at all. One thing I know for certain is that many of these girls are at the highest risk for both catching and spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Do yourself a solid and stay far away from these hookers or you could end up dying, seriously. I know that makes getting arrested for hiring a hooker sound like a walk in the park.

Conclusion: USASexGuide Fails At Everything

If you’re looking to meet real women that don’t require payment for sex, then you’ll want to avoid USASexGuide. The website is by far the shadiest and troubling site I’ve seen on the web this year. The fact of the matter is this, if you’re looking to meet women that will have sex for free, then great, make a selection from this list and call it a day. Just stay the hell away from Worst case, check the main page of my site daily to get the most recent updates on what works and what doesn’t.