Review: Another Copycat Escort Site That May Get You Burned

There are some sites out there that you just have to avoid. If someone were to ask me what types of sites to always steer clear of, I’d have to tell them all backpage sites. Believe it or not, there are lots of them out there. One of which is the website. I can’t stress how important this really is. There is a lot for me to cover here and I’m going to do my best to do so. Here’s what you need to know about this alternative backpage site. But first, for those not familiar with backpage, I’ll sum things up for you here.

Backpage and all alternatives are simply classified sites riddled with half-ass escort ads. You know, sites like and others that rip the original site. They connect people looking for sex with those selling their bodies for money. Simple as that and it’s flat-out illegal. Now, here’s the scoop on Site Homepage

My Review Of Yesbackpage

It’s sites like this that give the adult dating industry a bad rap. These jerks create fake dating profile ads to sucker guys into contacting them. If you find yourself messing with this type of site and you’re thinking that you’re getting into a casual dating experience, you’re 100% wrong! Instead, you’re opening the floodgates to fraud, legal issues and perhaps death.

Copycat Crap Sites

I find it 100% necessary to cover this website because it’s one of many carbon copies of other shady sites out there on the Internet. People out there looking to connect with an honest and mutually horny person looking for carefree sex end up on this site and they’re eventually robbed blind. I know you might think that I’m foolish for saying this but it’s so true. I’ll cover why Yesbackpage is fake as it gets and a legal burden for millions of Americans on the hunt for sex.

Pimps and Girls Mislead Johns

There are lots of girls that post on this site and they do so without using the term “payment.” Many people don’t realize that you need to pay for sex with these women. Oh, let’s say you want to post an ad to attract some woman? Guess what, you need to pay to place that ad on the website. They’ll accept anything in terms of payment, even the shady Bitcoin, which makes it difficult for people to trace someone back. There’s too much anonymity involved here with posting ads on Yesbackpage.

Completely Empty Categories

If you take a close look at the rest of the categories aside from the casual dating section is empty. I mean it’s like a graveyard Not a single living person is on the site and zero ads in these sections to boot. That’s because there are no people looking for anything here. It’s simply a site that people are using to cover up the escort dating connection and nothing more.

Escort Girls / Dating Ads Identical

If you take a closer look at the site you’ll notice that the ads for escort girls and the casual dating ads are literally identical in some cases. This is beyond frustrating for a guy that’s not willing and able to spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to hook up with some dirty girl for 1-hour.

I wouldn’t waste my time surfing these ads because all you’re going to get is shady escorts posting to connect for a few roses. What they really mean is cash for blowjobs and sex, that’s all.

Stolen Ads

The advertisements that you see on are 100% stolen. They’ve been ripped from the original backpage (not an alternative) in order to make it seem like they are a unique site but they’re nothing of the sort. You will literally get zero value from this site and in fact, you just might end up behind bars if you try hiring a hooker that’s a law enforcement officer.

Payments Are Shady

If you think paying a site that’s connecting consumers with hookers is safe, then you might be an idiot. For real buddy! Don’t think for a second that if this site gets pinched that they won’t rat you out and your information.

You’ll burn with the ship along with the rest of the pimps and hoes. Seriously, get a clue if that’s what you’re thinking!

Conclusion: Yesbackpage Is Really Bad, Stay Away!

I found zero value in using the yesbackpage site. In fact, I feel dumber for wasting my time surfing this site with little to no value. If you’re looking to connect with a girl that you don’t have to pay, then great – do it on this site.

1 thought on “ Review: Another Copycat Escort Site That May Get You Burned”

  1. In your conclusion what do you mean ‘if you want to connect with a girl that you don’t have to pay’.
    You’ll never connect in the first place.This is some sort of overseas op that takes photos of young, fresh, healthy girls off the internet, post them in a fake ad on YesBackpage with a phone number to call. Every time, every number you call there will be no girl answering, the phone will ring until a message recorder kicks in and asks you to leave your name and number. Then the scam begins. The cons go to work. They text you and ask where you live. They’ll say your in my area. Then they will tell you come and see me but first I want you to go to a link web site to be verified , and I know you know the rest of the story. Total scam. I suspect it’s the Brits or Ruski’s or someone overseas running it.

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