What Makes AdultHookup.com One Fraudulent Site? (REVIEW)


When previously investigating AdultHookups.com we noticed that there is another dating site that is exactly the same and even named AdultHookup.com. We thought we had imagined something or got mixed up, but after opening the two sites one next to the other, we could see that they were two different websites. But, did they operate in the same scamming fashions? That’s a question we answer in the following review of AdultHookup.com.

Signs of Scam On AdultHookup.com

Just like on the other site, we first visited the Terms and Conditions of use page that you can access by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the site’s homepage. In this document, dating sites display and admit all their scams to stay legally covered. You see, by signing up and creating a profile, you are automatically agreeing that you have read and comply with the terms of use, which later means you’ve been warned, but just didn’t read the warnings.


1) AdultHookup.com is owned by AdultHookups.com: AdultHookup.com and AdultHookups.com are actually two dating sites owned and run by the same company, that thought of an idea to create two sites who do not only look-alike, but are exactly the same. The evidence that points us to this conclusion is that both dating services are located at the same address, registered under the same company name and share contact information. Moreover, both sites use the same conning tricks and techniques to deceive people and take their money.


2) Online Emissaries Are Fake Profiles: Just like on AdultHookups.com, its twin site also uses information collected from other people’s profiles, bought personal data or completely made-up information to fabricate these profiles.


3) Credit Card Information Extortion: While the sign up process is free, every next step you take on the site will remind you that you need to pay to be able to use the service. They even deceive you by stating that your credit card details are needed for age-verification purposes, but the very small letters inform you that you will be automatically charged membership fees for subscription to three different porn sites.


4) Computer Software Sends Communications: If the women’s profiles are fabricated, then it’s logical that there aren’t any real women on the site left to contact you. These messages are only teasers to extort more money from you and keep you engaged on the site by stringing you along and deceiving you into believing that you are actually talking to a real person.


5) Employed Scammers: It may be these people’s job, but they are running a scam since they are hired and paid to pretend to be real site members and add a natural feeling to the whole communication process. The truth is that AdultHookup.com, just like AdultHookups.com hires people who are a part of the scam for exchange for a compensated payment.


The verdict on AdultHookup.com

From the first moment when we opened AdultHookup.com it reminded us of AdultHookups.com and of other fraudulent dating sites we have already reviewed. Not surprisingly the same conning tactics are employed on this site to deceive you and keep you paying for subscription for as long as you don’t detect the scam.

AdultHookup.com Scam Questions

Did we leave anything out or do you have a certain question that you want answered. Feel free to post it in the section below, and we’ll do our best to find an accurate answer and get back to you with a personal and prompt answer. We also welcome you to share personal experiences with using AdultHookup.com or AdultHookups.com to help prevent other people from getting ripped off.

AdultHookup.com Contact Info

Address: PO Box 21508, Seattle, WA 98111

Email Contact: support@adulthookup.com

Phone Number: 1-855-772-3378 or +1-206-414-7960

Report and File a Complaint

Inform users they can Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site If you feel you have been deceived, scammed and/or ripped off.

3 thoughts on “What Makes AdultHookup.com One Fraudulent Site? (REVIEW)”

  1. Yes this site is a BS scam, seems that unknown to me, the city I live in in the UK was crawling with beautiful women who wanted to hook up’ hmmmm, funny how they all made contact at 2 in the afternoon u.k time…

  2. I hate the fact that adulthookup tried to say it was free then noticed how much money they charged also the fact that the people there that I had to talk to to cancel my membership and profile very stupid people don’t get what a damn prepaid debit card is they refer it to as a credit card I will never be going back onto that site then they said that someone else used my debit card witch is BS these people are very stupid and a big waste of money

  3. Lol, just click on the link on the first page shows it all…hmm, 532 women within 10 miles of my “location”. Click on the link for women in xxxxxx and suddenly 225 women are no longer available. Click again and wow, an additional 350 women signed up?! Hahahaha…nice try!!!

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